Q&A: Roy Parker, on roses and Lake Murray

June 25, 2014 

Roy Parker, with Princess Diana roses at his Lake Murray home.

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Roy Parker lives on the Lexington side of Lake Murray.

What do you love about living at the lake?

I love the views, and I love the quietness. I love the tranquility and observing the aquatic life — birds and shorebirds and ducks and geese. I just got back from a fishing trip down in Florida, and I couldn’t wait to be home. And to be frank, I probably would have caught more fish on Lake Murray.

Tell me about your roses.

I’ve probably got about 60 or 70 bushes, both climbing roses and bush roses. I’ve got a lot of different colors. Probably my favorite red rose is Kardinal. And another favorite rose is Double Delight, which has a wonderful fragrance. It’s a white and pink combination, kind of a swirl combination.

What about recreating on the lake?

I have a boat. My grandchildren are coming here in June, so we’ll be water-skiing. We’ll be boating. On Bundrick Island, there are nice beaches. We’ll probably boat over to the beaches and have a picnic perhaps and let the grandkids swim.

What are three hidden gems at Lake Murray?

To have a glass of wine and go sit on my dock. It’s shaded and it’s just a very pleasant, peaceful place to end the day.

I love to just tour the lake by boat, go up into the coves and see the houses and look at the landscaping and perhaps get some ideas from just cruising around.

There’s a new restaurant, Liberty on the Lake, at the Lake Murray Marina. We love going there for dinner. Gorgeous, gorgeous view. You need to go out there if you haven’t been.

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