Voters Guide: Richland Co. precincts

June 7, 2014 

Richland County precincts


Ward 1: Lourie Senior Center, 1650 Park Circle

Ward 2: Marion Street Apartments, 1930 Marion St.

Ward 3: Reformation Lutheran Church, 1118 Union St.

Ward 4: Logan Elementary, 815 Elmwood Ave.

Ward 5: Pacific Memorial Park, 200 Wayne St.

Ward 6: Bradley Elementary, 3032 Pine Belt Rd.

Ward 7: W.A. Perry Middle, 2600 Barhamville Rd.

Ward 8: David H. Swinton Campus Center, 1616 Oak St.

Ward 9: Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, 2324 Gervais St.

Ward 10: A.C. Moore Elementary, 333 Etiwan Ave.

Ward 11: Ben Arnold Recreation Center, 1100 S. Holly St.

Ward 12: Hand Middle, 2600 Wheat St.

Ward 13: Rosewood Elementary, 3300 Rosewood Dr.

Ward 14: Sims Park, 3500 Duncan St.

Ward 15: Melrose Park, 1500 Fairview Dr.

Ward 16: Dreher High, 3319 Millwood Ave.

Ward 17: Brennan Elementary, 4438 Devereaux Rd.

Ward 18: Adult and Community Education Center, 2612 Covenant Rd.

Ward 19: Latimer Manor Community Center, 100 Lorick Circle

Ward 20: Earlewood Park, 1111 Parkside Dr.

Ward 21: Arden Elementary, 1300 Ashley St.

Ward 22: Eau Claire High, 4800 Monticello Rd.

Ward 23: Shandon Fire Station, 2847 Devine St.

Ward 24: Kilbourne Park Baptist Church, 4205 Kilbourne Rd.

Ward 25: Kilbourne Park Baptist Church, 4205 Kilbourne Rd.

Ward 26: Hampton Park, 1117 Brandon Ave.

Ward 29: Alcorn Middle, 5125 Fairfield Rd.

Ward 30: Arsenal Hill Park, 1800 Lincoln St.

Ward 31: Hyatt Park Elementary, 4200 Main St.

Ward 32: Charles R. Drew Wellness Center, 2101 Walker Solomon Way

Ward 33: Martin Luther King Memorial Park, 2300 Green St.

Ward 34: Pinehurst Park, 2300 Pinehurst Rd.

Arcadia: Forest Lake Park gym, 6820 Wedgefield Rd.

Ardincaple: E.E. Taylor Elementary, 200 McRae St.

Ballentine 1: Ballentine Elementary, 1040 Bickley Rd.

Ballentine 2: Ballentine Park, 1035 Bird Rd.

Beatty Road: St. Andrews Park, 920 Beatty Rd.

Bluff: Bluff Road Park, 148 Carswell Dr

Blythewood # 1: Bethel Hanberry Elementary, 125 Boney Rd.

Blythewood # 2: Blythewood Park, 126 Boney Rd.

Blythewood # 3: Blythewood High, 10901 Wilson Blvd.

Bookman: Radiant Life Church, 1010 Old Two Notch Rd.

Brandon 1: Annie Burnside Elementary, 7300 Patterson Rd.

Brandon 2: Southeast Library, 7421 Garners Ferry Rd.

Briarwood: E.L. Wright Middle, 2740 Alpine Rd.

Bridge Creek: Bridge Creek Elementary, 121 Bombing Range Rd.

Caughman Road: Caughman Road Park, 2800 Trotter Rd.

College Place: John P. Thomas Elementary, 6001 Weston Ave

Cooper: St. Michaels & All Angels Episcopal Church, 6408 Bridgewood Rd.

Dennyside: Denny Terrace Community Center, 6429 Bishop Ave.

Dentsville: Dent Middle, 2721 Decker Blvd.

Dutch Fork # 1: Dutch Fork High, 1400 Old Tamah Rd.

Dutch Fork # 2: Dutch Fork Middle, 1528 Old Tamah Rd.

Dutch Fork # 3: River Springs Church, 1007 W. Shady Grove Rd.

Dutch Fork # 4: Shady Grove United Methodist Church, 1918 Shady Grove Rd.

Eastover: Eastover Park, 1031 Main St.

Edgewood: Burton-Pack Elementary, 111 Garden Dr.

Estates: Bookman Road Elementary, 1245 Bookman Rd.

Fairlawn: Keenan High, 361 Pisgah Church Rd.

Fairwold: Pendergrass-Fairwold Elementary, 5935 Token St.

East Forest Acres: Brockman School, 2245 Montclair Dr.

North Forest Acres: Trenholm Park, 3900 Covenant Rd.

South Forest Acres: Crayton Middle, 5000 Clemson Ave.

Friarsgate # 1: Friarsgate Park, 1712 Chadford Rd.

Friarsgate # 2: H.E. Corley Elementary, 1500 Chadford Rd.

Old Friarsgate: Dutch Fork Elementary, 7900 Broad River Rd.

Gadsden: Gadsden Elementary, 1660 S. Goodwin Circle

Garners: Crossroads Community Center, 2750 McCords Ferry Rd.

Greenview: Greenview Park, 6700 David St.

Gregg Park: Shandon Baptist Church, 5250 Forest Dr.

Hampton: South Kilbourne Elementary, 1400 S. Kilbourne Rd.

Harbison # 1: Harbison Community Center, 106 Hill Pine Rd.

Harbison # 2: New Heights Baptist Church, 5501 Broad River Rd.

Hopkins 1: Hopkins Park, 150 Hopkins Park Rd.

Hopkins 2: Hopkins Elementary, 6120 Cabin Creek Rd.

