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April 29, 2012

Property Transfers, April 29


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


217 Annie Mills Road, Blythewood, from Wade L. Hodge and Suzanne B. Bigger to Kristen Ciccimarro Stratton, $187,000


835 Westwoods Drive, Chapin, from Hope Schwanhausser to MRL Rentals LLC, $92,500

504 Willowood Parkway, Chapin, from Elizabeth Putnam and William T. Putnam Sr. to Ronald J. Powers Jr. and Lori J. Powers, $173,900


1910 Blanding St., Columbia, from Donald A. MacMillan to Mary Wells Bowers, $135,000

17 Gibbes Court, Columbia, from the estate of Julia L. Bouknight to Raymond F. Burke and Barbara S. Burke, $200,000

1520 Senate St., #61-A, Columbia, from Danny H. Isaac Jr. to Dow S. Hammond IV, Dow S. Hammond III and Ann C. Hammond, $128,000


1721 Oak Grove Court, Columbia, from Davis Ray Strickland and Sharon Lee Strickland to Thomas F. Dixon, $79,375


320 Meadowlake Drive, Columbia, from Monika Carey-Green to Myron C. Anderson Jr., $65,900


1721 Oak Grove Court, Columbia, from Davis Ray Strickland and Sharon Lee Strickland to Thomas F. Dixon, $79,375


6609 Dare Circle, Columbia, from Heide Marie Lux to Mattison A. Gossett and Janie L. Kronk, $164,000


321 Patio Place, Columbia, from James William Simmons Jr. to Eleanor F. Caulfield, $156,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


2207 Cypress St., Cayce, from Joseph W. Parker Jr. and Susan H. Parker to Gloria A. Senn, $60,000


1061 Long Spires Court, Gaston, from Richard S. Shumpert to Donald E. Evankovich and Annette J. Evankovich, $58,000


409 Audubon Oaks Way, Irmo, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Eric Monroe, $95,000

125 Whitby Road, Irmo, from Morgan Realty LLC to Elizabeth A. and Michael J. Sompel, $89,100


247 Aston Lane, Lexington, from the estate of James Joseph Waring Jr. to Clifton Dougan, Joann Dougan and Christopher S. Dougan, $125,400

117 Autumn Stroll Court, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to John L. Betchtelheimer, $119,000

672 Brackel Way, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Stephen G. Polk, $135,000

306 Coventry Lakes Drive, Lexington, from Baldhead Inc. to Michael Travis Blayton and Emily Matthews Blayton, $156,000

226 Garden Gate Way, Lexington, from Ensight Homes Inc. to Regina G. Pollock and Zachary L. Pollock, $219,200

250 Smoke Rise Lane, Lexington, from Harry M. Woodard III and Judith Lee Woodard to Jack C. Walker and Brenda Walker, $238,500

120 Spring View Court, Lexington, from Regina Gainey to Michael Conway and Rebecca Conway, $138,000


126 Cherry Laurel Lane, Lexington, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to David Schleyer, $124,000

153 Heartwood Drive, Lexington, from Nicolas O. Leyendecker to Gregory A. Goforth and Melissa L. Goforth, $128,900

168 Rivendell Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Margo L. Briesch, $226,715

136 Windstone Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Megan Rushton Boyce, $168,714


697 Dreher Island Road, Little Mountain, from Brandon P. Botts, William C. Botts and Mona Lisa Botts to Anthony Seal and Deborah Seal, $169,000


155 Emanuel Creek Drive, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Jenna Kathleen Mullen, $158,790

223 Nitsill Court, West Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Matthew M. Thompson and Belinda G. Thompson, $204,960

3022 Six Mile Creek Road, West Columbia, from Keith A. Hartley, O. Pete Hartley, Deborah J. Caraccio, Kelly Hartley and John K. Hartley to James A. Shelley, $56,000

1141 Swannanoa Drive, West Columbia, from Fannie Mae to S. Ray Stoudemire, $67,150


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


6 Ascot Drive, Camden, from Edward P. Sutherland to Carlos I. Uscocovich, $350,000

21 Carlisle Lane, Camden, from C&C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Daniel J. Waisley and Tammy L. Kriebel, $198,500

2201 Elkridge Drive, Camden, from Karen L. Jacobs to Robert J. Dabney, $93,000

943 Hermitage Pond Road, Camden, from Michael S. Garity to Forrest Vincent Kardack, $107,000

501 Kirkwood Lane, Camden, from Thomas E. Brandt Jr. and Cindy R. Brandt to Eric K. Gunter and Laura Gunter, $193,450

1309 Mill St., Camden, from the estate of Harriett Vincent Walker to James E. McGowan, $85,000

1806 Lyttleton St., Camden from Shiver Real Estate Limited Partnership to Dexter Edward Baxley and Elaine Boyd Baxley, $236,056

