Why a restaurant renaissance now?

July 5, 2014 

Columbia’s restaurant scene is rebounding from Main Street to the suburbs. Here are a few of the reasons experts say it’s happening now:

Economic rebound. As the economy has recovered from the recession, more restaurants are opening throughout the Midlands as diners are willing to open their wallets for eating out. The catch? They want something new and unique. Chefs are delivering.

New development. A resurgence of development, particularly downtown, is driving restaurant growth. Main Street is booming with new residents, and an emerging retail corridor from southeast Columbia where Devine Street starts to Forest Acres has made the area ripe for construction.

Farm-to-table movement. An increase in healthy eating and a growing desire among diners to know where their food was grown and produced is driving much of the growth in new dining options.

Kristy Eppley Rupon

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