Midlands area home sales, July 13

07/13/2014 12:00 AM

07/12/2014 4:15 PM

Richland County


633 Winter Wren Lane; Blythewood; 29016; Mungo Homes Inc.; Vincent F. Ferguson and Quenette L. Ferguson; $431,850.

28 Stillorgan Court; Blythewood; 29016; D.R. Horton-Crown LLC; Boris F. Turner and Teresa N. Turner; $332,064.

461 Bowhunter Drive; Blythewood; 29016; Fortress Builders Inc.; Nicole S. Nichols and Stacey Nichols; $289,900.

502 Bowhunter Drive; Blythewood; 29016; Fortress Builders Inc.; Michael S. Canfield and Deborah A. Canfield ; $287,900.

605 Coyote Lane; Blythewood; 29016; Fortress Builders Inc.; Edward A. Lopes and Christine W. Lopes; $284,900.


37 Bunchberry Court; Chapin; 29036; Fortress Builders Inc.; Stacie M. Connelly and Robert W. Connelly; $292,750.

636 Sea Doo Drive; Chapin; 29036; D.R. Horton Inc.; James J. Mayberry and Marianne Mayberry; $244,990.

661 Clover View Road; Chapin; 29036; Mungo Homes Inc.; Susana Kendrick; $192,174.


78 Red Bay Road; Elgin; 29045; Clayton J. Tychkowsky and Debbie C. Tychkowsky; Hai Q. Ninh and Jennifer Phelan-Ninh; $600,000.

319 Bluestem Drive; Elgin; 29045; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Derrick A. Glover; $475,000.

209 Deer Run Road; Elgin; 29045; Michael D. Charles and Melody J. Charles; Diana Sue Merritt and Gary Wayne Merritt; $157,000.


125 S,. Bluff Lane; Hopkins; 29061; William Davis Lee; Matthew O. Bayliss; $129,600.


201 Rocky Ridge Rod; Irmo; 29063; Toby T. Metz and Christie C. Metz; Jonathan H. Nilson; $282,000.

329 English Legend Drive; Irmo; 29063; Fortress Builders Inc.; Anthony Tyrone Grice and Mollisa C. Grice; $270,075.

9 Genessee Court; Irmo; 29063; Mungo Homes Inc.; Derek L. Dutcher and Lisa Dutcher; $203,000.

352 Gleneagle Circle; Irmo; 29063; Lend Smart Mortgage LLC; Wayne Brunt; $162,011.

23 Oak Stand Court; Irmo; 29063; Jean M. Marlowe; Gilbert Daniel Marlowe III and Sharon Marlowe; $150,000.


601 Main St. Units 526 and S-59; Columbia; 29201; Teresa Rasmussen-Trangsrud and Cullen P. Trangsrud; Daniel M. Wardrop, Barbara J.P. Wardrop and Rebecca C. Wardrop; $319,500.

1320 Pulaski St. Unit B101; Columbia; 29201; Cynthia Gayle Burgess; Wendy Cheung and Matthew Yuen; $205,623.

18 Cotton Place Lane; Columbia; 29201; Jacob W. Scott; Robert D. Behmke, Paula S. Behmke and Frances M. Behmke; $194,000.

2404 Sumter St.; Columbia; 29201; Elizabeth Ashley Howell; Amy C. Seidel and Ethan E. Seidel; $176,000.


327 and 329 Walker St.; Columbia; 29205; Margaret McFaddin aka Margaret L. McFaddin nka Margaret M. Wilson; 2126 Devine Properties; $172,000.


187 Eagle Park Drive; Columbia; 29206; McGuinn Holdings LLC; David Montijo; $140,000.

338 Arbor Drive; Columbia; 29206; Linda M. Gargrave; Paul F. Berrian and Patrick C Duggan; $116,000.


612 Hampton Trace Lane; Columbia; 29209; Movement Mortgage LLC; Phillip Vince and Marie Vince; $170,000.

15 Screech Owl Court; Columbia; 29209; Holiday Builders Inc.; Charles R. Burgess Jr.; $155,990.

508 Burnside Drive; Columbia; 29209; Tonia E. Pearson nka Tonia E. Cochran and Joseph N. Cochran; James Lance Tripp and Maryann Tripp; $135,000.

201 Jerri Lane; Columbia; 29209; McGuinn Holdings LLC; Andrea Z. Montgomery and Milton C. Montgomery; $134,927.

1320 Poinsett Loop; Columbia; 29209; McGuinn Holdings LLC; Jason H. Pressley; $134,632.


163 Springhaven Drive; Columbia; 29210; Mungo Homes Inc.; Michele L. Curry; $141,730.


221 Woodlands Ridge Road; Columbia; 29223; Peter A. Rohrer and Donnie Rohrer; Edmund R. Linkous and Brenda Kay Linkous; $168,500.

212 Kenmore Park Drive; Columbia; 29223; Mungo Homes Inc.; David R. Crosby and Maribel C. Crosby; $155,900.

208 N. Ridge Road; Columbia; 29223; Nationstar Mortgage LLC; Dennis Lawrence Milligan and Carole Marie Lanese; $128,950.

205 Grinders Mill Road; Columbia; 29223; Brian E. Cordell and Lisa Z. Cordell; Kevin Thigpen and Taylor Winesett; $123,000.


57 Shoreline Drive; Columbia; 29229; Thad L. Myers and Taylor O. Myers; Manish Jain and Deanna Jain; $635,000.

1240 Ashland Drive; Columbia; 29229; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Brian D. Oliver and Amanda Frisby; $285,600.

