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March 25, 2012

Property Transfers (March 25)


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


222 Talon Way, Blythewood, from Loretta B. Price to Terris S. and Jacque P. Riley, $100,000

165 View Drive, Blythewood, from Len E. Godwin to S.C. Pillon Homes, Inc., $254,295


300 Beulah Lane, Irmo, from Karen S. Parks to Joseph M. and Barbara A. Quick, $200,000

142 Rose Oak Drive, Irmo, from Cindy Kyzer Sullivan to S.C. Pillon Homes, Inc., $279,992

317 Whiskery Lane, Irmo, from Soverign Homes, LLC to Allison J. Johnson, $353,070



333 Twin Eagles Drive, Columbia, from Robert G. White to Hui Min Terisa Chen, $63,066


1319 Sherwood Road, Columbia, from Renovisions LLC to Diana L. Pretz, $310,000


2929 Blossom St., Columbia, from the estate of Robert P. Madill Jr. to Heather M. Hahn, $330,000

1412 Hagood Ave., Columbia, from Wilson Co. LLC to Jonathan L. Goodall and Katherine M. Goodall, $320,000

215 Kilbourne Road, Columbia, from Henry Malcolm Stuckey Jr. to Perry Danielle Adkins, $129,500


251 Quiet Pond Way, Columbia, from Fortress Builders LLC to Herman B. James, $210,000

313 Teague Park Court, Columbia, from Mungo Ventures LLC to Jerrell C. Cleveland Sr. and Daisy L. Cleveland, $210,000


1736 Carl Road, Columbia, from Jeanette McMillan Player to Herman S. McDaniel, $125,000


401 Patio Place, Columbia, from C. Ollie Steadman to Denis H. Smith, $113,100


121 Brandon Hall, Columbia, from Juanita J. Snyder to April N. Roberts, $125,000

186 Fox Grove Circle, Columbia, from Derrick L. Evans to Adrienne A. Whaley, $90,600

300 Legend Oaks Drive, Columbia, from Baldhead Inc. to Gbango B. Andrews $88,500


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


179 Heimatsweg Road, Chapin, from J. Ryan Watford to Angus H. Macaulay, $850,000


3039 Bachman Road, Gaston, from Carl W. Drennen as trustee of Frank L. Tully to Tarrin A. Decarpio, $84,500

244 Transom Court, Gaston, from Michael S. and April Jeanne Hagins, $73,000


402 Main St., Gilbert, from Robert J. Caughman to Thomas S. Harmon Jr., $259,200

432 Shore Road, Gilbert, from Raymond D. and Bertha M. Kowalski to Donald A. and Donna A. Ryan, $245,000

907 Wire Road, Gilbert, from Kenneth C. Daniels to Rae C. Hall and Amanda Rae Hall Hallman, $125,000


125 Ashley Trace Drive, Lexington, from Patricia P. Grunsky to Brian M. and Allison S. Chung, $425,000

949 Battenkill Court, Lexington, from Lifestone Residential LLC to David L. Moore Jr. and Elizabeth B. Moore, $500,985

156 Breezes Drive, #37C, Lexington, from Sandy L. Chadwick and John W. See to John E. and Dianne K. Anderson, $105,000

121 Brooklet Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Angel Juan and Linsey Vargas, $260,500

370 Charter Oak Court, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Donna Smith, $103,370

228 S. Hampton Ave., Lexington, from Gordon H. Clack to John A. Wheeler, $75,000

112 Herrick Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Robert Peacock, $179,690

147 Maritime Trail , Lexington, from Angie Cunningham Builders Inc. to Richard J. and Angela P. Cunningham, $59,000

105 Penwood Lane, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Ronald Bert and Tina Louise Elliott, $210,000

268 Presque Isle Road, Lexington, from Michael W. Gasque to John M. Zeigler, $214,500

179 Richmond Farm Circle, Lexington, from Porter Properties LLC to Sharon M. Buehner, $109,000

124 Tolbert St., Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Lindsey G. Carter, $143,592


175 Ashton Circle, Lexington, from Derrick Learn to Anthony P. and Ashley S. Bellotti, $126,000

365 Siddington Way, Lexington, from U.S. Bank National Association to Stanley L. Rawl, $122,500

122 Swanhaven Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Elmer Royce and Angela P. Black, $275,615

