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August 3, 2014

Midlands area home sales, August 3

Midlands area property transfers as recorded at the Richland, Lexington and Kershaw County courthouses.

Richland County


748 Moonsail Circle , Chapin, Mungo Homes Inc., Harry T. Cooper Jr. and Carol O. Cooper, $325,869

549 Everton Drive , Chapin, D.R. Horton - Crown LLC, Neel A. Patel and Ankita N. Patel, $298,347

105 Jasmine Bay Lane , Chapin, Matthew H. Billingsley and Erica K. Billingsley, Bradford J. Wilson and Shannon T. Wilson, $262,000

780 Kimsey Drive, Chapin, Mungo Homes Inc., Andrew Dell Rowe Jr. and Kelli M. Rowe, $224,790

426 Crawley Lane, Chapin, Mungo Homes Inc., Mona L. Williams, $175,630


6 Genessee Court, Irmo, Mungo Homes Inc., Alelcia W. Rogers and Bradley David Rogers, $224,849


5645 Lakeshore Drive , Columbia, Thomas A Carlisle, Anne S. Hutchison, $642,000

900 S. Stadium Road Unit N113, Columbia, Serrus Real Estate Fund II LLC, Joseph H. Bornman and Rhonda A Bornman, $225,000

1829 Senate St. Unit 12-D, Columbia, Phyllis C. Robertson aka Phyllis Craig Robertson, Gloria Janice DiMaria, $210,000


213 Birchfield Drive , Columbia, D.R. Horton Inc., Raymond Floyd III, $171,990

5 Manzanita Court , Columbia, D.R. Horton Inc., Mary Louise Simpson and Shanda L. Simpson, $158,490

100 Westwood Ave. , Columbia, Johnny P. Allison III, Tristin T. Hinderliter, $146,500


2412 Concord Drive , Columbia, Adriane C. Livingston aka Adriane Radeker, Ashleigh C. Lancaster, $152,000


2411-2417 Blossom St . , Columbia, John L. Stewart, C&S Holdings of the Midlands LLC, $223,000

2607 Devine St. Unit 1, Columbia, Timothy Station LLC, John L. Weathers and Ann M. Graber, $199,900

508 Saluda Ave. , Columbia, Stephen W. Schar and Ann L. Schar, Charles E. Lockhart, $100,000


1708 Rutland Road , Columbia, Henry Spann Laffitte Jr. and Elizabeth Laffitte, Joan M. Burns, $210,000


9 Black Gum Road , Columbia, David Wilson Smith, Eric. R. Friedman and Rebekah B. Friedman, $220,000

7006 Devon Road, Columbia, Tracy D. Tisdale nka Tracy Williams, Dylan Nichlas and Chloe McCoy, $167,500

9 Screech Owl Court , Columbia, Holiday Builders Inc., Milton Edward Clark Jr., $130,526

204 Jerri Lane , Columbia, McGuinn Holdings LLC, Jermaine Eric Nixon aka Jermaine E. Nixon and Stephanie K. Nixon, $129,263

1027 Drake St . , Columbia, Cedar Terrace Development LLC, Manya Kenney and Emma Kenney, $112,000


300 and 310 Candi Lane, Columbia, Shirley H. Mabry, IZ Holdings LLC, $525,000


219 Peninsula Way , Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Eddie L. Findley and Catrena D. Finley, $401,722

172 Churchland Drive , Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Eric Paul Hartfield and Susan Lynn Hartfield, $286,250

439 Rushfoil Drive , Columbia, Hurricane Construction Inc., Nicholas P. Brown and Amanda A. Brown, $177,390

721 Pennywell Court , Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Mark Alan LaBruyere and Kelly Samantha LaBruyere, $176,790

336 Sterling Cove Road , Columbia, Hurricane Construction Inc., Octavia C. Gadson, $154,990

330 Sterling Cove Road, Columbia, Hurricane Construction Inc., Curdell L. Allen, $144,990

204 Glendevon Way , Columbia, F. Denise Horry, Kasandra R. Royalty, $119,000

120 Deer Lake Drive , Columbia, Jonathan Smith, Timothy E. Richardson Sr. and Diane S. Richardson, $115,000

7 Kinrose Court , Columbia, Jennifer C. Langley, Joshua Michael Vaughan, $101,940

Lexington County


177 Tufton Court , Cayce, Mungo Homes Inc., Tommy A. Grier and Laura W. Grier, $172,022

314 Tufton Road, Cayce, Hurricane Construction Inc., Huda Siah I. Alatna and Mohammed Hussien O. Seedi, $165,000

532 Holland Ave. , Cayce, Phyllis B. Houghton aka Phyllis D. Bogo, David Fitch, $125,000

706 Holland Ave., Cayce, Dale J. Hutsell, Deborah C. Hutsell and Neal P. Hutsell, Patrick E. Sizemore, Rebecca A. Sizemore and Mary C. Sizemore, $103,000


