Sunday letters: Best way to reduce poverty: birth control

April 20, 2014 

Birth Control



— If we want to reduce poverty, we need to offer birth control education, condoms, birth control pills and any other approved birth control device (“The real face of poverty,” Leonard Pitts, April 4).

We must stop this flow of children with only one parent in the home.

Let’s go into the schools, churches, on TV shows — simply look at all the places President Obama went to get his message out to boost the Affordable Care Act. Let’s ask him to step up to the plate and help out. We are headed for a national calamity if something is not done.

Once the kid is here, we must care for it, but maybe we should place the child in a state-run home where it can get an education, proper food and training.

Stop the checks going to the neighborhood, and childbirth will go down.

Julius L. Brown


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