July 9, 2014

Fort Mill trainer wants to be the ‘Next Fitness Star’

Noell Yanik of Fort Mill wants your vote to become the Next Fitness Star, a competition, sponsored by “Women’s Health” magazine.

For Noell Yanik of Fort Mill, the dream of having her own fitness DVD series is within her reach, after being named one of five finalists for the Next Fitness Star competition, sponsored by “Women’s Health” magazine.

“(Having a DVD series) means that I’ll have the platform I need to share all my health and fitness related tips with women everywhere,” said Yanik, 31.

Yanik, who previously lived in Fort Mill as a young adult, started her BodyBootCamps class while living in Louisville, Ky., in 2010. She ran three boot camp classes Monday through Friday and saw clients in their homes when she wasn’t teaching class.

Her innovative training method includes a dynamic mix of weight training, cardio, yoga and pilates.

“My signature moves and the way I sequence them through the workouts make my clients stronger, leaner, more flexible and agile, as they begin to move with the precision of athletes,” she said.

By training through the center line of the body, Yanik said the results are overall muscular balance while the core becomes the strongest part of the body.

“Business (in Louisville) was thriving as my training method was gaining attention because of the clients’ results,” she said. “It was exciting and fun to reach, and then surpass my goals.”

Hours were long though, with Yanik sometimes working from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“I was tired too much of the time and knew running a boot camp and personal training service wouldn’t allow me to have the quality of life I desired,” she said.

In May 2012, Yanik moved back to Fort Mill with her husband, Neil, to be closer to her family.

“I knew it was the right decision for us because I was eight months pregnant (at the time) and having my family around while I was starting my own was invaluable to me,” she said.

But Yanik said leaving everything she had built in Louisville was difficult and she feared she may never have something like her BodyBootCamps class again.

“I knew that I could have anything I wanted if I worked for it and since I can’t imagine my life without training, I got in touch with the drive inside of me and made a decision to make another business work here in Fort Mill,” she said.

She started over again from square one and placed her first ad for personal training in the Baxter Bulletin, a newsletter for Baxter Village residents, in January 2013.

“I crossed my fingers, just hoping my first set of clients would come about and they did,” she said.

She started out with three clients and now has 10 to 15 at any given time.

In the fall of 2013, Yanik filmed her Superwoman Video Series, a membership-based online video workout series that would allow as many people as possible to benefit from her training method.

“The Superwoman series was a flop and I regretfully spent much of February this year moping about how things didn’t work out the way I had planned them to,” said Yanik.

Even though the videos may not have been seen by many people, they were seen by the ones that count.

“Women’s Health” had not only watched the videos Yanik submitted to them, they wanted more. In March, they contacted her about being in the top five finalists for their Next Fitness Star Competition.

“Since then, my life has been a whirlwind, an exciting whirlwind,” Yanik said.

The annual competition includes five competitors who are personal trainers from all over the country. Whoever collects the most online votes from July 24 to Aug. 1, wins the competition and their own DVD series sponsored by Women’s Health.

Yanik has already participated in several promotional events leading up to the competition, including the Women’s Health Fusion Fest in Dallas, Texas. She’s also visited small fitness studios around Charlotte and will be featured in the flip cover of the July issue of “Women’s” Health.

“It’s so nice to get affirmation and recognition from such a reputable company in my industry,” said Yanik.

“I’ve been running my own business now for five years and no one is there to say ‘good job’ when I do something well. Everyone needs that encouragement and it feels good to be on the receiving end of it.”

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