Midlands home sales, Dec. 9

12/09/2012 12:00 AM

12/08/2012 4:26 PM


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


351 Ballybridle Lane, Blythewood, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Eddie J. Jones, $247,414

109 Black Elk Lane, Blythewood, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to Cynthia M. Crosby, $130,000

116 Brookhaven Circle, Blythewood, from Donald H. Smith to Winston Velpula and Sylvia Velpula, $250,000

404 Coopers Edge Lane, Blythewood, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Corey A. Graham and Antoinette Graham, $198,900

1600 Mullis Road, Blythewood, from Dawn M. Croop to Lynn C. Bennett and Laura C. Bennett, $125,000


337 Anchor Bend Drive, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Frank P. Eunice and Amy D. Eunice, $347,183

161 Cabin Cove Road, Chapin, from Jess Lee Stroman III to Paul J. Madsen and Kara E. Madsen, $411,000

369 Foxport Drive, Chapin, from George C. Roberts and Tracey J. Roberts to Joshua L. Lang and Sonya L. Lang, $167,000

154 Lakeport Drive, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Daniel P. Folk IV and Rebecca G. Folk, $423,027.50


18 Walden Place Court, Elgin, from James R. Garwood to Blake W. Groomes and Greysyn K. Groomes, $192,000


260 Gallantry Drive, Irmo, from Great Western Bank to Stephen C. Young and Christianne Young, $358,200

225 Laurent Way, Irmo, from Robert O. Spratlin Jr. and Deborah H. Spratlin to Beth G. Bauknight, $733,500

130 Old Market Lane, Irmo, from Peachtree Communities LLC to Joseph F. Myers and Sarah R. Myers, $257,000

150 Rose Oak Drive, Irmo, from S.C. Pillon Homes Inc. to Matthew Shane Whitfield and Melanie Cannon Whitfield, $253,330


209 Bertha Ave., Columbia, from Richard Y. Houde to Rachel Bryant, $65,000

656 Koon Store Road, Columbia, from Wardell Canzater to Nichola McCray, $50,000

641 Poplar Grove Lane, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Delman Gibson and Gracie Gibson, $194,165

649 Poplar Grove Lane, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Nicole L. Davis and Kendrick C. Davis, $171,235


2711 Blossom St., Columbia, from Brent T. Simpson to Keith N. Gosselin and Kristyle R. Gosselin, $247,000

1332 Chevis St., Columbia, from George M. Krausz to Jeremiah Samuels and Freda Samuels, $130,000

812 Deerwood Road, Columbia, from John P. Sutton III to Laura Anne Troutman, $104,970


209 Academy Way, Columbia, from Kathryn A. Orrick to Shelley Smith Stokes, $178,000

5115 Circle Drive, Columbia, from James M. Curry Jr. and Leigh G. Curry to A. Miles Ervin and Ginger E. Ervin, $364,500

128 Ila Lane, Columbia, from Ronald David Moses, Marie Moses and Shelley S. Moses to Benjamin Pierce Tackett, $129,000

6828 Longbrook Road, Columbia, from Philip E. Cromer and Amelia S.A. Cromer to Sara Schueneman, $170,000


24 Barn Owl Court, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation, to William March and Nicola March, $168,040

707 Byron Road, Columbia, from Kathryn Smoak to Mary Catherine Brock and Jonathan W.C. Brock, $169,900

922 Cedar Terrace, Columbia, from Kenneth E. Gill to Andrew J. Inabinet, $88,000

341 Eastfair Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jon P. Correll, $126,240


216 Highland Creek Lane, Columbia, from Kenneth R. Bailey to Camille M. Prestash, $122,250

206 Sebring Drive, Columbia, from Debbie Smoak Fitts and Tandy Walker Fitts III to Silvia Rook, $259,950


113 Fire Thorn Lane, Columbia, from David W. Smith Jr. and Virginia M. Smith to Robert Andrews III, $269,000

109 Lame Horse Road, Columbia, from Tommie M. Guthrie to Robert L. Curtis, $348,000

419 Oakbrook Village Drive, Columbia, from Brenda F. Dexter to Danya Ochoa, $98,000

221 Silvercrest Drive, Columbia, from Phillip Laughridge to Abdul H. Pennakhaja, $233,000

2323 W. Springs Road, Columbia, from Clarke F. Millette and Patricia A. Millette to Jeffrey A. Soots and Lynn M. Soots, $324,000


310 Curvewood Road, Columbia, from Robert McKnight to Pamela Y. Busby, $112,900

108 Norse Drive, Columbia, from Sherietta Thompson to Sherman C. Goodwin, $193,500

812 Sutters Mill Road, Columbia, from Fannie Mae to Suzette M. McLeod, $90,000

558 Westmoreland Road, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Lyndsey Andrews, $117,961

107 Wharton Lane, Columbia, from Joseph A. Eppich to Randy Cleo Ferguson and Wynetta Ywan Ferguson, $205,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


719 Soldier Gray Lane, Chapin, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Corporation, to Brooke Patterson, $203,703


128 Autumn Stroll Court, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Krista K. Pecic, $128,000

105 Blacksmith Road, Lexington, from Jesse K. Mock and Shiela M. Mock to Robert L. Fork and Michelle J. Fort, $144,000

134 Grace St., Lexington, from State Street Holding LLC to Britton Edward Craig and Kelly Nicole Craig, $102,500

1060 Indian Mound Road, Lexington, from Robert L. Fort and Michelle J. Fort to Jesse K. Mock and Sheila M. Mock, $286,000

105 Julia Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Gregory A. Torok and Michelle R. Torok, $230,000

403 Pisgah Flats Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Steven Murray and Echo V. Murray, $261,530

252 Richmond Farm Circle, Lexington, from Adrienne Gilman and Gerald Gilman to Margaret Watford, $138,000

241 Vista Springs Circle, Lexington, from Keith A. Harms and Cindy I. Harms to Matthew J. Clements and Brandy L. Clements, $275,000


1304 Cardinal Drive, West Columbia, from Jack Stewart to Cynthia A. Navarre and Robert A. Navarre, $110,000

209 Chestnut Oak Lane, West Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Barbara R. Raines, $129,900

2005 Holland St., West Columbia, from Sandra K. Wooley, Jimmy Wayne Emmanuel, Terrell Wilson Emmanuel and Marion Louise Epps to William Troy Murphy and Tracy D. Murphy, $80,000


1136 Lake Shire Drive, West Columbia, from Amanda A. Turpin and Russell J. Turpin to Mildred W. Ulmer, $93,500

137 Shadeland Circle, West Columbia, from Andrea Lyn Carbaugh and Andrea Altman to Whitney M. Mullen, $113,000

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