MORNING BUZZ: Haley raises campaign record, SC Welcome Centers to get makeover

Posted by CASSIE COPE on July 11, 2014 

Traveling from Philadelphia to Jacksonville, Fl. on a Honda Trike motorcycle, Bill Downing stops at the Welcome Center to take a break. He inquires about about directions from Frederick Summers. "I've been passing these all the way down and I saw this one and needed to stop. These places are great. I can stop and go to the bathroom or take a quick nap on a bench," says Downing. Some visitors traveling through South Carolina on I-95 stop at the Welcome Center located at mile marker 99. In the midst of the summer tourism season, South Carolina is getting ready to spruce up the welcome centers that greet visitors driving into the state from North Carolina and Georgia. The first upgrades could be completed by December. 7/9/14


• Republican Gov. Nikki Haley continues to hold a large fundraising lead over Democratic gubernatorial challenger Vincent Sheheen, doubling his contributions during the past three months and nearly tripling what he has in the bank.

• The state’s nine aging welcome centers soon will have a new look after the state budget transferred control of the centers to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism from the Department of Transportation on July 1.

• Tom Ervin, a Republican running as a petition candidate for governor earned nearly as much in 2013 as Republican Gov. Nikki Haley and Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen combined, $617,598.


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