March 9, 2014

Science comes to the movies

Science on Screen series at the Nickelodeon continues with ‘Memento’ showing

Monday nights at The Nickelodeon Theatre are a time when science intersects with the screen.

This week’s installment of the Science on Screen series features the 2000 film “Memento” and a discussion about traumatic brain injury.

“Memento” is the story of Leonard Shelby, who suffers from anterograde amnesia after his wife’s murder. Anterograde amnesia is the inability to form new memories after damage to the hippocampus. Leonard attempts to piece together his past and current memories in an attempt to find the person who attacked his wife. Leonard’s story is told in reverse chronological order to give the audience a sense of the disorientation he is feeling.

After the movie, the audience will participate in a discussion with Dr. Chris Rorden, the Smart State Chair and Professor in Neuroimaging Research at USC’s Department of Psychology. Rorden’s research focuses on the behavioral difficulties people may experience as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

The Science on Screen program was pioneered by the Coolidge Corner Theatre, a nonprofit theater in Boston. It pairs classic, cult or documentary films with the expertise of scientists, engineers, researchers and designers.

The screening of “Memento” begins at 5:30 p.m. Monday. The Nickelodeon Theatre is at 1607 Main St. in downtown Columbia.

Bridget Winston

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