Below are crime statistics for Richland County, the City of Columbia, the University of South Carolina, the Town of Lexington and the Town of West Columbia. For more information about each crime represented on the map, click its marker. To see a table of crimes instead of a map, click the tab labeled "Data Grid". You can find out more about where and what type of data is shown by clicking the "Metadata" tab.

You can change the map's boundaries by clicking and dragging anywhere on the the map itself. You can change the map's scale by double clicking anywhere on the map to zoom in, using your mouse wheel if you have one, or clicking and dragging the scale tool in the upper left corner.

Upon opening, our map shows a wide variety of crimes from the last 7 days. To change map settings such as what time period or what types of crime to display, use the menu on the left. To hide this menu, click the menu button ( ), also in the upper left corner. For more help, click the "Help" link.