Midlands area home sales, July 27

07/27/2014 12:00 AM

07/26/2014 5:12 PM

Richland County


419 Brownell Court; Blythewood; Mungo Homes Inc.; Alexandria J. Duvall; $146,500

15 S. Canterbury Court; Blythewood; Charles Richard Blake; Max R. Cox and Lois K. Cox; $209,500

1429 Red Sunset Lane; Blythewood; D.R. Horton Inc.; Tracy L. Peavy; $214,990

230 Abney Estates Drive; Columbia; Hurricane Construction Inc.; Raymond F. Lala and Phyllis Lala; $224,190

208 Lake Ashley Drive; Blythewood; J. Braxton Sorg and Susan Sorg; Gary N. Jackson and Kate M. Boynton aka Kate B. Jackson; $226,000

437 Longtown Road West; Blythewood; Charles A. Gamble and Torri A. Gamble; Joseph N. Merlette and Kathy S. Merlette; $250,000

377 Summersweet Court; Blythewood; D.R. Horton Inc.; Phillip Blane Orr and Tammy Jane Orr; $282,486

379 Pine Top Road; Blythewood; Ronald C. Sloan; Julie F. Phillips; $364,900


26 Featherfoil Court; Chapin; Armando Banda and Rebecca Banda; Albert J. Harden and Iwona B. Harden; $295,000

155 Indian Grass Drive; Chapin; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jason D. Vick and Jillian R. Vick; $321,453


1279 Greenturf Lane; Elgin; Daniel R. Anderson and Michele S. Anderson; Oliver Uson and Ereka Uson; $152,000


9917 Wylie Road; Hopkins; Robert E. Davis; John C. Seigler and Julie L. Seigler; $197,000


326 Cockspur Road; Irmo; Stacey L. Keough; Dale D. Williams and Celeste M. Williams; $110,000

904 Whitewater Drive; Irmo; Jessica L. Thrift and Michael G. Thrift; Brendan Crawford and Linda Abigail Brown; $148,000

147 Harbor Springs Drive; Irmo; John David Kizziah and Katie Pugh Kizziah; Juan Carlos Sanchez Diaz and Marilda Julia; $174,000

625 Gaelens Lane; Irmo; Mungo Homes Inc.; Jason A. Stewart and Kristina M. Stewart; $249,660

101 Kenwood Court; Irmo; Robert M. McGregor and Joanne L. McGregor; Brian C. Jacobson and Kathy L. Jacobson; $255,000


801 Main St. Unit 525; Columbia; Karen S. Branson and John D. Branson; Holyoke Place LLC; $307,000


3062 Lindenwood Drive; Columbia; James Eric Shell and Amanda L. Shell; Kristin Fercho; $121,500


2609 Devine St. Unit 7; Columbia; Timothy Station LLC; Daniel Eskew; $129,900

949 Howard St.; Columbia; CKH LLC; Virginia M. Scotchie; $140,000

506 Woodrow St.; Columbia; Therese L. Hurley and Albert Hester; Rachael E. Maynard and Maynard Family Properties LLC; $192,500

2902 Duncan St.; Columbia; Dion L. Franga and Laura W. Franga; Rebecca G. Painter and Keith E. Painter; $300,000

4113 Roundtop Road; Columbia; Gary L. Taylor and Jean B. Taylor; Andrew William Saleeby; $442,117

815 Albion Road; Columbia; William M. Yarbrough and Ashley C. Yarbrough; Matthew A. Stanek and Michele K. Stanek; $550,000

102 Edisto Ave.; Columbia; Katherine T. Frankstone; John H. Hutto and Agenes E. Robinson; $1,005,000


1320 Brennan Road Unit 19; Columbia; William D. Blackmon; Caitlin R. Pennington, James E. Pennington Jr. and Joann P. Pennington; $175,000

4260 Shorebrook Drive; Columbia; Arbetta K. Hepfer; Blake Schumacher and Sarah Schumacher; $240,000

1320 Whitaker Drive; Columbia; Robert B. Glenn and Kara B. Glenn; Philip G. Simoneaux II and Ashley B. McCurdy; $299,900


1017 Drake St.; Columbia; Cedar Terrace Development LLC; Kathleen G. Jones; $109,262

849 Forest Park Road; Columbia; Denise H. Lambert and Wesley B. Lambert; Willis Brenton Brazell; $115,000

1060 Milton Lane; Columbia; Michael J. McCary; Christopher W. Adams and Noelle R. Adams; $186,500


730 Pennywell Court; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Adrian J. Doerfer and Shana M. Doerfer; $105,113

28 Glenwood Springs Court; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Brandon L. Baskett and Christina D. Baskett; $139,529

135 Frasier Fir Lane; Columbia; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; David E. Hunt and Tiffany D. Hunt; $215,950

903 Plyler Lane; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; Hanna Liza Stephens; $268,849

304 Bournemouth Way; Columbia; Mungo Homes Inc.; LeKeisha L. Harris; $271,552

Lexington County


420 Backwater Court; Chapin; Calvin K. Meetze and Charlene G. Meetze; Seth C. Rose and Anna C. Rosew; $300,000


312 Grey Fox Court; Gilbert; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Joel E. Yoder and Raemell M. Yoder; $281,130