948 Corison Loop; Columbia; 29229; Alicia R. Barnes nka Alicia B. John; Christopher O. Jackson and Erica A. Jackson; $172,500.

9 Glenwood Springs Court; Columbia; 29229; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jeneen D. Blue; $142,654.

504 Ridge Trail Drive; Columbia; 29229; James Glenn Hall Sr.; Robert T. Borucki Sr. and Beverly Borucki; $140,000.

Lexington County


101 Mills Lake Court; Chapin; 29026; S. Craig Young and Christie Young; David Bennett Galloway Jr.; $292,500.


1928 Joyce St.; Cayce; 29033; Derrick Learn; Jayamurugan Alagumalai; $130,000.

1900 Dunbar Road; Cayce; 29033; Robert Stephen Causey; Sheryle W. Rabon; $107,000.


145 Bay Pointe Drive; Chapin; 29036; Rick Smedsrud and Virginia Smedsrud; Heather A. Jones and Jeffrey G. Jones; $600,000.

205 Azalea Key Lane; Chapin; 29036; Robert G. Rikeman Jr. and Stacy Rikeman; Darrell Pressley; $292,400.

105 Woolbright Ave.; Chapin; 29036; D.R. Horton Inc.; Matthew Tyler Mayo and Elizabeth Michelle Mayo; $231,613.

273 Sid Bickley Road; Chapin; 29036; Timothy L. Goins and Kimberly L. Goins; Charles Jay Staton; $140,000.


625 Tom Drafts Circle; Gilbert; 29054; Modell C. Blizzard; Brian S. Keefer; $177,000.


364 N. Edisto Road; Leesville; 29070; Roy Darrell Frick; David Dawkins and Dana Dawkins; $275,000.

205 Stutman Road; Leesville; 29070; Robyn A. Hornsby; Neil S. Allard and Lisa M. Allard; $250,000.


391 River Club Road.; 29072; Crosland Builders LLC; William W. Blevins and Mary E. Blevins; $516,875.

112 John Preston Drive.; 29072; Kerri M. Faulds; Jonathan R. Guy and Angela Guy; $459,000.

220 Payne Lane.; 29072; A. Lee Laliberte and Linda S. Laliberte; Joel Burnett and Brittany R. Burnett; $418,500.

404 Kenwood Drive.; 29072; Christian Fryland and Lee Ann Fryland; South State Bank; $408,500.

107 Egret Court.; 29072; Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.; James A. Ward and Marilyn F. Ward; $325,000.


301 Honey Tree Drive.; 29073; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Wade T. Roof III and Irinia P. Roof; $317,775.

312 Cromer Road.; 29073; Don Lanford; Andrea R. Piscano; $195,000.

113 Traveler Trail.; 29073; Lacy C. Light and Gerald D. Carter Jr.; Shawn M. King and Candy J. King; $179,900.

112 Oldham Way.; 29073; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Richard Lee and Kathy Lee; $142,000.


1110 Mulberry St.; Pelion; 29123; Janet Lee Smith; Dianna J. Ables and Mary A. Smith; $120,000.


226 Blackhawk Terrace; West Columbia; 29169; Joseph S. Lavisky and Dorothy H. Lavisky; Alan Buck and Jennifer W. Buck; $268,000.

417 Millcrest Lane; West Columbia; 29169; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jason Kurt Isenhower and Megan Eileen O'Kelly; $187,431.

232 Congaree Mill Lane; West Columbia; 29169; Mungo Homes Inc.; Courtney L. Ashley; $166,000.


205 Springs Court; West Columbia; 29170; Maria F. Dechelle nka Marie D. Ehrenpreis; Eric W. Schaub and Rhonda S. Schaub; $185,000.

106 Graydon Court; West Columbia; 29170; Laurel Hill Builders Inc.; Davida LaClaire Daniel; $145,000.

246 Garden Walk Drive; West Columbia; 29170; Danny R. Shealy; Kayla C. Blake; $133,900.


461 Pittsdowne Road; Columbia; 29210; James A. Wiles; Charles H. Halsey; $235,000.


532 Windward Point Court; Columbia; 29212; William A. Livingstong and Mae M. Livingston; Teresa Simpson Corley; $505,000.

205 Copper Ridge Road; Columbia; 29212; Robert M. Terrel and Michele R. Terrell; Laura M. Montgomery; $182,500.

268 Ripley Station Road; Columbia; 29212; David P. Herlong and Tiffany M. Herlong; Roger G. Nelson; $164,500.

108 Bowland Court; Columbia; 29212; the estate of Lambert C. Smith; Greggory M. Lockhart and Donna L. Lockhart; $153,500.

346 Shoreline Drive; Columbia; 29212; Judith Mulkey; Robin Pruette and William Pruette; $144,000.

Kershaw County


65 Saughtree Lane; Elgin; 29045; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Christopher E. Taylor and Tamara P. Drechsler; $200,430.

6 Abbey Road; Elgin; 29045; Joanna K. McGowan; Kristian Amanda Hunter and Christophe Ryan Hunter; $152,600.

42 Cobble Stone Lane; Elgin; 29045; George C. Conoly; Jeremy E. Furtick and Crystal C. Martin; $137,300.

7 Jesup Court; Elgin; 29045; Courtney Johnson; Debora B. Barfield; $107,500.


931 Meadow Drive; Lugoff; 29078; Madi Investments LLC; Francisco Cruz and Jose L. Cruz; $115,000.

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