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May 31, 2014

Midlands area home sales, June 1


Richland County


134 Kingship Drive; Chapin; Matthew R. Pavlik and Jennifer A. Pavlik; Heath M. Stewart and Jessa W. Stewart; $285,000

212 Lake Hilton Drive; Chapin; Amy Elizabeth Taylor; B. Page Wilhelm-Ream; $189,900


401 Parish Walk; Elgin; Gerald W. Polston and Patricia A. Polston; Robert M. Moye and Nancy L. Moye; $335,000


269 Arbor Oaks Circle; Irmo; Christopher M. Craft; Juanita M. Levy; $146,500

416 Woodhouse Loop; Irmo; Brian L. Riddle; Lauren E. Beckham; $119,000


5134 Lakeshore Drive; Columbia; Ryan L. Horton; Mark A. Mauldin and Lori P. Mauldin; $625,000

6346 Westshore Road; Columbia; Caroline Gibbes Crosswell; Robert F. Bradley V and Shannon Marie Bradley; $612,500


136 Fox Squirrel Circle; Columbia; Holiday Builders Inc.; Raleigh Lee; $170,198

1010 Knollwood Drive; Columbia; Joanne Wapinski Child; Franklin W. Strong Jr. and Barbara J. Strong; $158,000


37 Wiltown Court; Columbia; Michael A. Levin and Dawn M. Sousa nka Dawn Marie Levin; Joy Elizabeth London; $220,000


200 Dove Park Road; Columbia; Jeffrey P. Muthig; Christine C. Jenkins; $120,500


145 Meadow Springs Drive; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Joseph A. Gonzalez and Chelsea A. Gonzalez; $231,395

62 Bayside Court; Columbia; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Daniel J. Harms and Olivia S. Harms; $190,035

221 Grandview Circle; Columbia; Vizell Robbins III; Joni A. Spence; $183,500

2059 Lake Carolina Drive; Columbia; Judy Magliane; Doris A. Vazquez; $141,500

353 Summit Hills Circle; Columbia; Melanie Jenkins McGraw Dyson aka Melanie Jenks Dyson; Mable E. Booth; $140,000

338 Summit Hills Circle; Columbia; Daniel Mercante Jr. and Marilyn Mercante; Chung J. Kwon; $138,500

520 Gingerbread Court South; Columbia; Natasha D. Taylor nka Natasha Adams; Jennifer Nicole Davis; $119,000

328 Hardwood Drive; Columbia; Brian M. McKenzie; Jessie J. Brown; $115,800

9 Long Glen Court; Columbia; Nicholas J. Rinius and Amy M. Rinius; Larnelle E. Peterson and Jericha M. Peterson; $114,500



306 Tufton Court; Cayce; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Eric J. Owens and Nicolia M. Owens; $199,742


110 Harding St.; Chapin; Roger L. Hazel and Lynne M. Hazel; Michael Rose and Kristen Rose; $541,250

123 Elm Creek Drive; Chapin; Audrey Lemanski nka Audrey M. Whitley; Ronald R. Lambert and Grace V. Lambert; $146,500

152 Stoney Pointe Drive; Chapin; Naomi M. Kerley; Zachary Miller; $120,000


113 Magnolia Key Drive; Chapin; Jay H. Vogt and Teresa I. Vogt; David P. Herlong and Tiffany Herlong; $298,000


125 Switch Grass Drive; Leesville; Hallman Wagon LLC; Antonio W. Chandler and Brittney W. Chandler; $172,900

944 Quinton Ricard Road; Leesville; Barbara R. Keisler; Tammy S. Maroney; $169,900


535 Windmere Drive; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Eric K. Farr and Donna J. Farr; $499,248

2549 Augusta Highway; Lexington; Robin E. Jones aka Robert E. Jones; David I. Watson and Tami S. Watson; $350,000

243 Catawba Trail; Lexington; J. Duncan Crowe and Elisabeth A. Crowe aka Elisabeth Anna Crowe; Dean S. Keith and Kathleen Peters Keith; $290,000

442 Bronze Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Xayy Siharath and Natly Mekdara; $242,355

153 Kellers Pond Lane; Lexington; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; Mitchell D. Rowell and Tanya N. Rowell; $226,000

205 Cherokee Pond Road; Lexington; Holiday Builders Inc.; Peter Francis Gurgigno III; $225,056

402 Bronze Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Sandi P. Vanhoosier; $225,000

240 Silvercreek Drive; Lexington; Michael V. Golden and Michelle Golden; Nicanor U. Beza Jr. and Jill M. Beza; $175,000


427 Mulberry Ridge Court; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Andrew E. Schmidt and Pamela S. Schmidt; $180,900

2117 Nazareth Road; Lexington; Nicholas D. Parker and Kristina M. Spires; Moises S. Rosario and Emillia R. Rosario; $175,000

421 Baneberry Drive; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Melvin O. Boone and Della J. Boone; $167,940

803 Dovefield Lane; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Maurice L. LeBlanc and Nicole R. LeBlanc; $133,000

264 Bridleridge Road; Lexington; Glenn Marsh and Lee Marsh; Kyle S. McDonough; $124,450

134 Cardinal Pines Drive; Lexington; Karen Jean Fanning; Christopher M. Kantarowski and Susan E. Meintel; $124,000

815 Dovefield Lane; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Michelle Marie Burnside; $122,000


3685-C Leaphart Road; West Columbia; Brantley C. Pope; New Start Homes LLC; $225,000

632 Spanish Oak Drive; West Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Stuart F. Williams Jr. and Mary Amanda Roberts; $153,148


1545 Coolbrook Drive; West Columbia; Linda DeAngelis; Thomas C. Urban; $115,500


207 Tyborne Circle; Columbia; Craig Marriner; Mindy L. Nobles and William A. Nobles IV; $164,900


220 Ripley Station Road; Columbia; K.A.L. Short Sale LLC; Nicholas J. Van Sicklen; $140,000



1944 White Road; Camden; James Q. Powers and Miriam W. Powers; Renee S. Bourdeau; $201,000


147 Abbey Road; Elgin; Fortress Builders LLC; Julia C. Anderson; $209,900

59 Kelsney Drive; Elgin; Essex Homes Southeast LLC; Laura B. Evans and Jason W. Evans; $188,220

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