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May 27, 2012

Property transfers, May 27


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


282 Hawkins Creek Road, Blythewood, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Chad W. Lucas and Maria del Carmen Lucas, $182,024

617 Winter Wren Lane, Blythewood, from Mungo Homes Inc. dba Sovereign Homes to Niraj V. Kalore and Anjali N. Kalore, $305,993

150 View Drive, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Keith Williams, $264,246


300 W. Ashford Way, Irmo, from Willard D. Byrd and Carmen I. Byrd to Kevin Hayne Sitnik and Martha H. Sitnik, $212,000

105 Brafield Place, Irmo, from William L. Dubose Jr. to Ronald D. Smoak Jr., $104,500

304 Concord Place Road, Irmo, from Melinda Wigfall Grant and Wayne C. Grant to Kevin L. Demery II and Kira L. Demery, $120,000

111 Old Market Lane, Irmo, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Ralph E. Payne and Janet L. Shirley, $243,530

143 Rose Oak Drive, Irmo, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Melinda Wigfall-Grant, $222,950

100 Wells Point Drive, Irmo, from Eric Oestmann and Joanna Oestmann to Matthew A. Brown and Pamela Brown, $687,000


601 Main St., Unit 426, Columbia, from Adesso/Columbia LLC to Robert Jeffry Morris and Julia Carol Whitsitt, $245,000

1520 Main St., Unit 2J, Columbia, from Brooks A. Garner to Deborah K. Garner, $143,757.22


305 S. Edisto Ave., Columbia, from Marcus Nelson Forrest and Toni Lynn Forrest to Randall C. Finn and Sonya M. Finn, $310,000

115 Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, from the estate of Beverly Jones Spong aka Beverley J. Dunlap to John P. Byers and Katherine M. Byers, $179,000

3123 Wheat St., Columbia, from Sidney B. Heyward to Julie Bishop and James Goldin, $222,950

806 S. Woodrow St., Columbia, from Valerie Ewing White aka Valerie Ewing Ouelletta to Melissa D. Burrage and Thomas J. Goodwin and Lydia Burrage-Goodwin and Zachary Burrage Goodwin, $95,100


239 Charles Towne Court, Columbia, from Eugene Commander and Tony Commander to Carol L. Johnson, $115,900

1068 Coatesdale Road, Columbia, from Adrian Iancu Cuc and Adriana L. Jurj to Michael Ryan Rich and Ashley Brooke Rich, $180,000

628 Hampton Trace Lane, Columbia, from Karen Covington to Kenneth S. Sexton Jr. and Nancy C. Sexton, $210,000

48 Round Table Court, Columbia, from Peachtree Communities LLC to Luke E. Weyhmuller and Julee Carver Weyhmuller, $136,100

64 Round Table Court, Columbia, from Peachtree Communities at Kingston Ridge to Maurice Hall and Kim Robinson, $193,064


216 Cherry Stone Drive, Columbia, from Lyle Gray to John Richard Littleton and Mary Jane Littleton, $145,000


115 Deer Hound Trail, Columbia, from Lisa M. Delsignore aka Lisa Knoche to Christina Bass, $72,100

14 Paddock Place, Columbia, from H. Avery Hilton Jr. to Thierry Braquet and Sophie Alzetta, $320,000

309 Rose Creek Lane, Columbia, from Daniel Mendoza Jr. and Jutta E. Mendoza to Emma Tucker-Krug and Wilhelm W. Krug, $135,000

709 E. Springs Road, Columbia, from Edward B. Burgess and Stephanie E. Burgess to Sandra K. Pruessner and John Matthew Motto, $324,900


1175 Ashland Drive, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Peter J. Stegman and Denise J. Stegman, $246,900

232 Big Game Loop, Columbia, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to John T. Crum and Leigh Ann Helo-Crum, $190,000

48 Clipper Way, Columbia, from John Pascu IV and Caroline J. Poesse Pascu to James Eddis III and Christine A. Cafagna, $358,000

20 Finch Wood Drive, Columbia, from Kimberly M. Deshazo aka Kimberly M. Wainwright to Kimberly M. Blair, $120,000

22 Hunters Pond Drive, Columbia, from Terry D. Roberts and Michele R. Roberts to Marcus Wayne Carter and Bethany L. Carter, $228,000

