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June 10, 2012

Property transfers, June 10


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


30 Deer Stream Court, Blythewood, from Carlos E. Vanegas and Dorothy C. Vanegas to Robert L. Bailey and Rose E. Bailey, $220,000


10870 Garners Ferry Road, Eastover, from Wyman Boozer Realty Inc. to Jeffrey R. Abrams, $80,000


9 Dunleith Court, Irmo, from Lorraine Martin to Matthew J. Taffoni, $54,000

200 Kirkstone Road, Irmo, from Rosangelie Toledo Santiago and Marcus Santiago to Gracie L. Murry, $108,000

237 Rushing Wind Drive, Irmo, from Glenn A. Brooks and Juile Brooks to Ronald Lamonte Jackson, $116,500

325 St. Albans Road, Irmo, from David C. Moxley and Betty B. Moxley to Jeffrey Alan Hill and Kristen Williams Hill, $115,000


333 Easter St., Columbia, from Leslie Penfield and Amy Penfield to Laura B. Stephens and Ishmaal T. Stephens and Brittany N. Kitt, $123,000

3820 Palmetto Ave., Columbia, from Thomas R. Lewandowski and Karen L. Lewandowski to Rose Marie Mize, $112,000


2508 Rigby Drive, Columbia, from George M. Crouch Jr. to Hoyt S. McGrath, Melinda McGrath, Margaret M. Holland and Morgan B. Holland, $119,900


306 S. Bonham Road, Columbia, from Stephen G. Deller and Ellen J. Deller to Patrick S. Scarlett and Catherine P. Scarlett, $285,000

3914 Capers Ave., Columbia, from Dan Lewis Kadar to Alan R. Dykes, $97,900

347 S. Harden St., Columbia, from Francis G. Brand and Barbara Brand to Jimmie Alverson and Frederick Alverson, $350,000

1520 Shirley St., Columbia, from Taylor F. Boyd to 209 Dawson LLC, $76,000

119 Walker St., Columbia, from Margaret L. MacDonald to Cara C. Cox and Walter Gerald Jr., $135,000


4646 Crystal Drive, Columbia, from Tonyia Barnes and Manuel D. Gonzalez to Elisabeth G. Heard, $155,000

1642 Shady Lane, Columbia, from Blake Edmunds III and Ashley T. Edmunds to Jeffrey D. DeGood and Christine W. DeGood, $256,000

6613 Wisteria Lane, Columbia, from Andrew C. Bagwell and Kimberly N. Bagwell to Linda M. Hentz, $327,000


1117 Woodlawn Ave., Columbia, from Sanford B. Dinkins to Sarah Lynn Troutman and William James Troutman, $94,500


4708 Faulkland Road, Columbia, from the estate of Jerutha S. Westbury to Timothy Westbury, $86,000


108 Holliday Road, Columbia, from David M. Steck and Frances G. Steck to Joseph N. Williams and Shirley W. Williams, $289,000

111 N. Trace Lane, Columbia, from Dennis G. Shaw to Michelle L. Campbell, $89,900


26 China Rose Court, Columbia, from Eric Jeffries and Comarko Jeffries to Zemula O. Maxey, $156,700

1034 Landon Place Drive, Columbia, from Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC to Nakeeah Garland and William Garland, $216,900

28 Shoreline Drive, Columbia, from Andrea Dopp to Michael A. Miller and Natalie Miller, $310,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


161 Rossmore Drive, Cayce, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Kailey Little and Ryan W. Atkinson, $170,390


2045 Chapin Road, Chapin, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jamin Marc Leichering and Jessica Lee Leichering, $117,000

184 Distant Lane, Chapin, from Ruthanne Peterson to Scott Allen Livingston and Coreen Marie Livingston, $217,000

148 Fairhaven Way, Chapin, from Johnny R. Cooper and Pamela K. Cooper to Steven D. Carter and Amanda L. Carter, $107,000

1073 Point View Road, Chapin, from Byron P. Roberts and Rebecca Anne Roberts to Robert J. Harrington and Amanda C. Harrington, $360,000


143 Marcellus Road, Leesville, from Stock Loan Services LLC to Tamara S. Craft, $111,000


221 Allenbrooke Drive, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation, to Matthew E. Wolf and Christiane L. Wolf, $204,298

412 Barnstable Court, Lexington, from Melissa L. Williams to Sarah V. Jaynes and Bradley J. Johnson, $154,000

160 Bartram Way, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Trent Edward Muldrow and Jamie Bowman Muldrow, $209,900

323 Brooklet Court, Lexington, from Fortress Builders LLC to Dustin Hoey, $246,925

519 Dawson Park Way, Lexington, from Emily C. Hiltz Berry to Diane E. Smith, $88,000

136 Hunters Ridge Drive, Lexington, from James E. Craver and James E. Craver Jr. to Benjamin Glenn Harmon and Amanda Hutto Harmon, $125,00

259 Peach Hill Drive, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Jason A. Bradley and Lacey L. Hester, $191,940

614 Spruce Glen Court, Lexington, from Gregory S. Dawkins and Sandra L. Dawkins to Barry Raines and Jan Raines, $233,000


430 Mulberry Ridge Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Jonathan D. Thompson and Dayna Thompson, $169,980

176 Rivendell Drive, Lexington, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Matthew N. Velasquez and Carla Velasquez, $195,070

121 Traveler Trail, Lexington, from Steven A. Halverson and Christine A. McConville to David Daniels, $169,000

264 Willow Forks Road, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Meranda Mathias and James Upp, $95,000


130 Emanuel Creek Drive, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Melissa A. Gandy, $144,390

1725 McSwain Drive, West Columbia, from Shelby Properties LLC to Eric. D. Olson and Rachel C. Olson, $274,000


535 Grenadier Drive, Columbia, from Craig J. Hatch and Alan T. Hatch to Brandy Barnes and Christopher Barnes, $118,000

206 Loch Drive, Columbia, from Laura C. Bolchoz, William E. Ridgeway and David Britt Campbell to Velencia V. Stone, $122,000


235 Grandflora Lane, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Lenair Amick and Ann H. Amick, $224,220

247 Grandflora Lane, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to James G. Dew and Patricia H. Dew, $214,680

316 Post Oak Way, Columbia, from Jana F. Marsh to Robert L. Marsh Jr., $70,500

858 Shelter Cove Court, Columbia, from Peter M. Cecere and Patricia M. Cecere to Kimberly M. Westbury, $203,500

106 Zanark Court, Lexington, from Frank A. Osegueda and Marie B. Osegueda to Kevin T. Smith and Elizabeth A. Smith, $110,000

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