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June 29, 2014

Midlands area home sales, June 29

Recent property transferes as filed with the Richland, Lexington and Kershaw County courthouses.

Richland County


224 Wrenfield Lane; Blythewood; Daniel D. Litchford and Pamela S. Litchford; Jay T. Thompson and Deborah W. Thompson; $710,000

387 Summersweet Court; Blythewood; D.R. Horton Inc.; Francis M. Campeggio and Barbara L. Campeggio; $316,650

12 Abneywood Court; Blythewood; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Dannie R. Brown Jr. and Donna L. Brown; $267,320

246 View Drive; Blythewood; D.R. Horton-Crown LLC; Christopher J. Jones and Shandreka M. Jones; $255,713


190 Tapp Pointe Road; Chapin; Martha T. Rivers; Michael J. Peters and Tiffany Michelle; $650,000

809 Boatswain Loop; Chapin; Ronnie Bingham and Charlotte B. Bingham; Arthur A. Stidham and Sylvia L. Stidham; $275,000

224 Jackstay Court; Chapin; Mungo Homes Inc.; Richard Kyle Corley and Richard Wayne Corley; $148,500


103 Turkey Crossing Road; Elgin; William A. Johnson Jr. and Katherine Harding Johnson; Mark A. Mason; $302,000


2501 Lower Richland Blvd.; Hopkins; Larry O. Gamble; James Edwin Thomas; $125,000


1410 Confederate Ave.; Columbia; Stephanie J. Copple and Christopher G. Copple; David C. Wiesendanger; $220,000

1520 Senate St. Unit 105; Columbia; Matthew J. Smith and Ruth S. Smith; Jamie R. Jordan and Phyllis O.Jordan; $122,500


19 Millpond Road; Columbia; the estate of Marjorie Powell Stands fka Marjorie Stands Wallace; Ann E. McMaster; $340,000

1126 Eastminster Drive; Columbia; Mary Elizabeth Hellams; Catharine Paxson Wingate; $232,000

8 Dinwood Circle; Columbia; Stephen George Colquhoun; L. Garner Corley Jr. and Jerry D. Sountris; $162,000


14 Cedarwood Lane; Columbia; Bradley J. Thomas and Debroah M. Thomas; Harry S.Hardin IV and Eleanor E. Hardin; $710,000

2607 Devine St. Unit 1; Columbia; Timothy Station LLC; John L. Weathers and Ann M. Graber; $199,900

3206 Wilmot Ave.; Columbia; Kathryn J. Hampton; Aleka Y. Selig; $172,000

232 Edisto Drive; Columbia; Southbridge Properties & Construction Inc.; Jeb S. Zoller and Kristi A. Zoller; $140,000

3603 Yale Ave.; Columbia; Jane Gill Steeele; Rumsey Construction & Renovation LLC; $110,000


5652 Pinebranch Road; Columbia; Leah W. Beckham; Christopher Keith K. Ellis and Nichole M. Knutson; $252,500

4515 Fernwood Road; Columbia; Fannie L. Sosa; Christopher W. Calvert; $139,000


126 Sundowne Place; Columbia; Michael Cosman and Michelle Cosman; Balachander Sivankoil and Rajashree Rao; $393,000

471 Guard Tower Lane; Columbia; Prestige Properties Group LLC; Raashid Hinton; $176,000

608 Pine Lilly Drive; Columbia; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Reginald Armstrong; $175,390


406 Aldershot Way; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Ray Edward Williams and Patricia E. Williams; $245,650

124 Van Der Horst Drive; Columbia; Edward B. Purcell and Tara S. Purcell; Lisa C. Elliott and Sandra C. Hartman; $239,900

205 Longtown Place; Columbia; Holiday Builders Inc.; Bridgit R.Hawkins; $209,990

8 Markham Court; Columbia; Scott MacMurdo and Marcela D. Farrer; Susan M. Williams and Fred C. Williams; $208,000

340 Pinnacle Ridge Drive; Columbia; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Jason Ortiz-Sierra and Michelle Ortiz; $190,280

Lexington County


156 Wingspan Way; Chapin; Mungo Homes Inc.; Steven R. Alexander and Amanda L. Alexander; $186,001


116 Holly Leaf Lane; Lexington; Jason Walters and Brandy Walters; Nicholas D. Mayes and Laura W. Mayes; $600,000

129 Kelsey Glen; Lexington; Russelll S. Stringer; Payton Blair Foust and Clory Ellen Foust; $381,500

109 Loch Levin Lane; Lexington; Deborah Bishop Clark; Lerinzo W. Sutcliffe and Molly E. Sutcliffe; $338,000

115 Secret Cove Drive; Lexington; John T. Lawrence Sr. and Deborah G. Lawrence; Matthew C. Vernado and Emily S. Vernado; $333,000

103 Tadpole Court; Lexington; Mark A. Bordeaux and Angela Y. Bordeaux; Judson F. Merrell and Carrie C. Merrell; $300,000


524 Crooked Pine Court; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Regan M. Bent; $316,900

321 Honey Tree Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Tara L. Campbell and Jonathan T. Thomas; $306,520

406 Pine Knot Court; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Kurt A. Stiglbauer and Amanda C. Stiglbauer; $306,085

1220 Old Orangeburg Road; Lexington; Deborah M. Roiz; Paul C. Holcomb and Shannon L. Holcomb; $163,000

157 Knotts Road; Lexington; Jerry D. Sountris and L. Garner Corley Jr.; William B. Lorick and Sarah M. Lorick; $151,500


1309 G Ave.; West Columbia; Linda Kaye Robbins; Christopher T. Reckart; $108,000


532 Hallsborough Drive; West Columbia; Cheryl L. Harwell; Renee Smith Martin and Todd P. Martin; $218,000

318 Favorite Court; West Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Evon Lee Houser and Crystal C. Houser; $106,900

319 Favorite Court; West Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Megan E. Cody; $103,000

1117 Lake Shire Drive; West Columbia; Arbor Ridge Properties aka Arbor Ridge Properties LLC; Joshua B. Bartlet; $102,000


342 N. Stonehedge Drive; Columbia; Elizabeth H.McKelvy; Kenneth L. Williams and Barrie J. Williams; $155,000


1004 Hollowtree Court; Columbia; Kimberly A. Auten; John T. Lawrence Sr. and Deborah G. Lawrence; $193,000

108 N. Beaver Dam Road; Columbia; Kayla M. Goins fka Kayla M. Wormell; Cameron J. Dulin; $170,835

242 Berwick Road; Columbia; Anton J. Frank and Maria F. Kitchens nka Maria T. Frank; John Matthew Dugger and Jean M. Dugger; $168,000

Kershaw County


341 Friendship Road; Camden; Kerry Ray Peters; Almiron J. Deis and Janet L. Deis; $169,000

984 Wateree Blvd.; Camden; RBMK Enterprises LLC; Christy Anderson; $120,000


1058 Sayre Lane; Elgin; ACT Capital LLC; Jeffrey L. Stoner and Louann Stoner; $275,100

14 Templand Court; Elgin; Chad Robert Reich and Marylyn S. Reich; Vernon Morris; $212,000

2251 Whippoorwill Lane; Elgin; SAFE Federal Credit Union; Sandra Slaughter; $120,000


45 Mauser Drive; Lugoff; Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Parker W. Young and Amy R. Young; $168,000

46 Arlington Drive; Lugoff; Keith E. Mason and Kathryn Mason; Charles E. Barfield and Barbara J. Barfield; $117,000

39 Derby Lane; Lugoff; JPMorgan Chase Bank NA; Joan Marie Haynes; $110,000

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