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April 8, 2012

Property Transfers (April 8)


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


126 Mountain Maple Lane, Blythewood, from Bartlett & Davis Construction LLC to Wanda Lorein Redd and Ronaldo Argustus Redd, $304,935


381 Hay Hill Court, Elgin, from Robert Adams and Moya T. Graf-Adams to Daniel Erik Hall and Unyong Erika Hall, $214,900


24 Canadian Court, Hopkins, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Tyrone Anthony Brown, $192,000


213 Ascot Glen Road, Irmo, from Donald P. and Michelle D. Bowen to Christopher L. and Nancy B. Jones, $450,000

102 Concord Place, Irmo, from Marvin L. Trammel to Scott West, $133,000

130 Kingship Drive, Chapin, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation, to David A. Kostic, $214,341

6 Stonewall Court, Irmo, from U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Alex Bailey, $55,500

300 St. Albans Road, Irmo, from Jane L. Westbury to Robert J. and Lynda Lu Kump, $139,000

200 Wayne McCaw Road, Irmo, from Nicholas W. Elledge to David B. Elledge and Catherine S. Elledge, $220,000


1208 Confederate Ave., Columbia, from Linda June Seay, Carolyn Anderson Mofitt and Margaret A. Inman to Alice Appleby Frederickson and William Henry Frederickson, $90,000

326 Heyward St., Columbia from Southern City LLC to Ashley Brooke Honea and Kelly Ann Honea, $50,000


169 Farrow Pointe Lane, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Christopher Thomas and Cotrina O. Smith-Thomas, $163,525


2625 Harrison Road, Columbia, from Michael G. Taylor to Christin M. McAneney and Joshua McAneney, $95,000


811 Eaton St., Columbia, from the estate of Anne A. Havens to Kenneth W. Steiner III and Susa Adelle Lane Steiner, $256,000

822 Poinsetta St., Columbia, from Stephen B. Valley to Stephanie H. Snell and Mills A. Snell, $199,500


6558 Buckfield Drive, Columbia from William R. Heath Jr. as conservator for Mary Sue Heath to Gloria Ann Callaway, $150,000

4501 Meadowood Road, Columbia, from Linda E. Collison and Willie D. Boulware Jr. to Meredith E. Sawyer and R. Stevens Walker, $170,000

4144 Shorebrook Drive, Columbia, from Karol K. Tothill, Bonnie Kelley Wilkins and Pamela Keley Fridge to Sarah Louise Scott, $255,000

4704 Trenholm Road, Columbia, from Lisa B. Boylen and Susan E. Boland to Jesse R. Epting, $160,000

5001 Trenholm Road, Columbia, from Mary Dale Watts Morgan to David G. Gancher and Kathleen S. Fancher, $215,000


1016 Flat Chimney Loop, Columbia, from Robert D. Santrock and Karen Santrock to Christian E. Boesl and Emily A. Boesl, $351,000

6456 Yorkshire Drive, Columbia, from Allen D. Layson to Nicholas Ray Williamson and Ann Marie Williamson, $142,500


943 Bakersfield Road, Columbia, from Katherine N. Hallman to Charlotte E. Fordham, $115,000

7 Bouquet Court, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Charles E. Crosby Jr., $123,056

151 Springhaven Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Charles E. Crosby Jr., $113,594


208 Manor View Court, Columbia, from Merle T. Brigman to Jerry T. Cooke, $125,000


1817 Ardmore Road, Columbia, from Ashley Weston and RMBK Enterprises LLC to Loretta E. Kelly, $95,000

261 Berry Tree Lane, Columbia, from Barbara B. Sutton to M. David Scott, $271,000

128 Flora Springs Circle, Columbia, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Daniella Alejandra Rivera, $128,900

612 Valleybridge Road, Columbia, from G&G Affordable Properties to Linda C. Richardson, $64,000


500 Bally Bunion Lane, Columbia, from JBC Builders Inc. to Frankie H. and Rosa S. Holt, $192,100

2233 Clemson Road, Columbia, from Peter A. Giglotti and Debra A. Giblotti to Alvisi Properties LLC, $230,727.50

60 Crooked Creek Place, Columbia, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vincent D. Love, $70,000

206 Elders Pond Circle, Columbia, from Walter H. Hoskins and Constance Dudek-Hoskins, $72,000

2180 Lake Carolina Drive, Columbia, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Marilyn Rattler, $159,900

125 W. Waverly Place Court, Columbia, from House Renewal LLC to Marilyn Hilton, $107,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


