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April 15, 2012

Property Transfers, April 15


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


9 Cabinteely Court, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Patricia A. Canady, $252,740

150 EJW Road, Blythewood, from Denson D. and Jackie A. Hardgrove to Tamara and Roy Oliver, $341,500

1491 Fulmer Road, Blythewood, from Jody and Dawn Boisvert to James M. and Kimberly D. Corn, $59,900


200 Back Acres Road (Lots 6, 7 and 8), Chapin, from Fredrick M. McDaniel and Gina M. Terry McDaniel to Steven C. and Cynthia Shepard, $398,000

524 Everton Drive, Chapin, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Jeffrey G. and Kelly K. Black, $239,900

704 Moonsail Circle, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Clayton W. and Tracy D. Cannon, $265,000


201 Peach Grove Circle, Elgin, from Peach Grove Homeowners Association and Chrysanthemum Properties LLC to David L. Seavey Sr. and Sally J. Seavey, $282,000

137 Net Dean Road, Elgin, from Riverstone Properties LLC to Brent Brown, $57,900


366 Arbor Oaks Drive, Irmo, from Marissa A. Melia MacDonald and Christopher J. Melia to James R. and Linda D. Wade, $125,000

139 Arbor Springs Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Garrett R. and Cassandra P. Sanders, $165,000

1 Broad Bluff Court, Irmo, from Aaron T. and Thomas Clyburn Shealy to Brian E. and Elizabeth W. Neeley, $264,900

4 Coolwater Court, Irmo, from Shadwin W. and Amy S. Benson to Anthony D.M. Kemp and Amanda R.B. Kemp, $165,000

11 Lowescroft Circle, Irmo, from Riley & Jones LLC to Christopher M. and Lisa M. Coppenbarger, $127,000

4 Seaford Court, Irmo, from Nancy J. Rabert to Richard E. Rabert, $131,000

15 Split Rock Court, Irmo, from Peter G. and Marie P. Chase to Jill L. Epley, $175,000


1100 Bluff Road, Unit 403, Columbia, from West Columbia Trading Company LLC to Rebecca J. Wiley, $220,000

601 Main St., Unit 316, Columbia, from Adesso/Columbia LLC to Dan Gabriel Cacuci, $270,000


327 Birchfield Drive, Columbia, from C & C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Jose L. Urena, $159,000

1224 Johnson Ave., Columbia, from Renewal Properties LLC to Curtis R. Hills, $67,000

916 Swan Lane, Columbia, from Mike Yant to Mercedes D. Fussell, $76,000


3136 Grace Hill Road, Columbia, from William F. Lamb to David Looper, $217,174


4309 Devereaux Road, Columbia, from Claude L. Gilbert Jr. to Linda B. Weatherly, $164,000

1502 Hagood Ave., Columbia, from Frank J. Huddleston to Anne F. Cushman and Jerry J. Bender, $100,000

810 Kawana Road, Columbia, from Caroline W. Barnes to L. Cameron Howell IV and Jennifer L. Howell, $465,000


321 Eagle Feather Loop, Columbia, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to Donald R. Weaver, $95,000

5067 Hillside Road, Columbia, from Mildred P. McGowan to Harvey and Martha Studstill, $233,375

1502 Pinemont Drive, Columbia, from Carey and Christopher R. Lovejoy to Mary Bynum, $248,000

5928 N. Trenholm Road, Columbia, from Dora H. Dunnington to Jerry E. Goad, $217,500


13 Copperfield Court, Columbia, from Sandy Hyatt to Ross and Margaret Oakley, $239,000

163 Preston Green Drive, Columbia, from Bradley R. Tilyou to Brian W. Johnson, $123,900

156 Wood Ride Lane, Columbia, from Linda C. Suber to Clifford F. and Maria S. Schneider, $275,000


1621 Breeland St., Columbia, from Fei Lin to Stephanie Perry-Gladden, $125,000

1708 Jayne Lane, Columbia, from Velma B. Hair to Therese P. Alford, $142,000


111 Lake Front Drive, Columbia, from Rodney R. and Angela K. Smith to Philip B. Kebe Sr., $365,000


2408 Bee Ridge Road, Columbia, from Brian J. and Tara A. Modarelli to Alex Robert Filler, $246,000

111 Clark Ridge Road, Columbia, from Justin H. and Amanda R. Lee to Stephen J. and Victoria Szabo, $243,900