124 Autumn Stroll Court; Lexington; Bank of America NA; Lorelei M. Graye; $115,000

407 Garden Arbor Lane; Lexington; Angela D. McLeod and T. Keith McLeod Jr.; Barbara Arnett Charles; $128,000

100 Autumn Stroll Court; Lexington; Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC; Paul O'Connell; $147,000

132 Misty Dew Lane; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; James A. Crugnale Jr. and Cara E. Crugnale; $152,900

204 Parkside Road; Lexington; Cathleen E. Schrade and Lawrence L. Schrade; Daniel J. Caudle and Hazel A. Caudle; $157,000

164 White Rock Lane; Lexington; Daniel A. Horton and Tanya L. Horton; Danielle I. Lacey; $169,000

304 Plantation Drive; Lexington; Keith Munns; Alvin Russell Bryson Jr.; $181,500

201 Lockwood Drive; Lexington; Mark A. Barris and Sonja D. Barris; Rodger S. Barrineau and Elsbeth S. Barrineau; $206,500

213 Blaine Lane; Lexington; David M. Perry; Jason D. Reeves and Stephanie D. Reeves; $210,000

184 Millhouse Lane; Lexington; Jose Rios and Julie Rios; Joshua J. Rivers and Christine Rivers; $214,500

430 Bronze Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Amy S. Buel and Jeremy C. Stiles; $268,900

122 Firethorn Court; Lexington; Hinaben D. Patel and Neal Patel; Jeffrey N. Taylor and Jennifer H. Taylor; $289,000

140 Alston Circle; Lexington; Mark W. Breeland and Peggy S. Breeland; Jeffery L. Hart; $373,500

110 Fairmount Court; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Luke Trent Miller and Mollie McCraw Miller; $386,060

130 Pine Point Drive; Lexington; Thomas F. Budic and Holly L.Budic; Doris B. Lawson; $442,500

103 Bridgeport Lane; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Kale L. Ford and Doris Y. Ford; $501,309


149 Crickhollow Circle; Lexington; Keshava A. Murthy; Willa D. Veach; $124,500

220 Ridge Terrace Lane; Lexington; McGuinn Holdings LLC; Mary Cathryn Eberly; $125,881

118 Mesa Verde Drive; Lexington; Jacob D. Edmonds; James Gilbert; $130,000

124 Coxton Mill Lane; Lexington; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Angela G. Valentin; $142,000

309 Stonehaven Court; Lexington; William E. Willis; Dustin Allen Watkins and Tabatha N. Watkins; $143,000

140 Crown Point Road; Lexington; Joseph W. Robertson III; Mary Browder and Leon E. Browder Jr.; $150,000

262 Flinchum Place; Lexington; Chad Allen Westmoreland and Virginia Hall Westmoreland; Richard S. Pash and Louise Pash; $155,900

124 Hillock Court; Lexington; Richard J. Sypolt and Barbara C. sypolt; Jeff Counts and Kelly Counts; $161,000

127 Baneberry Drive; Lexington; Holiday Builders Inc.; David Allen Hellman; $165,312

611 Walter Lane; Lexington; Mungo Homes Inc.; Geoffrey A. Mason and Misty F. Day; $179,900

618 Walter Lane; Lexington; Holiday Builders Inc.; Anthony L. Jackson; $190,990

427 Crescent River Road; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Richard J. Sypolt and Barbara C. Sypolt; $215,000

118 Copper Bluff Road; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Ralph A. Miska and Casandra L. Miska; $215,580

109 Timberchase Lane; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Michael C. Dooley and Kimberley S. Dooley; $272,000

520 Crooked Pine Court; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Michael A. Smith and Heather C. Smith; $289,538

317 Honey Tree Drive; Lexington; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Toby Selix and Jennifer L. Selix; $315,050


1309 Alpine Drive; West Columbia; Aaron Smith and Jake Jacobs; Adrienne Pearson and Zachary Pearson; $124,000


4117 Platt Springs Road; West Columbia; Phillip B. Mathias and Lana P. Mathias; Danny Sanchez and Miriam Sanchez; $100,000

1439 D Ave.; West Columbia; Kathy Crawford; Stacy O. Shuler Jr. and Connor R. Shuler; $132,000

260 Lake Frances Drive; West Columbia; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Glenda Alvarado and George Alvarado; $235,000

208 Hickory Knob Circle; West Columbia; Essex Homes Southeast Inc.; Bryan C. Merrill and Patricia M. Merrill; $272,500


1545 Coolbrook Drive; West Columbia; Linda DeAngelis; Todd C. Urban; $115,500


740-742 St. Andrews Road; Columbia; SBC III REO LLC; Hung Tran and Cuc Le; $165,000


128 Shorewood Way; Columbia; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Jacob Roderick and Lauren Roderick; $249,900

Kershaw County


1008 Kirkwood Circle; Camden; Cynthia A. Steen; Chantel Sweeney; $142,500

6 Evergreem Court; Camden; Bock Construction Inc.; Mark Mitcham and Karen Mitcham; $189,250


2164A Beaver Dam Road; Cassatt; Charles G. Smith and Johonna D. Smith; David A. Schleper; $130,000


115 Baldwin Place; Lugoff; JPMorgan Chase Bank; Felicia Denise Harris; $111,000


1896 Lake Road; Ridgeway; Lynn S. Blaylock and John Larry Snipes; Meagen Kirkley and Austin J. Wall; $190,000

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