536 M Ave., Cayce, from Linda Lorraine Gaskin Ropp, Nancy Edith Gaskin and Bruce Neal Gaskin to Charles D. and Rebecca V. Rhodes, $157,000

134 Rossmore Drive, Cayce, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kelly M. Armstrong, $178,401

138 Rossmore Drive, Cayce, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kanesha Mack-Nathaniel, $165,000


105 Linkside Court, Chapin, from Great Western Bank to Sidney H. Parrish Jr. and Julie Fields Parrish, $180,000

101 Quiet Cove Drive, Chapin, from Reynold M. and Constance P. Vespa to Brian J. and Mary M. McMahan, $305,000

106 Waxhaws Trace, Chapin, from Anthony W. Atkins to Kenneth A. and Karen L. Krauskopf, $279,000


117 Amethyst Lane, Lexington, from Jacqueline J. Tassone and Mark A. Tassone to National Transfer Services LLC, $125,372.50

117 Amethyst Lane, Lexington, from National Transfer Services LLC to Joyce C. Hill, $122,000


108 Autumn Lane, Lexington, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Suzanne Riley Whyte, $69,000

1641 Beechcreek Road, Lexington, from Allison L. Clyburn to Luther L. Brack Jr. and Mary J. Brack, $307,000

105 Belo Ridge Road, Lexington, from C & C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Robert Lee Taylor Jr., $200,000

141 Bonhomme Circle, Lexington, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Robert J. Pociatek, $117,123

200 Harbor Vista Circle, Lexington, from First Palmetto Savings Bank to Robert J. and Janet M. Fickling, $310,000

923 Kim St., Lexington, from Ginger K. Sanders and Scott M. Kinard, $75,000

212 Lockwood Drive, Lexington, from David B. Harrington to Enid Y. Campos, $182,000

116 Middlebrook Drive, Lexington, from Christine Duncan to Elizabeth M. and Kenneth D. Sailer, $285,000

105 Star Hill Lane, Lexington, from Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC to Alisa L. Stratton and Karen R. Stratton, $169,000

5179 Sunset Blvd., Lexington, from Charles Michael and Leigh Lazaro Warf to MWK Properties LLC, $400,000

150 Whiteford Way, Lexington, from McGuinn Holdings Inc. to Corey J. Wilson, $124,868


400 Cannon Knoll Drive, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Matthew R. Hansen and Kelly M. Peace, $234,315

518 Crassula Drive, Lexington, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Christina Marie Rish, $145,991

351 Heartwood Drive, Lexington, from Shaun M. and Rebecca O. Hirsch to Ryan C. Belk, $114,500

117 Rivendell Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Shaun P. and Emily D. Yeaman, $263,692


104 Carlsbad Court, West Columbia, from Travis M. Branham and Kimberly L. Watson to Joshua A. Pifer, $90,000

268 Fox Lake Drive, West Columbia, from Michael S. Williams to Bobby F. Jones Jr. and Amy C. Jones, $149,900

130 Parrish Pond Drive, West Columbia, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Andrew and Aimee Seay, $210,000

104 Shelton Road, West Columbia, from Joyce C. Hill to Travis M. and Kimberly L. Branham, $238,000


137 Vista View Drive, West Columbia, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Jack H. Taylor Jr., $200,900


112 Limehouse Reach Road, Columbia, from Joel Baker to Thomas James III and Amber A. Swearingen, $170,000


170 Archers Lane, Columbia, from Kathryn J. Kleinfelter and Deborah V. Haney to George Kevin Pitts, $200,000

18 Lake Front Court, Columbia, from Lifestone Communities LLC to Bobby and Annie S. Hinson, $79,900

224 Linsbury Circle, Columbia, from Mary B. Willis to Laurie Larsen, $120,000

6863 Nursery Road, Columbia, from Angela C. Halfacre and Robert Halfacre to Mildred Sutton, $128,000

195 Regency Drive, Columbia, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Paul J. and Carol L. Bartman, $121,900

302 Shoreline Drive, Columbia, from Pamela R. Williams to Shirley A. and Earl W. Williams, $160,000

116 Tee Court, Columbia, from June K. Thornton to Wendy Garcia and Charles M. Cook Jr., $83,000

233 Walnut Lane, Columbia, from Bryan W. and Kerry R. Davenport to Amy Wells Deschamps and David Wells, $215,000

1506 Willow Creek Lane, Columbia, from Helen K. Workman and Darwin Stillson to Cameron McClive, $105,000

120 Windward Point Road, Columbia, from Foster Newbern LLC to Eugene Riley, $132,000

209 Woodwinds West Drive, Columbia, from Stephanie N. Martin to Nhu Mai T Le, $91,500

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