94 Hunters Pond Drive, Columbia, from Bruce C. Michelin and Tamara A. Michelin to Eleanor M. Ashmore, $123,500

106 Sandpine Road, Columbia, from Cretilda McPherson to Andre D. Porter, $105,650


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


112 W. Horn Court, Chapin, from Ronald E. Ibitz and Brenda C. Ibitz to Morgan B. Chavez, $93,500

1166 Libby Ariail Circle, Chapin, from Michael R. Driggers to John Sumbera IV, $245,000

1121 Old Bush River Road, Chapin, from Richard A. Reichenbach to John T. Cantey and Jennifer S. Cantey, $175,000


108 Amelia Court, Lexington, from Victor Brooks Yarborough Jr. and Meredith Roof Yarborough to Dwayne P. Bordelon and Joan M. Bordelon, $175,800

209 Bramble Place, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Khanh Huu Nguyen, $240,000

107 Cochin Trace, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Stacey Johnson and Rebekah Hallman, $182,000

110 Longford Court, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Gregory S. Mangione and Mary Katherine Mangione, $451,185

306 Quiet Grove Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Joshua J. Jackson and April D. Jackson, $126,900

514 River Camp Road, Lexington, from Lifestone Residential LLC to Allison L. Sanford, $407,689

140 Shoal Creek Circle, Lexington, from Roger D. Hutchins and Carla C. Hutchins to Victor Brooks Yarborough Jr. and Meredith R. Yarborough, $319,000

311 Toboggan Court, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Christopher Trotter and Pamela C. Trotter, $148,983


112 Heartwood Drive, Lexington, from Blake E. Taylor III and Elizabeth N. Chambers to Matthew Rion English and Katherine Marie English, $121,000

217 Laskin Lane, Lexington, from Trent Edward Muldrow and Jamie B. Muldrow to Amanda C. Young and Charles N. Enlow, $147,000

308 Pleasant Creek Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Renee H. Robinson, $149,986

139 Swanhaven Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to David Mickle and Janet Mickle, $271,157

111 Tennis View Court, Lexington, from Towb Ventures Ltd. To Linda L. Ruess, $122,000


1941 Blue Ridge Terrace, West Columbia, from Clifford A. Brown and Carol J. Brown to Ray W. Smith and Charlotte M. Smith, $150,000

250 Gardenwalk Drive, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction to Daniel A. Brown, $135,000

268 Summer Walk Court, West Columbia, from Kimberly P. Chastain to Kevin H. Chastain, $115,000


5839 Corley St., Columbia, from Samuel Craig to Robert Jachim, $109,500

1002 Hollowtree Court, Columbia, from Robert C. Hargreaves to Lawrence E. Metcalf and Rhea R. Metcalf, $222,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


131 Chestnut St., Camden, from Don P. Pullum and Ruth Anne Pullum to Neil Vroegop and Virginia L. Vroegop, $300,000

1932 Forest Drive, Camden, from Melinda B. Kane to Donald M. Corbett, $87,000

105 Kirkwood Lane, Camden, from Lucinda Ann Rhame to John C. West Jr., $71,872.37

8005 Liberty Hill Road, Camden, from Charles O. Morris to Margaret B. Rogers, $142,000

1916 Medfield Drive, Camden, from Marjorie Fitzgerald to Brittany Smith, $87,000

172 Mount Zion Road, Camden, from Jennifer L. Fox as the representative of Richard A. Viney to Richard J. Jones and Summer R. Jones, $129,000

611 Rutledge St., Camden, from Regions Bank to Ned T. Towell and Lydia R. Towell, $365,000


1962 Bookman Road, Elgin, from U.S. Bank National Association to Charles R. Balfour, $87,000

2199 Heath Pond Road, Elgin, from George C. Conoly to Kevin D. Ogle, $89,000

17 Saughtree Court, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Rachel Melissa Kozak and Jason M. Kozak, $167,830

62 Teaberry Lane, Elgin, from David W. Herndon to Derrick J. Harris Sr. and Miko N. Harris, $197,090


8 Heatherwood Drive, Lugoff, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Darryl Washington II, $160,190

25 Oak Ridge Drive, Lugoff, from Blake E. Hawkey and Caroline B. Hawkey to Jessica H. Gates and James D. Hutto Jr., $125,001

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