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June 8, 2014

Midlands area home sales, June 8

Recent property transferes as recorded at the Richland, Lexington and Kershaw County courthouses.

Richland County


408 Plume Lane; Blythewood; Mungo Homes Inc.; James E. Cook and Faye M. Cook; $372,500

322 Club Colony Circle; Blythewood; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Edwin M. Wicker and Danielle M. Wicker; $344,900

191 View Drive; Blythewood; D.R. Horton-Crown LLC; Leroy Tyson Sr. and Dorothy R. Tyson; $292,241


241 Massey Circle; Chapin; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Natalie F. Clifton; $233,000

166 Cordage Drive; Chapin; Mungo Homes Inc.; Mildred G. Jackson; $159,500


209 Windwood Drive; Elgin; Brian Sippel and Lisa Sippel; Mark J. Uggiano; $116,000


130 Peppers Road; Irmo; John M. Ferguson and Clare D. Ferguson; Gregory M. Taradash and Julie Lynn Taradash; $400,000

17 Rainbows End Court; Irmo; D.R. Horton Inc.; Steven Daniel Giustino and Stephanie B. Giustino; $269,938

209 Blue Mountain Drive; Irmo; Tom R. Bustard; John J. Horrigan Jr. and Eliana Horrigan; $232,000


1210 Anthony Ave.; Columbia; Harold D. Williams; Martin Real Estate Investments LLC; $131,500

1103 Oconee St.; Columbia; George L. Sandifer and Sally B. Sandifer; Kyle E. Criminger; $115,000


1901 Devonshire Drive Unit 14; Columbia; Wilbur H. Hunt Jr.; Heath Jumper Strange; $106,000

3716 Monroe St.; Columbia; Myrtle Hancock Shore; Easton M. Seyedein; $190,000


2908 Hope Ave.; Columbia; Rene Ann Brown; Brice Mann and Shelley E. Mann; $150,000


5660 Pinebranch Road; Columbia; Lynda E. Ferguson; Kimberly Bates Binnicker and Jeffery L. Binnicker; $159,000

6900 Longbrook Road; Columbia; the estate of Nell Dye Harper; Eric Scott Schenck and Adrienne L. Schenck; $135,000

5328 Ransom Drive; Columbia; Gustavo Costanza; Susie M. Williams-Manning; $105,000


3 Worchester Court; Columbia; Garner Regenovich and Mary H. Regenovich; Raymond M. Hrin and Stacey A. Hrin; $331,000

931 Plyler Lane; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Abdoulaye Thiam and Melinda A. Thiam; $308,144

105 Toad Road; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Cindy M. Martin; $257,752


120 Kaminer Way; Columbia; Lorenz B. Echerer and Brenda F. Echerer; Capher LLC; $250,000

208 Riverbluff Blvd.; Columbia; Ian MacIlwraith; Lauren Acquaviva; $134,000

951 Bakersfield Road; Columbia; Darrin T. Gantt and Tara R. Gantt; Carolyn Howard Cooks; $102,375


321 Sheridan Drive; Columbia; Teresa Hartley; Estela Calvillo Aranda and Quinton D. Carter; $113,500


794 Harbor Vista Drive; Columbia; D.R. Horton Inc.; Stephen E. Manley and Lisa A. Manley; $275,000

936 Plyler Lane; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jason Allen Wshington and Keeyonia T. Washington; $266,052

1229 Ashland Road; Columbia; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Robert M. Birchbauer and Jennifer N. Birchbauer; $261,260

Lexington County


184 Tufton Court; Cayce; Mungo Homes Inc.; Sara W. Delk and Kelly M. Delk; $215,000

176 Tufton Court; Cayce; Mungo Homes Inc.; Andrew T. Casper; $194,317

164 Tufton Court; Cayce; Mungo Homes Inc.; Roger B. Glover and Julia E. Glover; $169,711


205 Night Harbor Drive; Chapin; William A. Jordan and Karuna H. Jordan; Andrew C. McCord and Elizabeth L. McCord; $233,000


111 Pleasure Island Road; Gilbert; J. Todd Edwards; Jeff K. West and Tracy R. West; $621,000


220 Castle Vale Road; Irmo; Charles A. Moss Iv and Mark Stasiio; Jaime Lee Ketten Jr. and Amanda Price Ketten; $140,800


179 Woodbridge Drive; Lexington; Joelyn Manfredi and Michael Manfredi; Raymond L. Truett Jr. and Patsy D. Truett; $378,000

106 E. Circle Drive; Lexington; Stuart G. Harvie and Ruth C. Harvie; Jonathan K. Thompson and Christine Thompson; $370,000

437 Bronze Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; SCBT, trustee of GST Exempt Trust; $314,320


121 Silverbell Lane; Lexington; Homes Inc.; Brandon R. Smith and Eva Annmarie Smith; $239,360

333 Knotts Circle; Lexington; Edward L. Cox and Dartha E. Cox; Russell E. Thompson; $142,500

117 Cherry Laurel Drive; Lexington; Federal National Mortgage Association; Latasha N. Joe; $119,900


125 Holly Ridge Lane; West Columbia; Iva Lee Claxton; Andrew D. Gowan and Pamela J. Gowan; $225,000


114 State St.; West Columbia; JAKASO LLC; Tar M. Plewa and Kevin C. Remington; $210,000

838 Augusta St.; West Columbia; Matthew R. Howsare and Williard R. Howsare; Gary Tapp; $125,000

1117 Mohawk Drive; Lexington; John T. Stephenson III and Ashleigh R. Probus; Edward E. Letendre Jr. and Tracye R. Letendre; $118,000


140 and 148 Loch Drive; Columbia; Patricia B. Munn; Thomas C. Parker and Gail M. Skipper; $161,500


126 Clear Water Point; Columbia; McGuinn Holdings LLC; Shannon B. Evans and Griffin C. Gunter; $289,363

639 Bay Harbor Circle; Columbia; Kenneth W. Laing and Laing; Sam Houston Hooper and Nicole S. Hooper; $281,000

106 E. Selwood Lane; Columbia; Wells Fargo Bank N.A.; Angela L. Plaugh; $182,000

Kershaw County


106 Kirkwood Lane; Camden; First Palmetto Bank; William N. Harkey Jr. and Martha T. Herkey; $715,000


5 Swinton Court; Elgin; Michael J. Buring and Corlyn Buring; Aimee L. Varieur; $170,000

43 Trenton Drive; Elgin; Great Southern Homes Inc.; Eileen E. Miller and Cornelius Miller; $161,900

9 Bellhaven Drive; Elgin; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Carlos H. Sirin and Elsie Sirin; $135,500


45 Endicot Way; Lugoff; Joel W. Orr Jr.; William F. Reeves and Robin S. Reeves; $285,000

9 Hurdle Court; Lugoff; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Christopher J. Dippold and Nicole L. Dippold; $213,980

48 Freedom Lane; Lugoff; Steven J. Bosley and Judith L. Bosley; Elizabeth B. Knox; $162,000

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