August 8, 2014

EdVenture helps kids get ready for school

Go Columbia for Aug. 8: Countdown to Kindergarten at EdVenture

When EdVenture Children’s Museum opened in 2003, it was a destination, a place to take your children where they could play, run around and learn a thing or two along the way. Today, there’s still plenty of fun to be had, but the museum has become more proactive in helping kids stay healthy and learn to read as early as possible.

Case in point: On Friday, the museum will hold Countdown to Kindergarten, a free event designed to help kids of all ages get ready for that all-important first day of school. And while the students-in-training will have plenty of time to play, they’ll also have the chance to test drive a few skills they’ll need on that first day of school.

In the mock kindergarten classroom, for instance, they’ll sign in, meet their “teacher” and see what circle time is all about – while parents meet with school officials to learn what they need to have ready that day. On the real school bus that will be parked outside, kids can practice getting on and off. There will even be a pretend cafeteria set up.

“The lunch line can be intimidating the first time, especially walking with a tray full of food,” says Tricia Cartin, early childhood manager for EdVenture. “This is all about easing their fears that first day.”

In addition to learning new skills, kids can receive free dental and vision screening and will be able to load up on school supplies. “Just don’t forget to bring a bag to put them in” says Cartin.

Countdown to Kindergarten is free and runs 5:30-8 p.m. For more information, visit edventure.org

Katie McElveen, Special to The State

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