Horrell Hill: Horrell Hill Elementary, 517 Horrell Hill Rd.

Hunting Creek: Southeast Middle, 731 Horrell Hill Rd.

Keels 1: Joseph Keels Elementary, 7500 Springcrest Dr.

Keels 2: Parklane Adult Activity Center, 7494 Parklane Rd.

Keenan: Sanders Middle, 3455 Pine Belt Rd.

Kelly Mill: Kelly Mill Middle, 1141 Kelly Mill Rd.

Killian: Killian Park, 1424 Marthan Rd

Kingswood: Columbia High, 1701 Westchester Dr.

Lake Carolina: Lake Carolina Elementary, 1151 Kelly Mill Rd.

Lincolnshire: Forest Heights Elementary, 2500 Blue Ridge Terrace

Longcreek: Blythewood Middle, 2351 Longtown Road East

Longleaf: Longleaf Middle, 1160 Longreen Pkwy

Lykesland: Caughman Road Elementary, 7725 Caughman Rd.

Mallet Hill: Polo Road Elementary, 730 Polo Rd.

McEntire: Southeast Middle, 731 Horrell Hill Rd.

Meadowfield: Meadowfield Elementary, 525 Galway Lane

Meadowlake: Meadowlake Park, 600 Beckman Rd.

Midway: Conder Elementary, 8040 Hunt Club Rd.

Mill Creek: Mill Creek Elementary, 925 Universal Dr.

Monticello: Upper Richland Community Center, 280 Campground Rd.

North Springs # 1: **North Springs Elementary,** 1300 Clemson Rd.

North Springs # 2: North Springs Elementary, 1300 Clemson Rd.

North Springs # 3: North Point Community Church, 532 North Brickyard Rd.

Oak Pointe: 1 Oak Pointe Elementary, 1 River Bottom Rd.

Oak Pointe 2: Oak Pointe Elementary, 1 River Bottom Rd.

Oak Pointe 3: Hope Lutheran Church, 1400 Kennerly Rd.

Oakwood: Gethesemane Lutheran Church, 6904 Satchelford Rd.

Olympia: Olympia Learning Center, 621 Bluff Road

Parkridge 1: Harbison Fire Station, 131 Lake Murray Blvd.

Parkridge 2: Grace United Methodist Church, 410 Harbison Blvd

Parkway # 1: Brookland Baptist - North East, 1203 Summit Pkwy

Parkway # 2: Summit Parkway Middle, 200 Summit Parkway

Parkway # 3: Rehoboth Baptist Church, 4646 Hard Scrabble Rd.

Pennington 1: Kings Grant Club House, 200 N. Kings Grant Dr.

Pennington 2: Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church, 1005 Asbury Dr.

Pine Grove: Pine Grove Elementary, 111 Huffstetler Rd.

Pine Lakes 1: Lower Richland High, 2615 Lower Richland Blvd.

Pine Lakes 2: Garners Ferry Soccer Complex, 8620 Garners Ferry Rd.

Pinewood: Lower Richland High, 2615 Lower Richland Blvd.

Polo Road: Polo Road Park, 730 Polo Rd.

Pontiac 1: Pontiac Elementary,, 500 Spears Creek Rd.

Pontiac 2: Catawba Trail Elementary, 1080 Old National Hwy

Rice Creek 1: Vive Church, 2630 Clemson Rd.

Rice Creek 2: North Star Church, 711 Longtown Rd.

Ridge View: 1 Ridge View High, 4801 Hard Scrabble Rd.

Ridge View 2: Rice Creek Elementary, 4751 Hard Scrabble Rd.

Ridgewood: Ridgewood Baptist Church 5326 Ridgeway St.

River Springs 1: River Springs Elementary, 115 Connie Wright Rd.

River Springs 2: YMCA - Northwest, 1501 Kennerly Rd.

River Springs 3: River Springs Elementary, 115 Connie Wright Rd.

Riverside: Virginia Wingard United Methodist Church, 1500 Broad River Rd.

Riverwalk: The Episcopal Church of St. Simon & St. Jude, 1110 Kinley Rd.

Round Top: Round Top Elementary, 449 Rimer Pond Rd.

Sandlapper: Sandlapper Elementary, 1001 Longtown Rd.

Satchelford: Satchelford Elementary, 5901 Satchelford Rd.

Skyland: Skyland Drive Bible Church, 901 Skyland Dr.

South Beltline: Sherwood Forest Presbyterian Church, 4325 Wilmot Ave.

Spring Hill: Spring Hill High, 11629 Broad River Rd.

Spring Valley: Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary, 225 N. Brickyard Rd.

Spring Valley: West Jewish Community Center, 306 Flora Dr.

Springville 1: Lake Murray Elementary, 1531 Three Dog Road

Springville 2: Bethel Lutheran Church,, 2081 Dutch Fork Rd.

St. Andrews: St. Andrews Middle, 1231 Bluefield Rd.

Trenholm Road: North Trenholm Baptist Church, 6515 North Trenholm Rd.

Trinity: Trinity Assembly of God, 1501 Hallbrook Dr.

Valhalla: Spring Valley High, 120 Sparkleberry Lane

Valley State Park: Killian Elementary, 2621 Clemson Rd.

Walden: Pine Grove Elementary, 111 Huffstetler Dr.

Webber: Webber Elementary, 140 Webber School Rd.

Westminster: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1715 Broad River Rd.

Whitewell: Right Direction Christian Center, 1230 St. Andrews Rd.

Wildewood: St. John Neuman Church, 100 Polo Rd.

Woodfield: Richland Northeast High, 7500 Brookfield Rd.

Woodlands: Woodlands Park, 6500 Old Knight Parkway

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