120 Green Springs Drive, Columbia, from Investment Strategy Inc. to Candice R. Gilliard, $78,500

50 Newport Drive, Columbia, from Ruby B. Tolbert to Mari Esmaria Squire, $90,000

657 Summer Crest Road, Columbia, from Ohio Investments LLC to Jabari Boykin, $88,000


821 Centennial Drive, Columbia, from Karl A. Haslinger to Patrick M. and Karen Marie Gilchrist, $260,000

921 Corison Loop, Columbia, from Mungo Ventures LLC to Courtney S. McDaniel, $128,900

334 Golden Ingot Lane, Columbia, from Vernetta Hill-Jacobs and Joe N. Jacobs to Alex E. Casaretto, $115,000

108 Haddington Drive, Columbia, from Marlon and Neshunda Walters to Thomas Jamar and Sharletta Morgan Woodall, $169,800

200 Longtown Place Drive, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Heather N. Wright and William Collins, $165,000

213 Summit Springs Drive, Columbia, from Puree Prasertkul and Nicole L. Farmer to Corinne Rush, $83,000

410 Summit Square, Columbia, from Dalmer P. and Judith M. Sercy to David N. and Patricia A. Kline, $135,000

411 N. Woodlake Drive, Columbia, from RH&J Investments LLC to Christopher Stone and Jacqueline Stone, $109,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


133 Bay Point Drive, Chapin, from Fannie Mae to Timothy C. Cornelison, $147,900

171 Whispering Oak Lane, Chapin, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Gloria E. Means, $139,895

604 Wisteria Key Place, Chapin, from NVR Inc. to Philip A. Coghlan, $103,200

202 Woolbright Lane, Chapin, from Eagles Nest Homes LLC to Edward A. and Deana Zawosky, $192,500

228 Woolbright Lane, Chapin, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Leah Yarborough, $173,250

147 Stucks Point Drive, Chapin, from Richard J. and Renee K. Mitchell to John Randall Mitchell, $138,000


204 Gaston Fork Drive, Gaston, from A. Lester Newton to Mae F. Walker, $83,500


920 Lester Keisler Road, Gilbert, from Guy N. and Helen M. Griffin to Monte Dooley, $60,000


2541 Caney Branch Road, Batesburg-Leesville, from David O. Taylor to Joni D. Iglesias, $89,075.39


264 Ashmore Lane, Lexington, from Fortress Builders LLC to Francisco Gonzalez Valasquez, $149,900

142 Glade Springs Drive, Lexington, from Edge City Homes LLC to Rebecca Brown West, $342,165

143 Palmetto Hall Drive, Lexington, from Robin M. and Mandy H. Akers to Amy Grubbs, $178,000

404 Saluda Springs Drive, Lexington, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Alice B. Young and Robert W. Young Jr., $128,690

118 Wood Cut Court, Lexington, from Randall C. and Cheryl L. Rowen to Walter McPherson and Katherine Horn, $200,000


333 Baneberry Loop, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Jesse P. Cromer, $163,837

109 Cantigny Court, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Christopher J. Morgan, $94,900

222 Flinchum Place, Lexington, from LTD Properties LLC to Jason P. Garrett, $144,500

129 Freedom Drive, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Barbara Oberlies, Joseph Scott Oberlies Sr. and Joseph Scott Oberlies Jr., $62,000

433 Ridgehill Drive, Lexington, from Christopher L. and Jennifer Morgan to Cristin Coolidge, $127,000

205 Rindle Drive, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Ashlee L. Leyda, $121,500

156 Rivendell Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to James A. and Jill M. Strainer, $274,355


1192 Botanical Parkway, West Columbia, from Robert G. and Joan A. Kishline to Martha R. Owen, $240,000

1734 Chimney Swift Lane, West Columbia, from John F. Willenborg to Jennifer S. Kodman, $170,000


519 Moulton Way, West Columbia, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to A. Melissa Pritchett, $180,400

4109 Delree St., West Columbia, from LaRaina Lavoie to Jamie McCoy Price, $57,500

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