Proptery transfers, June 3

06/03/2012 12:00 AM

06/02/2012 4:30 PM


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


246 Hawkins Creek Road, Blythewood, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Stephanie Gadson, $169,000

213 Quiet Pond Way, Blythewood, from Peachtree Communities LLC to Dennis P. Schaffer and Elaine W. Schaffer, $234,550


1432 Airbase Road, Hopkins, from Frederick C. Heitman Jr. to Larry W. Morrison, $76,550

213 Rosebrook Drive, Hopkins, from Siding Source LLC to Savonya Potts, $105,000


200 Ascot Ridge Road, Irmo, from Debra Short Bowman and Glenn Phillip Bowman to Allen L. Meyer and Georgette W. Meyer, $417,000

117 Averill Lane, Irmo, from John E. Anderson and Mary K. Anderson to Anthony W. Caballero and Shalena M. Caballero, $240,000

118 Clee Hill Court, Irmo, from Gregg J. Burrer and Laurie D. Burrer to Sarah R. Faugno, $90,000

333 Devonport Drive, Irmo, from Wells Fargo Bank to Johanna A. Griffin, $56,905

4 Rondell Court, Irmo, from Bill E. Ellis Jr. to Helen Kay Hopkins, $91,000

20 Twill Court, Columbia, from Kimberly Wickham to Gary T. Greenlaw and Nancy A. Greenlaw, $97,500

904 Whitewater Drive, Irmo, from Douglas E. Martin to Jessica L. Sosa and Michael G. Thrift, $143,000


316 Birchfield Drive, Columbia, from Fortress Builders LLC to Susie J. Davis, $172,900


3215 Chinaberry Drive, Columbia, from DJ Properties of Columbia LLC to Tod P. Gallion, $150,000

2804 Sheffield Road, Columbia, from David W. Smith Jr. and Clara T. Smith to John J. Marigliano and Rebecca C. Marigliano, $342,500


4649 Crystal Drive, Columbia, from Britton R. Wood and Mary E. Wood to William Todd Phillips and Sara Kathryn Phillips, $223,000

5412 Magnolia Park Circle, Columbia, from Security Federal Bank to Angela Lynn Eadon and Derek Nathan Altier, $146,000


3618 Carrison Road, Columbia, from Dorothy B. Reyman by conservators Mack C. Branham Jr. and Richard Sturkie to Right Direction Community Development Corporation, $110,000

120 Preston Hills Drive, Columbia, from Charles R, Pardee III and Susan P. Pardee to Charles B. Ray, $103,000


200 Gauley Drive, Columbia, from Carl T. Suddeth to 2368 Taylor Street LLC, $225,000

405 Harbison Blvd., Unit 416, Columbia, from Ruth Annadell Carter to Lauren A. Sedeyn and Erica L. Schmitt, $55,500


105 Lockleven Drive, Columbia, from Finn Bowling Investments LLC to Jane P. Denny, $84,900

7243 Smithfield Road, Columbia, from Cecil E. James to Shelby Lee Guyton, $80,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


123 Dallas Drive, Chapin, from the Say Family Revocable Living Trust UTD to David A. Hall, $80,000

520 Lakemont Court, Chapin, from Angus H. Macaulay to Robert Ortiz-Abreu Jr. and Melissa Ortiz-Abreu, $261,600

429 Lookover Pointe Drive, Chapin, from Earl E. Purcell Jr. and Donna M. Purcell to William L. Brantley, $368,000


1213 Pine Plain Road, Gaston, from Gary Wilford Singleton Jr. to Stephen Snyder, $84,000


1000 Ben Kyzer Drive, Gilbert, from T.A. Holding Company LLC to Leslie Todd Shealy, $55,000

176 Blackthorn Drive, Gilbert, from Susan G. Borzykowski to Nicholas T. Hawes, $79,000

1130 Shull Island Road, Gilbert, from James Sanders Guignard, Emilie Bregy Guignard, Allen Smith Guignard and John Bruce Guignard to Rom D. Kellis III and Robin M. Kellis, $275,000


219 Chapelwhite Road, Irmo, from Aurora Loan Services LLC to Teresa G. Volking, $59,000

218 Valley Vine Court, Irmo, from Gary W. Scott and Virginia G. Fincannon to Linda E. Woolam, $145,000


143 Village Road, Leesville, from Dexter W. Sharp and Rebecca L. Sharp to Mary Emily Bentley, $300,000


212 Allenbrooke Way, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation to Eric S. Cockrell, $158,660

122 Bonhomme Circle, Lexington, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Martha J. Griffin, $134,000

227 Chesterbrook Lane, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Michael Manley, $119,335

232 Chesterbrook Lane, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Jordan Williams and Hope C. Smith, $113,760

240 Chesterbrook Lane, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Jacob Carey and Stephanie L. Carey, $139,560

212 Copper Lane, Lexington, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Judd G. Kohler and Candace M. Kohler, $165,000

128 Irene Way, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to David L. Peterson and Donna L. Peterson, $282,030

230 Pisgah Court, Lexington, from John S. Jay and Kay I. Jay to Rodney R. Smith and Angela K. Smith, $420,000

228 Rindle Drive, Lexington, from Matthew Dowdey to Jonathan Craig Bell and Megan E. Penn, $139,900

412 Saluda Springs Drive, Lexington, from McGuinn Holidings LLC to Shirley Rosenberg and Ernest Rosenberg, $131,719

330 Spring Mist Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Joshua L. Reckord and Elizabeth A. Lepir, $183,070

104 Wood Ride Lane, Lexington, from Iris J. Rippey to Rozella M. Treanor, $94,000


119 Castlefield Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to John W. Benton Jr. and Gloria K. Benton, $123,000

526 Kaymin Hill Court, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Michael Ballinger, $182,920

411 Mulberry Ridge Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Thomas D. Powell, $153,900

115 Shirway Road, Lexington, from Ray E. Epting to Regina A. Ferrara, $202,000

163 Swanhaven Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Stephanie M. Goodrich, $257,251


393 Summerland Court, Pelion, from Elizabeth Harvey to Earl Jeffcoat and Barbara Jeffcoat, $75,000


216 Cricket Road, Swansea, from Janet Worrell, Phillip Worrell, Carolyn Nobles, Author Worrell, Ervin Worrell, Malcolm L. Worrell and Julian D. Worrell to Joe and Louise Lacy, $50,000


313 Edgewater Lane, West Columbia, from Stephen A. Brown and Susan L. Brown to Frank W. Osczepinski, $84,000

1029 Orangeburg Drive, West Columbia, from Wamb Enterprises LLC to Kenneth B. Branon, $76,500


118 Arthurdale Drive, West Columbia, from The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kenneth Warren Hayes Jr., $106,500

411 Carrik Court, West Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Apryl Snyder, $127,170

423 Henslowe Lane, West Columbia, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Christopher G. Chafin, $192,594


104 Conrad Circle, Columbia, from Jeffrey Herring and Stephanie H. Herring to Justin Wayne Pifer and Megan Lynelle Pifer, $182,500

407 Finwood Court, Columbia, from Ronald C. Kroll and Kathryn E. Kroll to Kenneth Sedor and Carol Sedor, $136,900

400 Mapleview Court, Columbia, from Cynthia Wilson to Den J. DiFiore, $75,000

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