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June 24, 2012

Property transfers, June 24


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


405 Coopers Edge Lane, Blythewood, from Peachtree Communities at Coopers Pond LLC to Jennifer L. Faignant and Victor L. Faignant, $238,000

20 Gorebridge Court, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Michael A. Baker and Veronica L. Baker, $197,475

125 Lake Stephen Lane, Blythewood, from Patricia O’Reilly Spotts to William F. Sirmon, $277,500

929 Swygert Road, Blythewood, from Lura M. Hunnicutt to Eileen M. Zschoche and John H. Zschoche, $181,000


29 Canadian Court, Hopkins, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Myron T. Budden, $197,795


907 Northwood St., Columbia, from Brian Richard Kamnetz to Micah Simonsen and Kelly Yongue, $169,000


825 Cross Hill Road, Columbia, from Stephen R. Farrell and Kymberly D. Farrell to Thomas Shane Sanford, $179,500

424 Etiwan Ave., Columbia, from James Andrew Daniel to Barrie N. Fogle, $185,000

2424 Terrace Way, Columbia, from Stephen T. Lunceford and Carrie B. Lunceford to Utmost Enterprises Inc., $207,000

238 Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, from Keith C. McCook to W. Samuel Whitmeyer-Weathers and Nancy Whitmeyer-Weathers, $183,575


1001 Byron Road, Columbia, from Charles Williams to Tracy L. Donnelly, Daniel A. Donnelly and Lucinda A. Donnelly, $187,000

269 Knight Valley Circle, Columbia, from Peachtree Communities LLC to Cheryl L. Simms, $160,125


7351 Parklane Road, Columbia, from David J. Grookett to Eric Dent and Bertha Dent, $60,000

124 Valley Springs Road, Columbia, from Charles P. Pietsch and Eva M. Pietsch to Myron J. Jones and Lisa M. Jones, $225,000


169 Berkeley Ridge Drive, Columbia, from Terry Daniel Brannan and Pamela Brannan to John J. O’Connor and Erin O’Connor, $208,000

100 Big Leaf Circle, Columbia, from Stevan K. Weinzapfel and Carolyn L. Weinzapfel to Jason L. Horton and Kimberley D. Horton, $205,000

306 Eagle Pointe Drive, Columbia, from Darren Cross and Pamela Cross to Franklin O. Cannon and Laurie B. Cannon, $505,000

514 Eagle Pointe Drive, Columbia, from Marianne Wille to John P. Shealy and Michelle S. Shealy, $350,000

746 McNamara Lane, Columbia, from J. Wayne George and Jeffrey W. George to Jacqueline Rivas, $114,000

104 Ratchford Way, Columbia, from Travis D. Martin to William Clifton Keltner, $192,300

506 Teaberry Lane, Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Michael Chandler Jr., $194,590


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


618 Golf Links Court, Chapin, from First Palmetto Savings Bank FSB to Matthew C. Levander and Shana Levander, $355,000

2234 Island Trail, Chapin, from Michael T. Graham to Thomas Barbian and Corrine Barbian, $180,000

212 Leaning Oak Court, Chapin, from John H. Snow and Amanda M. Snow to David Anthony Parente and Hope Ashford Parente, $342,000

140 Pebble Branch Court, Chapin, from Lake Murray Presbyterian Church to Roger L. Parsons Jr., $120,000

24 Southwoode Circle, Chapin, from Sara B. Sims to Nancy Ruth Spainhour and Linda Kay Spainhour, $108,000

173 Wingspan Way, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Christopher S. Robinson, $125,500


311 Abbie Lane, Lexington, from Anna Forrest McKie to Christine M. Carroll, $145,000

229 Cherokee Pond Trail, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc. to John M. Williams and Susan E. Williams, $190,053

232 Glossy Green Lane, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Charlie L. Wood Jr. and Kimberly L. Wood, $182,500

109 Mallard Lakes Court, Lexington, from Harry Crosby to Bradly Wales Burdette, $138,000

223 Montrose Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Austin S. Fulmer, $251,640

120 Rollingwood Drive, Lexington, from Sandra K. Self to Melissa G. Saul, $111,000


126 Cardinal Pine Drive, Lexington, from J. Shane Powell and Brenda G. Powell to David M. Hulette, $132,000

121 Hallie Hills Place, Lexington, from Laura Sox to Jessica L. Johnson, $102,500

430 and 440 McCartha Road, Lexington, from CMH Homes Inc. from Cecilia E. Lapierre, $137,720

333 Timbermill Drive, Lexington, from Enid Y. Hadleigh to Christopher Gilleland, $125,000


340 Blossom View Court, West Columbia, from James D. West and Tammie R. West to Jack Waltz, $67,000

111 Darby Way, West Columbia, from Whitney S. Carroll to Margie Creasman, $105,000

101 San Gabriel Court, West Columbia, from Regina M. Donald to Arno Froese, $78,000


609 Colonial Drive, West Columbia, from GFI Builders LLC to Brian David Cockrell, $134,000

1156 Starcrest Road, West Columbia, from Clara D. Corbett to Robert J. Campbell, $74,000

168 Vista View Drive, West Columbia, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Travis Daniel Martin, $233,300


215 Grandflora Lane, Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to William M. Lyles and Dianne R. Lyles, $212,170


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


7003 Beard St., Camden, from William T. Ward and Ashley E. Ward to Dawson S. Jones, $116,000

25 Chillingham Circle, Camden, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Dan P. Pullum and Ruth Anne Pullum, $152,910

69 Genesis Lane, Camden, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Thuy Mai and Quang Tran, $216,300

711 Laurens St., Camden, from Second Maryland Investments LLC to Rebecca Lynn Klebes and Lewis Earl Klebes, $84,000

1593 Lucknow Road, Camden, from Duguid Timber LLC to Boyd E. Stokes and Patricia J. Stokes, $58,275

1201 Mill St., Camden, from Johnny R. Beavers, Jeffrey M. Beavers and Timothy C. Beavers to Bobby Atkinson III, $54,000

2160 Quail Road, Camden, from David L. Harrington to Charles W. Platt Jr. and Holley M. Ham, $232,500


109 Abbey Road, Elgin, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Jamaica T. Bennett, $144,521

16 Falling Leaf Lane, Elgin, from Mara McDonald to Robert D. Taylor and Celeste E. Taylor, $151,500

56 Kimpton Drive, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Robert L. McDonald and Dawn H. McDonald, $133,900

96 Stratford Plantation Drive, Elgin, from Janet M. Taylor and Itzel C. Alicea to Douglas R. Coulter and Laura V. Coulter, $293,000

1068 White Pond Road, Elgin, from Margaret A. Goff to Lomas Gist Jr. and Walla M. Gist, $149,000


30 Haven Way, Lugoff, from Marjorie Lisemby to Trisha B. Powell, $170,000

22 Mauser Drive, Lugoff, from Choice Home Builders LLC to Jerry R. Baack and Linda S. Baack, $215,900

280 Woodland Trail, Lugoff, from Laura E. Byrd to Isaac Holmes Jr., $210,000

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