Midlands area home sales, Oct. 7

10/07/2012 12:00 AM

10/06/2012 7:07 PM


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


454 Coopers Edge Lane, Blythewood, from Fortress Builders LLC to Kristopher R. Brutscher and Sara F. Brutscher, $222,275

207 Lower Glen Circle, Blythewood, from Benjamin B. Finch to Brian E. Smith, $126,000

28 Walnut Wood Court, Blythewood, from Davina S. Broughton to Robert Leslie Penfield and Amy Elizabeth Penfield, $250,000


6 Baywood Court, Chapin, from Jared D. Conners and Alicia A. Conners to William King and Linda W. King, $275,000

209 Foxport Drive, Chapin, from James P. Hamilton and Deborah D. Hamilton to Matthew Paul Moore and Mary Katelyn Moore, $179,900

101 Jasmine Bay Lane, Chapin, from Harold J. Woods and Abigail S. Woods to Ryan A. Cook and Lauren P. Leander, $323,900

240 Massey Circle, Chapin, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Diann L. Neal and Aaron Lolar, $264,990


140 Castlewood Lane, Elgin, from Cheryl Nute Farley to Roosevelt Reese and Shamika Footman, $72,000

576 Park Place Drive, Elgin, from Tanis Toney Duffie to L. Wayne Thompson, $179,000

827 Spears Drive, Elgin, from Baron T. Mullis and Hannah J. Mullis to Jennifer Willis Gay, $125,000

150 Woodcreek Road, Elgin, from Cynthia M. Shealy to Pivotal Properties LLC, $55,000


141 Beechwood Lane, Irmo, from Carlos A. Soto to Jacob Jones Casey and Marshall V. Casey, $85,000

209 Delaine Woods Drive, Irmo, from Tracey M. Jacob to Benjamin N. Umberger and Agnes and J. Umberger, $159,900

332 Paso Fino Drive, Irmo, from Kenneth W. Spieth and Nancy C. Spieth to Lee M. Hallman and Nerissa B. Hallman, $139,000


637 N. Poplar Grove Lane, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Jessica G. Edmond, $173,320


3401 Prentice Ave., Columbia, from the estate of Elaine K. Callahan to Deana A. Rennick, $123,000

2612 Putnam St., Columbia, from Gene R. Posey Jr. and Melanie R. McDonald to Peyre T. Lumpkin, $112,000

1916 York Drive, Columbia, from Elizabeth L. Stokes and Stephen J. Conrad to Nathaniel F. Baker, $160,000


6531 Brookside Circle, Columbia, from Arlie H. Kay t Gene R. Posey Jr. and Melanie R. McDonald, $142,000

1555 Kathwood Drive, Columbia, from Jonathan D. Slocum, Susanne S. Jodice and Nancy Elizabeth Slocum to Bryan Todd Miller, $340,000

4420 Shorebrook Drive, Columbia, from James K. McKenzie and Amber T. McKenzie to Kelly W. McCormick and Jeannie S. McCormick, $215,000


313 Algrave Way, Columbia, from William J. Fenner and Shirley M. Fenner to Earl K. Norwood and Audrey C. Norwood, $155,000

101 Tortoise Trail, Columbia, from Craig A. Kirby and Elizabeth T. Kirby to Thomas Bradford Rodgers and Agnes Lynette Rodgers, $162,900


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


1925 Rosemary Drive, Cayce, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Russell O. Long, $50,000


305 Eagle Pointe Drive, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jentton Luther Henry Fields, $149,740

173 Fairhaven Way, Chapin, from Tammy Y. Hicks to Cheryl E. Harrington, $108,000

434 Green Garden Drive, Chapin, from Fannie Mae to Roberto Gutierrez and Bridget J. Gutierrez, $224,900

1172 Libby Ariail Circle, Chapin, from Edmund H. Carpenter Jr. and Vivian B. Carpenter to David M. Herndon, $290,000


11 Paddock Chase, Irmo, from Shirley Huang to William J. Steen and Kathy J. Steen, $146,000

17 Wessex Blvd., Irmo, from Kristopher K. Steele and Shannon B. Steele to Alice Jean Driskell, $120,000


316 Cobbleview Drive, Lexington, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to William Christopher Clifford, $140,000

321 Cobbleview Drive, Lexington, from April Carpenter to Karen M. Hill, $145,000

832 Mallard Lakes Drive, Lexington, from Thomas A. Huffman Jr. and Janice H. Shirley to W. Ross Gandy and Vernice I. Gandy, $185,625

1125 Mill Haven Lane, Lexington, from Beau Ideal Development at Cherokee Landing LLC to Amber McLeod and Bryan McLeod, $77,000

126 Montauk Drive, Lexington, from Sweetridge Homes LLC to Robert Elder and Karen Elder, $172,000

137 Park Meadow Drive, Lexington, from the estate of Kathryn A. Straw to Deborah L. Short, $106,000

391 Poindexter Lane, Lexington, from Jefferson A. Crouch to James C. Gilmore and Amy L. Gilmore, $445,000

544 Saddlebrook Lane, Lexington, from Michael J. Jaspers and Tiffany A. Jaspers to Matthew B. Lee and Laura N. Lee, $117,900

210 Railroad Ave., Lexington, from Louis L. Davis to Dennis G. Shaw, $123,000


210 Ashe St., Lexington, from Vincent Trinh to Patrick Ngoc Pham, $55,000

281 Black Pine Court, Lexington, from Liberty Oak Inc. to Shannon Tilford, $131,900

147 Crystal Springs Drive, Lexington, from David A. Barfield and Linda A. Barfield to James Randolf Akins and Melani Ann Akins, $120,000

133 Lanchire St., Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Nicholas Fliakos and Christina A. Fliakos, $160,000

3424 Mineral Springs Road, Lexington, from Gary G. Young and Deborah S. Young to Marcus Lesesne and Shandon Lesesne, $110,000

128 Silverberry Drive, Lexington, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Katherine E. Hart and Nathaniel P. Hart, $143,000


940 Indian River Drive, West Columbia, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Jill M. Miller and James Michael Miller II, $220,000

2709 Roman Way, West Columbia, from J. Wayne Willis and Mae W. Willis to Howard K. Sanders and Ronda M. Sanders, $148,000

310 Summitbluff Court, West Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Sylvia R. McNeil and Brandon J. Tutt, $120,820


135 Hunters Blind Drive, Columbia, from Thomas H. Rawl III and Susan R. Daniel to Bruce G. Olson and Beverly B. Olson, $438,000

105 Outrigger Lane, Columbia, from Tracy C. Lawrence to Willis Family Properties LLLP, $90,000

129 Palm Hill Drive, Columbia, from McGuinn Holdings LLC to Chad Elliott Nabors, $135,000

354 Rutledge Place, Columbia, from Dean A. Kokolis to Vivian O. Gordon, $75,000

214 Sandstone Court, Columbia, from Danny C. Deal and Linda G. Deal to John G. Gardner Jr. and Julia P. Gardner, $291,900

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