Wednesday letters: Legislators’ attacks hypocritical

April 23, 2014 


— South Carolina’s gay citizens have learned in the past two months that we have no right to be present in the literature or even the policies of our public colleges. We are unfit for service on the boards of trustees, and the Legislature has the right to cut funding of public colleges that have policies that in any way allow their closeted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students to come to new and positive understandings of themselves.

The shame is that the Legislature has no means of dealing with its own closeted gay members; aka hypocrites who use their closets for snipers’ nests. If they are that obsessed with rooting out homosexuality, perhaps our legislators should start by disclosing and discrediting their closeted colleagues, and leave our colleges alone.

We could include the executive and judicial branches if we really wanted to be thorough. There are lots of folks they could start with, all in the Republican Party. Who gets to be first, guys?

Charlie Smith


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