General telephone inquiries: 1-800-888-3566  |  General office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Fax and other numbers

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 803.771.8698
Breaking News 803.771.8415 / 800.288.2727
Newsroom Fax 803.771.8430
Sports Fax 803.771.8613


Title Name/Email Work Phone
PublisherSara Borton publisher@thestate.com803-771-8370
Vice President FinanceCindy Taulbee ctaulbee@thestate.com803-771-8408
Vice President Executive Editor Mark Lett mlett@thestate.com803-771-8451
Vice President Advertising Bernie Heller bheller@thestate.com803-771-8650
Vice President Digital AdvertisingBryan Osborn 803-771-8358
Vice President Human ResourcesDiane Frea dfrea@thestate.com803-771-8497
Senior Audience Development DirectorChuck Flynn cflynn@thestate.com803-771-8423
Operations DirectorWilliam King wking@thestate.com803-771-8354
Marketing DirectorKathy Allen kallen@thestate.com803-771-8370
Executive Assistant to the PublisherKathy Allen kallen@thestate.com803-771-8370


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Legal Notices 803.771.8477
Ad inserts/coupons Sharon Frakes
Direct Marketing Bernie Heller
Retail Advertising Lauren Libet
Classified Advertising
Online Advertising Bryan Osborn 803.771.8358
Calendar | 803.771.8416
Community News 803.771.8416
Celebrations 803.771.8431

Subscriber Services

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Customer Service 800.888.3566
Subscriptions/Billing 800.888.3566
Customer Service Manager Allen Washington 803.771.8382
Single Copy Manager Jim Bourn 803.771.8660

Human Resources

Human Resources Office 803.771.8350
Human Resources FAX 803.540.3041
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Title Name/Email Work Phone
Vice President and Executive Editor Mark Lett 803.771.8451
Managing Editor Steve Brook 803.771.8464

Local News / Business

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Assistant Managing Editor Eileen Waddell 803.771.8621
Assistant Metro Editor Dawn Kujawa 803.771.8561
Reporter Clif LeBlanc 803.771.8664
Reporter Sammy Fretwell 803.771.8537
Reporter Mindy Lucas 803.771.8657
Reporter John Monk 803.771.8344
Reporter Carolyn Click 803.771.8386
Reporter Tim Flach 803.771.8483
Reporter Dawn Hinshaw 803.771.8641
Reporter Bertram Rantin 803.771.8306
Assistant Business Editor Kristy Rupon 803.771.8308
Reporter Jeffrey Wilkinson 803.771.8495
Reporter Roddie Burris 803.771.8398

Opinion / Editorial

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Associate Editor Warren Bolton 803.771.8631 @boltonwarren
Associate Editor Cindi Ross Scoppe 803.771.8571 @cindiscoppe
Letters to the Editor 803.771.8465


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Executive Sports Editor Rick Millians 803.771.8450
Columnist Ron Morris 803.771.8432
Reporter Akilah Nelson 803.771.8419
Reporter Neil White 803.771.8643
Sports Copy Editor Greg Hardy 803.771.8536
Sports Copy Editor Jeff Price 803.771.8642
Page Designer Kevin McLendon 803.771.8337


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Features, Arts & Entertainment Editor Betsey Guzior 803.771.8441
Reporter Joey Holleman 803.771.8366


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Reporter Andy Shain 803.771.8619@andyshain
Reporter Jamie Self 803.771.8658@jamieself

Admin & Reader's Desk

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Operations Manager Diane Morrison 803.771.8444
News Assistant Rosie Brooks 803.771.8560
News Assistant Laura Sams 803.771.8614

Online News

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Managing Editor for Online Gary Ward 803.771.8598
Assistant Online Editor, Dwayne McLemore 803.771.8687
Online Producer Chris Winston 803.771.8376
Online Producer Anne-Kathryn Flanagan 803.771.8396


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Photojournalist Tim Dominick 803.771.8420
Photojournalist Kim Kim Foster Tobin 803.771.8420
Photojournalist Tracy Glantz 803.771.8420
Photojournalist Gerry Melendez 803.771.8420


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Assistant Sports Editor, Presentation Meredith Sheffer 803.771.8519
Page Designer Susan Ardis 803.771.8595
Page Designer Kelly Cobb 803.771.8409
Page Designer Randy Shirey 803.771.8596

Copy Desk

Title Name/Email Work Phone
Copy Desk Chief Bob Venturella 803.771.8316
Copy Editor Bobby Bryant 803.771.8454
Copy Editor John Collins 803.771.8397


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Managing Editor for Online Gary Ward 803.771.8598
General Inquiries
Online Support


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Marketing DirectorKathy Allen kallen@thestate.com803-771-8370
Special Projects CoordinatorRebekah Hall rhall@thestate.com803-771-8624
Carolina Bridemarketing@thestate.com803-771-8624
Special Sectionsmarketing@thestate.com803-771-8624

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