631 Twisted Oak Court, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Keith Landrum, $193,748

120 Whitten Court , Lexington, from Vanessa Lynn Burden to Jeffrey L. Hicklin, $119,995


710 Teakwood Court, West Columbia, from Alvin W. and Louise F. Hill to Mary W. Duffie, $140,000


123 Jereme Bay Road, West Columbia, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Steven Darrell Feaster, $120,000

4692 Platt Springs Road, West Columbia, from Gertrude H. Osborne to Arno and Ruth Froese, $90,000


242 Muirfield Court, Columbia, from Clayton Windham Hudson to Matthew W. McElveen, $153,900


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


1908 Barfield St., Camden, from Wilma Ann Hornsby to Roger J. Catarino, Sr. and Linda P. Catarino, $83,000

84 Belmont Drive, Camden, from Stephen Kelly III to Kimberly Hope Kelly, $200,000

1247 Brewer Springs Road, Camden, from J.P. Smith Builders, LLC to Donald C. and Cynthia J. Macleod, $302,319

1043 Broad St., Camden, from Laura Thiel Edwards Shull to 1043 Broad St., LLC, $160,000

307 Cool Springs Drive, Camden, from Walter A. Harrell, Jr. and Deborah E. Harrell to Madi Investments, LLC, $82,000

1268 Flat Rock Road, Camden, from Fannie Mae to Karen A. Porter, $51,500

1448 John G. Richards Road, Camden, from Mary Ann Talley Dorn to William S. Lee III and Carolyn D. Griffin, $210,000

1905 Kendall St., Camden, from Olive A. Meador to Joan Marie Newsom, $121,200

1118 Mathis Court, Camden, from Marion Williams to Gennifer Williams and Marion Brock Williams, $90,625

1301 Monument Square, Camden, from Roderick A. Parton D/B/A Parton Rentals to Paul T. Joseph Jr., $177,500

2615 Smith St., Camden, from Alma M. Hogan to Larry J. Williams, $80,000

2104 Springdale Drive, Camden, from Richard C. Cabot to James C. Jordan Jr. and Beth P. Jordan, $161,000

1005 Sunnyhill Drive, Camden, from Jack S. Jones to Mary Brannon Hough, $117,000

2315 Tickle Hill Road, Camden, from Brazell Family, LLC to Michael O. and Linda T. Bowen, $58,900


2062 Cantey Hill Road, Cassatt, from Howard W. Buckholz, Jr. and Debra K. Buckholz to Laura D. and Adam Ryan Thomas, $60,000


204 Buckthorn Circle, Elgin, from Robert S. and Catherine G. McNamara to Mark A. and Amy M. Mason, $500,000

306 Haig’s Creek North, Elgin, from Jeffery L. and Angela R. Barron to Richard A. and Regan C. Taylor, $295,000

2060 Heath Pond Road, Elgin, from James R. and Pamela M. Truell to Daniel J. Wagner, $125,000

130 Sorrell Tree Lane, Elgin, from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to John J. Edwards, $174,008

856 Tookie Doo Lane, Elgin, from Tisha M. Broach to Colt Alan Davis, $90,000


24 Audubon Lane, Lugoff, from Executive Construction LLC to Kevin R. and Kristina S. Schwarzbauer, $160,000

117 Azalea Drive, Lugoff, from Robert J. and Janet M. Fickling to First Palmetto Savings Bank, F.S.B., $150,000

338 Charm Hill Road, Lugoff, from Signal Homes LLC to Edward Dennis Reddington and Tosha M. Regan, $114,900

45 Endicott Way, Lugoff, from South Capital Homes Inc. to Joel W. Orr Jr., $ 290,000

1030 Hill St., Lugoff, from Fannie Mae to Mark D. and Lisa S. Bertram, $75,000

1005 Pepper Ridge Court, Lugoff, from Doris Blythe Holt to David F. and Cristal B. Orr, $168,000

950 Pine Grove Road, Lugoff, from Christopher C. and Shannon Team to Marie Carolina Edwards, $145,000

1195 Ridgeway Road, Lugoff, from Kim Ashburn to Tracey K. and Melissa A. Wilson, $131,000

18 Riesling Court, Lugoff, from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Cendy M. Deleon, $150,017

1291 Sunset Drive, Lugoff, from Navis B. Cannon to Morris and Brenda Worthington, $122,500


185 Rocky Point Circle, Ridgeway, from Fannie Mae to Jean K. Hood, $99,700

1386 Saddle Club Road, Ridgeway, from Charles Koon to David K. and Paula T. Bradway, $125,000

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