Property Transfers, May 20

05/20/2012 12:00 AM

08/06/2014 1:20 PM


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


1519 Beasley Creek Drive, Blythewood, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida corporation, to Thomas Delfino, $213,490

105 Club Colony Circle, Blythewood, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to David L. Harper and Anne M. Harper, $404,660

66 Gilmerton Court, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Jessica E. Pickett, $282,630

222 Hawkins Creek Road, Blythewood, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jamil G. Knight, $139,000

2909 Wildflower Road, Blythewood, from Robert Wayne Riley, Jacquelyn Riley McClintock, Joy Riley Paull and Jason Oscar Riley Jr. to James A. Thompson and Shannon Lee Larochelle, $166,000


6 Elon Court, Hopkins, from Russell Powell to James Radfke and Elizabeth Radfke, $65,000

204 Saddlemount Drive, Hopkins, from Michael B. McCleeary to Luther R. Andrews and Jacquelline S. Andrews, $140,000


574 Crawfish Lane, Irmo, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Kristine E. Whalon and Todd M. Whalon, $291,000

128 Grayside Road, Irmo, from Baldhead Inc. to Ashleigh D. Kaminer, $89,900

305 Ivy Green Lane, Irmo, from Brian C. Haase and Amy L. Haase to Matthew A. Medlock, $109,000


5 Riverview Court, Columbia, from C5 Investments Inc. to Jeremy R. Davis, $110,000


8035 Bruton Road, Columbia, from Justin W. Pifer to Lana Marie Nesbit, $89,000

3404 Elmhurst Road, Columbia, from Audrey Bright to James P. Hiott and Mary Ann T. Hiott, $55,000


3221 Foxhall Road, Columbia, from Lee H. Breasbois and Karen M. Breasbois to Michael S. Miller, $134,900

4023 Springhill Road, Columbia, from Song P. Han and Chong C. Han to Joel Stokes Gross, $120,000


2725 Duncan St., Columbia, from William M. Ponder and Elizabeth Ponder to John C. Gillam and Holly M. Gillam, $324,000

632 Wando St., Columbia, from Jack Wolfe to Wendell K. Love, $81,500


315 N. Trenholm Road, Columbia, from Adam C. Hart, Adam Cartwright Hart Sr. to Glen V. Meyer Jr. and Margaret R. Meyer, $87,000


1124 Coatesdale Road, Columbia, from Jeffrey N. Black, Jan R. Black and Brittany E. Black to Lacey Caines Kashtock and Galen Christopher Kashtock, $216,500

5912 Hampton Leas Lane, Columbia, from F. Barron Grier and Elizabeth C. Grier to Dale A. Stigamier and Alyssa C. Stigamier, $265,000

116 Mallard Landing Way, Columbia, from Johnny R. McBee to Guy R. McBride and Patricia D. McBride, $117,900

405 Zeppelin Lane, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida corporation, to Christopher Seeman, $122,711


1636 Morninghill Drive, Columbia, from Barbara Ann F. Mattox as the trustee for David E. Fuson to Gretta M. Bettinger, $98,500


41 Colony House Court, Columbia, from E.D. Prewette II to Paige Walrath Gates, $147,000

136 Hartwood Circle, Columbia, from the estate of Trina Vecchiolla to Ann Walker, $90,000


404 Abe Circle, Columbia, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Lakeitha Lanay Berry and Jamall J. Berry, $159,900

312 Fallen Oak Drive, Columbia, from David Ricciuti to Tracy L. Boreman, $304,500

103 Harrington Lane, Columbia, from The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to James E. Lehman, $86,100

4 Miles Park Court, Columbia, from Beth M. Sherer to Edward V. Wolfe and Rosemarie Wolfe, $230,000

129 Village Farm Road, Columbia, from Mary Rivers to Octavia K. Lewis and Guy M. Lewis, $229,000


221 Ashley Place Road, Columbia, from Bradley Wilbanks and Deecie Wilbanks to Keiffer Greene and Cindy S. Edens, $184,800

103 Burberry Drive, Columbia, from Erik N. Mills and Donna G. Mills to Douglas N. Wilson Jr. and Marisa R. Wilson, $133,000

1007 Keeler Drive, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation, to Peter H. Mohan and Marguerite A. Mohan, $234,900


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


137 Dutch Point Road, Chapin, from Tshell Chapin LLC to David Wesley Gilliam III and Connie King Gilliam, $375,000

179 Wingspan Way, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Patrick A. Detches and Genevieve L. Brenner, $159,747


223 Cherokee Pond Trail, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida corporation, to Louis Ford Johnston and Jessica Annette Johnston, $190,504

304 Governors Grant Blvd., Lexington, from Murphy Builders Inc. to Bradley M. Wasson and Angela M. Wasson, $285,000

100 Majestic Court, Lexington, from the Building Company of South Carolina LLC to Gerald L. Cauthen and Sandra L. Cauthen, $399,900

146 Park Ridge Way, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Dianne J. Temple, $106,000

149 Ridge Top Road, Lexington, from Erik J. Barron and Kathy J. Barron to Justin J. Vitters and Katherine M. Vitters, $249,900

366 Ruth Vista Road, Lexington, from John W. Hafley to Susanne R. Hafley to Charles David Peninger Jr., $166,100

241 Wyndotte Court, Lexington, from Jason T. Ivester to James P. Ellis, $130,000


147 Maple Road, Lexington from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Charles Anthony Johnson and Cheryl W. Johnson, $115,000

201 Tea Olive Ave., Lexington, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Sarah M. Brouillette, Cara L. Crane and Jeffrey Z. Drozd, $128,900


400 Golson Drive, Swansea, from Starting Equity LLC to Mary Ann Williams, $75,000


1053 Center St., West Columbia, from Mary Elizabeth Roddey to G&M Holding Company Inc., $121,500

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