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February 26, 2012

Property Transfers | Feb 26


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


40 N. Davis Lane, Blythewood, from Christopher L. Curtiss to Lynn H. Douglas, $125,000

161 View Drive, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Eugene and Tonya S. Commander, $344,128

637 Winter Wren Lane, Blythewood, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Clara B. and Michael Lewis, $445,000

100 Wood Oak Road, Blythewood, from August M. and Helen K. Wallace to Jacob M. and Alicia M. Creese, $220,000


1022 Darlington St., Columbia, from McManus Properties LLC to Larissa N. Settles, $210,000

3121 Lakewood Ave., Columbia, from Miriam S. Davis-Hampton to Sarah A. McNeely, $130,000

729 Whaley St., Columbia, from Danny Schumpert to Joseph D. and Lauren M. Jaco, $245,900


340 Birchfield Drive, Columbia, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to A’Keta J. Vasser, $145,000


3203 Carson Drive, Columbia, from Natalie Rischbieter to Mary K. Coker, $125,500

2501 Craig Road, Columbia, from Wesley B. Satcher to Jacquelyn E. and Diane H. Humphries, $150,000

2429 Reynolds Drive, Columbia, from Nancy K. Terry and Walter H. Keith Jr. to Saralene Powell, $60,000


420 Graymont Ave., Columbia, from Kent M. Krieg to Thomas R. Stefaniak, $127,900

400 S. Walker St., Columbia, from Douglas C. Goolsby to Skot A. Garrick, $145,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


244 Old Cedar Point, Chapin, from Jerry N. Hardee to Joseph C. Bouknight, $625,000

145 Pennsylvania Court, Chapin, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Scott W. Loretta, $128,350


248 Autumn Stroll Court, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Grant L. Beebe, $126,526

225 Blaine Lane, Lexington, from Harvey G. Brakefield to Amy J. and Kenneth M. Brophey, $50,000

543 Flagstone Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Melinda W. and Lyman M. Johnson Jr., $238,155

108 Green Fern Court, Lexington, from Act Capital LLC to Thomas V. Bijak Kr., $108,500

605 Hope Ferry Road, Lexington, from Steve and Jan Morrow to Danny Grunsky, $110,000

1206 Morning Shore Drive, Lexington, from Ronnie C. and Diana W. Wood to Donna M. S. Densman, $1,451,000

111 Plummet Court, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Matthew and Virginia S. McCormack, $165,876

140 Shoal Court, Lexington, from Paul G. and Lynette H. Taylor to Larry and Joetta Witiak, $205,000

417 Wise Ferry Road, Lexington, from Timothy E. Smoak to Jack Smoak, $80,662

262 Woodmill Circle, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Nicholas B. and Ashlee B. Young, $204,690


301 Bridleridge Road, Lexington, from Keith A. and Crystal A. Clayton to Sean A. and Haley R. Clayton, $150,000

267 Keegan Rock Court, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Jon C. McCullough, $181,621

1321 Knotts Haven Loop, Lexington, from Jason R. Vermillion to Christopher L. and Veduria Y Hartfield, $153,500

270 Southbrook Drive, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Jaime E. Eidson, $140,400

144 Windstone Drive, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Tyler and Lauren Vann, $151,330


1385 Track Road, Pelion, from Donald A. and Louise A. Hemingway to Loretta J. and Lawrence R. French Sr., $50,000


1409 Ephrata Drive, West Columbia, from Fannie Mae to Windy S. Riddle, $177,500

1519 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, from Security Federal Bank to Claude J. Brown, $95,000


311 Hunters Mill Drive, West Columbia, from HUD to Lu Ann Zoerner, $95,101

116 Laurel Hill Drive, West Columbia, from LaMonte and Amy Loertscher to Bonita Y and Marty J. Lee, $286,000

243 St. David’s Church Road, West Columbia, from Timothy P. and Robin G. Inman to Jeremy A. Inman, $140,000

3128 Trailstream Road, West Columbia, from Richard K. and Dale Y. Suggs to Ernest W. and Beulah F. Partain, $120,500


117 Cove Court, Columbia, from Paul J. McDermott to Andrew F. and Mitzie J. Coleman, $126,600

407 Finwood Court, Columbia, from Thomas S. and Susan S. Taylor to Ronald C. and Kathryn E. Kroll, $128,500

303 Fireside Drive, Columbia, from James C. and Patti J. Chitwood to Danny W. Wiglesworth and Ernest F. Kidd, $154,900

211 Grandflora Lane, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Jason O. and Michael L. Williamson, $268,285

223 Grandflora Lane, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Stewart M. Smith, $198,500

299 Newpark Place, Columbia, from Joseph B. and Michelle C. Bulwinkle to Ranu Y. and Mirza M. Haque, $200,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