1813 Mill St., Camden, from Reginald C. Wickham to Marie D. Harris, $285,000

25 Raindance Lane, Camden, from Partin Construction Inc. to Brandy A. Wallace, $123,500

348 Rapid Run, Camden, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Charles Harry and Monica L. Harry, $136,575


44 Back Forty Road, Cassatt, from J.P. Smith Builders LLC to Andrea R. Anderson and Richard T. Ruley, $110,000


89 Abbey Road, Elgin, from C&C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Susan M. Imbriale, $160,000

2 Bristlecone Lane, Elgin, from Charles E. Duggan to Allen J. Davis and Linda L. Davis, $145,000

28 Calabash Lane, Elgin, from Richard Alan Taylor and Regan C. Taylor to Scott Arthur Breach, $190,500

3 Charleston Court, Elgin, from Jeffrey A. Ramsey and Michelle L. Ramsey to Cartus Financial Corporation, $260,000

2732 Crooked Pine Lane, Elgin, from Tracy L. Hellman and Susan S. Hellman to Matthew W. Hellman, $99,000

35 Dewberry Lane, Elgin, from Linda S. Saldana and Pedro Saldana to Tracy L. Robinson, $169,000

83 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Crystal W. Byrum (aka Crystal Wix) to Bronson Allen Priebe and Candice Bridwell Priebe, $118,500

101 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to Lashonda R.W. Minter, $150,000

112 Elmwood Blvd. North, Elgin, from Sherry Sharpe Calcutt to Curtis James Simms, $112,000

2501 Greenhill Road, Elgin, from Christopher Barczak to Luther N. Fulton, $53,000

293 Haigs Creek North Drive, Elgin, from Brevard Corporation to Lawrence E. Ackwood and Shirlbee M. Ackwood, $242,500

70 Kimpton Drive, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Christopher J. Hawthorne, $163,400

19 Lacebark Lane, Elgin, from Jason Ray Gibson to Craig Hepfner and Allison Hepfner, $129,900

13 Rosewalk Lane, Elgin, from C. Tim Nalley and Robin I. Nalley to Harry M. McElveen Jr. and Bobbie Jean McElveen, $157,500

72 Rosewalk Lane, Elgin, from Jeffrey C. Glover and Evangeline S. Glover to Christopher Michalski, $153,000

61 Saughtree Lane, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Douglas B. Mery Sr. and Joanne Mery, $190,000

299 Smyrna Road, Elgin, from Angel Colon and Myra Vega to Van S. Minger Jr., $93,000

125 Sunset Strip, Elgin, from Michael L. Wagner to Adam P. Bigony, $89,900

16 Woody Trail, Elgin, from Fannie Mae to Travis Terrell Gray, $80,000


5 Bowie Drive, Lugoff, from Sonia D. James to Beth Anna Leviner, $147,000

38 Brays Drive, Lugoff, from Scott D. Wells to Stephen A. Graham and Trina M. Graham, $223,000

13 Bushnell Court, Lugoff, from Michael A. Gogan and Marti T. Gogan to Matthew W. Tate, $184,900

133 Charm Hill Road, Lugoff, from Signal Homes LLC to Barbara Wymer, $109,900

1679 Green Hill Road, Lugoff, from Michael D. Reed and Renee L. Reed to Richard Julian Brown Jr., $143,200

511 Lachicotte Road, Lugoff, from Toby M. Vincent and Vicki S. Vincent to Jessica L. Ashley, $132,949

1095 McCord Ferry Road, Lugoff, from Chane’t Faber and Jeremy Faber to National Residential Services Inc., $140,000

1095 McCord Ferry Road, Lugoff, from National Residential Services Inc. to Kevin Giompalo, $140,000

99 Middleton Drive, Lugoff, from Chase Builders of Columbia Inc. to Shawn T. Weeks and Staci S. Weeks, $215,000

1250 Nick Watts Road, Lugoff, from Margaret B. Rogers to Sherry S. Perkins, $180,000

1077 Pepper Ridge Drive, Lugoff, from Robert E. Hailey and Harriett M. Hailey to Mary E. Scott and Tonya S. Howard, $145,000

1791 Three Branches Road, Lugoff, from Samantha L. Ray to Robert F. Ray and Mary Lou B. Ray, $53,000

1833 Three Branches Road, Lugoff, from Robert F. Ray and Mary Lou B. Ray to Samantha L. Ray, $53,000

1560 Whiting Way, Lugoff, from Jean S. Hopkins to Mark Williams Collison Center LLC, $175,000

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