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  • Columbia turns up no misspending by fired city business recruiter

    Columbia’s analysis of spending by its arrested and fired business recruiter turned up no evidence of misappropriation of public money.

  • Clemson considers total tobacco ban

    Thomas Green Clemson probably never saw this coming. The institution he founded to help farmers in one of the nation’s biggest tobacco-producing states is considering a total ban on products derived from the leaf that made the Carolinas famous. 2 hours ago

  • Flaws at SC agency led to Mental Health patient’s escape

    Flaws within the state Department of Mental Health’s policies and procedures led to the January escape of a patient hospitalized after being accused of two murders, according to a State Law Enforcement Division investigation obtained Friday by The... 1 hour ago


South Carolina's hottest, coldest jobs

What industries have gained the most jobs in the past year? How about lost the most?

POLL RESULTS IN: You agree with Swinney’s mingling of football and religion

Of course Clemson shouldn’t tell football coach Swinney to stop team prayers, you said in ...