944 Broad St., Camden, from Tamerlane Inc. to Laurie S. and Harold W. Funderburk Jr., $105,000

2650 Broad St., Camden, from Dale A. Sheheen to Outdoor Equipment Plus LLP, $197,000

411 Chestnut St., Camden, from Betsy E. McLeod to H. Gibson Tucker, $210,000

2101 Cornwallis Ave., Camden, from Bobby T. Debruhl to Peter R. and Sheryl S. Fox, $207,625

86 Edinburgh Castle Lane, Camden, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to James E. and Erin G. Bryant; $199,908

1944 Forest Drive, Camden, from Theresa S. Morris, Karen A. Stallings, R. Gene Stallings, Vincent P. Stallings and Christine S. Winkler to Mary and Daniel Whitehouse, $87,000

403 Garrison Court, Camden, from Nicholas L. Williams and Gloria Rouhani-Williams to Erica S. and Rufus J. Redfearn III, $200,000

20 Hunt Cup Lane, Camden, from Mark A. Whittington to Anne H. and Leonard B. Brisendine, $129,900

898 Polson Road, Camden, from John H. Keith to Amanda V. and Paul E. Odom IV, $119,900

46 Rapid Run, Camden, from Executive Construction Inc. to Scott N. and Laura L. Wetsel, $149,890

768-A Red Fox Road, Camden, from C. Daniel and Nancy N. Rutherford to Jon T. and Arlene S. Hutcheson, $255,000

1913 Robbin Drive, Camden, from Charles R. and Catherine M. Dixon to Michelle H. and Charles R. Dixon Jr., $145,000

71 Southern Oak Drive, Camden, from Betty B. Creed, Sarah E. Creed and Ryan K. Bock to Jerldine A. and James K. Keller Jr., $155,000


80 Brentwood Drive, Elgin, from Daniel J. Rumpf to Daniel J. Trapp, $105,000

20 Catalina Lane, Elgin, from Douglas A. and Jodi G. Zeis to Caliph M. and Kimberly E. Peake, $175,000

118 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to Ronny K. and Bobbie A. Sims, $148,000

49 Kelsney Ridge Drive, Elgin, from Fannie Mae to Robert Root, $58,000

77 Saughtree Lane, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to John Brown III, $192,621

12 Templand Court, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Maggie R. Alston-Davis and Vincent A. Davis, $174,830


4348-A Fred Gardner Road, Kershaw, from Christopher C. Scott to Michael A. and Laurie W. Smith, $60,000

1131 Threatt Road, Kershaw, from Fannie Mae to Donald W. and Ashley B. Bowers, $53,560


26 Bushnell Court, Lugoff, from Matthew B. and Kendra R. Faile to John W. and Kristin S. Jones, $223,000

206 Caledonia Court, Lugoff, from David J. and Teresa C. Uggiano to Rebecca L. Branham, $188,000

218 Cricket Hill Drive, Lugoff, from Daniel and Marian Story to Colleen E. Reed, $108,000

2392 Green Hill Road, Lugoff, from Arthur State Bank to Katasha M. Franklin, $80,000

17 Kin Loch Road, Lugoff, from N.P. Dodge Jr. to Willie S. and Lynette Miles, $219,000

50 Magnolia Lane, Lugoff, from Fannie Mae to Douglas R. and Regina L. White, $137,000

34 Rugar Drive, Lugoff, from Bruce D. and Jo Dee J. Hanssen to Jarrett L. and Stephanie B. Greenway, $210,000

1126 Spring Drive, Lugoff, from Rebecca L. Branham to Jennifer C. Minich and Danny R. Wilson, $134,000

11 Templand Court, Lugoff, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Douglas N. and Angelina T. Dow, $185,330

233 Veranda Ridge Drive, Lugoff, from Executive Construction Inc. to Carrie A. and Jason A. Rabon, $110,000

85 Ward Road, Lugoff, from Pamela Yingling to Patricia E. and Dennis R. Yingling, $133,000

15 Wildwood Lane, Lugoff, from Richard M. Ferrer and Dawn R. Peebles to Casey L. and Ashley L. Harrell, $168,000


3176 Kershaw Highway, Westville, from Tracey K. and Melissa A. Wilson to Gary L. and Judith M. Blankenship, $106,000

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