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May 31, 2014

Midlands area home sales, May 25




13 Ascot Court; Blythewood; William Warren Fox and Margaret Mary Fox; Ernest Latony Dessausure; $127,000


110 Captain Lowman Road; Chapin; Forrest C. Green III and Jennifer R. Green; Russell R. Gentry and Melissa Smith Gentry; $131,000

256 Foxport Drive; Chapin; Adam R. Dox and Courtney L. Stewart; Travis R. Teague and Mellette S. Sutton; $115,000


6 Fetterbush Road; Elgin; D.R. Horton Inc.; Mark D. Rumpel; $530,000

217 Club Ridge Drive; Elgin; D.R. Horton Inc.; Larry G. Murray Jr. and Carrie E. Murray; $520,425

104 Sweetshrub Road; Elgin; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Linford Barrington Maitland aka Linford B. Maitland and Louise N. Maitland; $460,000

100 Coopers Nursery Road; Elgin; Edmond R. Rawls; Bernard L. Dekoning and Sonia S. Dekoning; $607,000


445 Whitewater Drive; Irmo; Douglas B. Rizzo and Teresa A. Rizzo; Gregory A. Fuhr and Dana M. Fuhr; $125,000


3411 Blossom St.; Columbia; Christopher F. O’Neill and Jenny S. O’Neill; Valentine Henry Stieglitz IV and Elizabeth Turnage Stieglitz; $430,000

1915 Kennedy St.; Columbia; Frank G. Phillips and Regina M. Phllips; Joanna M. Arief, Richard Rosell Arief and Alexand K. Arief; $135,000

839 Kawana Road; Columbia; Lawrence B. Glickman and Jill S. Frank; Christopher O’Neill and Jenny O’Neill; $389,500

2411 Monroe St.; Columbia; Michelle S. Thomas; Zaixiao Zhang and Qian Wang; $765,000

4703 Buckingham Circle; Columbia; Elizabeth Lee Durant; Lauren N. Kearney; $210,000


4873 Forest Ridge Lane; Columbia; Jonathan P. Pearson and Grace H. Pearson; Charles A. Scott and Caroline B. Scott; $406,000

1306 Whittaker Drive; Columbia; Ray Mills Antley; Edward F. Byrd Jr.and Rebecca K.Byrd; $163,900

111 Carlyle Circle; Columbia; Annie Kinney; Darlene D. Coleman; $177,000


301 Hampton Trace Lane; Columbia; James D. Ellison and Michele Ellison and Jeremy Ellison; John W. Steadman and Lauren H. Steadman; $215,000

200 Twin Oaks Lane; Columbia; Edward Martin Payne and Delilah Kay Payne; Bonnie J. Raishe; $107,000


1740 Carl Road; Columbia; Paradise Realty Investments LLC; Lynn I. Hutto; $145,000

306 Brookgreen Drive; Columbia; Gaylon Bristow aka Gaylon Syrett; Anita K. Blackwell; $110,000


1 Baytree Court; Columbia; Edward L. Irby and Amelia F. Irby; Christopher R. Pedersen and Anita Pedersen; $118,400


152 Meadow Ridge Drive; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Michael A. Hermes; $158,000

715 Pennywell Court; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jaffie Joseph; $153,047

937 Plyler Lane; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Dionne N. Woods; $310,607

399 Sterling Cove Road; Columbia; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Peter B. Jackson Jr. and Sharonda Jackson; $189,125

824 Parnell Court; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; James B. Stinnett and Chelsea Stinnett; $149,434



251 Tufton Court; Cayce; Mungo Homes Inc.; Corey B. Bradham; $214,000


537 Links Pointe Court; Chapin; Harry F. Lowman III; Frederick T. Leland and Jayne Leland; $560,000


195 Salem Church Road; Irmo; Geoffrey P. Alpert; William T. Odom III and Jessica Leann Odom; $695,000


895 Rock N Creek Road; Leesville; Anne S. Barfield aka Dorothy A. Barfield; Federal National Mortgage Assn.; $352,332


212 Kwanzan Drive; Lexington; Nathaniel Gomer and Anabel Gomer; Seth M. Feaster; $148,000

1570 Spence Drive; Lexington; Allan J. Spence and Kathryn C. Spence; Christopher C. Condon and Gina L. Condon; $400,000

112 Watershed Lane; Lexington; Lifestone Residential LLC; Thomas P. Hebert; $357,706

181 Cherokee Pond Court; Lexington; Holiday Builders Inc.; Robert Charles Grant Jr.; $218,990

421 Dupre Mill Road; Lexington; Kevin J. Jacobs; Daniel T. Walker; $125,000

505 Windmere Drive; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Steven M. Orlick and Robin B. Orlick; $434,516

225 Bonnie View Court; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Christopher R. Martin and Valerie K. Martin; $211,237

121 Edinburgh Way; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Mark S. Cothran and Jill A. Cothran; $373,942

219 Hounds Run Lane; Lexington; Cameron D. Sherban and Jena N. Sherban; Barry R. Boyd and Andrea S. Boyd; $225,000

104 Altonia Drive; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Bettie Ann Lee; $169,100

136 Misty Dew Lane; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Patrick W. Koone and Shelby N. Marinaro; $130,000

253 Oak Pointe Lane; Lexington; Lawrence S. Fichuk and Robin Fichuk; J. Duncan Crowe and Elisabeth A. Crowe; $110,000


211 Ridge Terrace Lane; Lexington; McGuinn Holdings LLC; Claribel Carrillo; $106,466


309 Swallowtail Lane; West Columbia; Sherry T. Garris; Luis F. Torres-Arroyo and Tina M. Torres; $144,500

2330 Leaphart Road; West Columbia; Timothy Justin Luck and Megan Maguire Luck; Edmond Bellinger Rawls; $148,000


110 Emanuel Creek Drive; West Columbia; the estate of Jane G. Scruggs; William Brandon Lindsey; $130,000

3155 Sienna Drive; West Columbia; Anne U. Simmons; Brenda Church; $106,000


151 Sandlapper Way; Lexington; David Harrison and Donna Harrison; Rodney B. Harper and Teresa J. Harper; $149,900


122 Silvermill Road; Columbia; Cheryl K. Vaught aka Cheryl K. Byrom; Douglas A. Doyle and Elizabeth H. Munshour; $179,500


131 Wilton Hill Road; Columbia; Denis R. Friskney and Connie W. Friskney; Cathy D. Brown; $132,000



2104 Springdale Drive; Camden; James C. Jordan Jr. and Beth P. Jordan; Kelly R. Gee and Pamela D. Gee; $230,000

905 Red Hill Road; Camden; Brenda H. Samuel aka Brenda H. Hanley and Isalee P. Hunter; Dorine Thompson and Billy Thompson; $115,000

2110 Flynn Ave.; Camden; Joshua L. Sandt Jr. and Amy Sandt; H. Gibson Tucker and Anna F. Martin; $369,000

1711 Mill St.; Camden; Larry F. Godwin and Talley Randle Rabon; Wilson Pearce Davis and Macie Adele Pardue; $185,000

12 Carlisle Lane; Camden; William R. King and Amy J. King; Denise C. Heinz and Stephen A. Heinz; $188,000


14 Hurdle Court; Lugoff; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Bobby W. Cotton; $185,000

1255 Woodland Drive; Lugoff; Patricia Rabon Sizemore aka Patricia Rabon Martin; Robert R. Lyons III; $125,000

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