Education group distances from Sheila Gallagher after suggestion to legalize marijuana

Posted by CASSIE COPE on May 6, 2014 

Sheila Gallagher, a Democratic candidate for superintendent of education, called for legalizing marijuana to pay for education on Saturday at the S.C. Democratic Party convention.

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The South Carolina Education Association distanced itself from superintendent of education candidate Sheila Gallagher on Tuesday for her recent suggestion that legalizing marijuana could pay for education system.

“It is important to note that Ms. Gallagher’s campaign platform and opinions are her own and do not reflect The SCEA’s current agenda,” Jackie B. Hicks, president of the association said in a statement in a news release. “While we applaud Ms. Gallagher’s creativity — and the additional money for education is sorely needed — The SCEA remains confident that additional revenue streams for education can be identified, perhaps through policies to reduce unnecessary tax exemptions to businesses locating here or to increase the quantity of taxable property. Meanwhile, South Carolina regularly underfunds education by about $700 million per year.”

The association has not endorsed a candidate, but wished Gallagher the best in her campaign for superintendent, in the release.

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