109 Night Harbor Drive , Chapin, Matthew K. Watkins and Glenn Monts, Donald James Kuskey and Rosalie Edith Kuskey, $309,900

253 Eagle Pointe Drive, Chapin, Mungo Homes Inc., Anthony J. Rogenski III and Kimberly A. Rogenski, $199,900

112 Parapet Trail, Chapin, William O. King, Todd J. Schmoyer and Laura A. Schmoyer, $197,900

167 Wingspan Way , Chapin, Mungo Homes Inc., Kyle B. Going, $196,597


3825 Fairview Road , Leesville, Patrick Henslee and Mary Kathryn Brook aka Mary Kathryn Brock-Henslee, Charles M. Greene Jr. and Deane Louise Greene, $379,900

895 Rock Creek Road , Leesville, Federal National Mortgage Association, Anthony Schneider, $299,500

1511 Wildwood Point , Leesville, Leonard E. Thompson, Federal National Mortgage Association, $135,564


306 Glengary Court , Lexington, Mungo Homes Inc., Mark T. Westbrook and Christine M. Westbrook, $472,365

208 Clubside Drive , Lexington, Marshall C. Hartmann Jr., Christopher J. Bowers and Kimberly L. Bowers, $425,000

188 Payne Lane , Lexington, Julius S. Felder, William Hedrick, $362,000

108 Greenside Drive, Lexington, Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., Patrick Ian Tierney and Amanda Lea Jones-Tierney, $347,500

438 Bronze Drive , Lexington, Essex Homes Southeast Inc., James L. Cady and Chaoying Z. Cady, $265,305

192 Cherokee Pond Court , Lexington, Holiday Builders LLC, Mark P. Morgan and Jennifer L. Morgan, $238,762

128 Silvercreek Drive , Lexington, Raleigh J. Beckham and Kimberly K. Beckham, Vincent J. Palo, $204,000

118 Flagstone Way , Lexington, Arnold K. Owino, Edmund A. Booth III, $186,900

1441 Old Chapin Road Unit 712, Lexington, Donald Kowell and Karen Kowell, Ralph W. Maynard III and Lynn R. Maynard, $180,000

105 Bellhaven Lane , Lexington, Michael J. Henry, Nathan Foster Twigg and Michelle L. Twigg, $180,000

304 Beltrees Drive , Lexington, Federal National Mortgage Association, Larry Woodruff and Karen Woodruff, $171,000

364 Farming Creek Way , Lexington, Julia Y. Huff fka Julia K. Young, Charlene L. Kneece, $165,500

101 Rosewood Court , Lexington, Brian Dowdy, Jeremy D. Yuhas, $111,900


114 Dark Hollow Drive , Lexington, Essex Homes Southeast Inc., Matthew McDivitt and Robin McDivitt, $278,340

778 Deertrack Run, Lexington, Essex Homes Southeast Inc., John E. Minneman and Terrie A. Minneman, $121,230


336 Brookland Way, West Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Christopher W. Boomhower and Kristen E. Boomhower, $177,498

224 Congaree Mill Lane, West Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Lindsey M. Flood-Everett, $162,775

340 Brookland Way, West Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Allyson Marie Smith, $157,932


123 Candlelight Drive, West Columbia, James A. Stoddard and Christine H. Stoddard, Eric J. Boomhower, $221,500

101 Shelton Court, West Columbia, James B. Holland III, Lana Fulmer, $107,000

317 Favorite Court, West Columbia, Mungo Homes Inc., Erin E. Huxford, $105,357


442 Jamil Road , Columbia, Henry C. Webb III, Grier Properties LLC, $300,000

117 Glenridge Road , Columbia, Pamela Lynn Comer, George V. Griffith and Mary B. Griffith, $190,000

101 White Falls Circle , Columbia, Robert Glen Best and Sara Felicia Best, Edwin C. Schelich, $158,000

1731 Stillwater Drive, Columbia, Terri B. Fridy and Rusha B. Fridy, Marion Irene Boyadich, $129,900

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