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January 6, 2013

Midlands area home sales, Jan 6

The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in area courthouses.


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


561 Briar Jump Lane, Blythewood, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Moses L. Dreher and Ariana M. Wray-Langer, $187,595

699 Stonebury Circle, Blythewood, from NVR Inc. to Simon E. Simmons Sr., $211,130

6 Walnut Wood Court, Blythewood, from Barry W. Fortner and Cynthia K. Fortner to Herman Strickland and Bessie M. Strickland, $318,225


405 North Park Lane, Elgin, from Christian K. Benner and Denise M. Benner to Joel A. Reynolds and Emily B. Reynolds, $267,000

208 Southridge Drive, Elgin, from Christopher S. Shuman and Katrina G. Shuman to Mark A. Mason and Rhonda L. Mason, $593,750


506 Beech Branch Drive, Irmo, from Baldhead Inc. to Melissa S. Connelly, $105,000

40 Cape Flattery Court, Irmo, from the trust of Louise C. Scott to Guy R. Crawford Jr. and Jeannette S. Crawford, $175,900

256 Glen Arbor Loop, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Michael Lewis Busby, $182,000


1118 Virginia St., Columbia, from Madi Investments LLC to Phillip Stephen Nave, $130,000


3000 Dennis Drive, Columbia, from June M. Gallup to Steven C. Wagner and Emily Wagner, $190,000

2603 Glenwood Road, Columbia, from the estate of Veola Autry to Jacquelyn M. Corey and Andrew M. White, $51,500

3111 Grace Hill Road, Columbia, from R. Everett Stack and Carole B. Stack to Clayton R. Sharpe and Elizabeth M. Sharpe, $319,000


433 Joshua St., Columbia, from Holly P. Carlisle to Wayne W. Herman and JoAnne Herman, $359,325.60

231 Saint James St., Columbia, from William Vereen and Tyler Vereen to Lucius R. Cartin and Martha J. Cartin, $295,000

411 S. Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, from George T. O’Day to Michael A. Coleman, $103,000


4808 Citadel Ave., Columbia, from Mary Jane Dickerson Edwards to William Emmet Hough Jr. and Lawson Edwards Hough, $297,000

4419 Kilbourne Road, Columbia, from Denise Danforth to E. Robertson Kibler and Thomas Robertson Kibler, $145,000

1623 Milford Road, Columbia, from Margaret C. Batson to Jeffrey Adams and Clarissa C. Adams, $667,000


46 Downing St., Columbia, from Peter Orzech and Nancy Will to Kevin A. Orzech, $147,500

10 Hobonny Lane, Columbia, from James Epstein and Melissa Epstein to Ian D. Smith and Jean S. Smith, $905,835

7008 Leitner Road, Columbia, from Kim Harkins to Cheryl Hamilton, $126,500

6 Mackays Point, Columbia, from Meredith B. McTeer to Ellen B. Brown, $190,000


5 Fox Run Lane, Columbia, from Stephen J. Dornburg and Christine N. Dornburg to Joshua A. Deese and Cynthia Deese, $106,000

166 Springhaven Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Rebecca G. Anderson, $117,349


209 Browning Lane, Columbia, from Carlos Alvarez to Eugene Cunningham and Betsy A. Cunningham, $85,000

411 Gauley Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Ventures LLC to Alice Green and James W. Green, $227,230

456 Gauley Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Ventures LLC to James P. Hamilton and Deborah D. Hamilton, $145,860


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


364 Bent Oak Drive, Chapin, from Brian Scott Noble to Anne T. Kamke, $252,500

16 Clay Court, Chapin, from Douglas J. Stewart and Mairi Stewart to Jonathan Garris and Jenny M. Garris, $378,000

317 Eagle Point Drive, Chapin, from Mungo Homes Inc. to William H. Harvey IV, $181,916

143 Elm Creek Drive, Chapin, from G. David Rister to Kayla Nicole Boozer, $141,000

1 09 Night Harbor Drive, Chapin, from Executive Construction LLC to Matthew Watkins and Glenn Monts, $304,900

3325 Wessinger Road, Chapin, from Jacqueline B. Champion to Valerie Baldwin, $100,000


104 Ashford St., Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Richard Washington and Lakesha Washington, $217,655

100 Berkman Court, Lexington, from Amy H. Fenegan to Gayle G. Kimble and Allison K. Floyd, $171,000

539 Bimini Twist Circle, Lexington, from Lifestone Communities LLC to Vijaya Korrapati, $125,000

104 Brockton Court, Lexington, from Andrew P. Charles and Whitney M. Charles to Kristina M. Zack, $100,000

447 Catawba Trail, Lexington, from David C. Haile and Kathryn B. Haile, $285,000

305 Cherokee Pond Trail, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc., a Florida Coporation, to Danny Kenneth Bain and Carol Bain, $157,413

316 Dawsons Park Drive, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Margaret E. Hill and William R. Frick, $136,823

129 Edgerton Lane, Lexington, from Wells Fargo Bank to Scott G. Taylor and Scarlet R. Taylor, $350,000

213 Kelsey Glen Drive, Lexington, from Steven E. Jablon and Amy J. Jablon to Curtis W. Brockman and Kristen L. Brockman, $450,000

158 Lake Murray Terrace, Lexington, from Linda E. Woolam to Mary Anne Dutka and John Dutka, $195,000

233 Pisgah Flats Circle, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Kris Kirk and Margarite H. Kirk, $240,000

228 Platinum Drive, Lexington, from H. Steedly Candler to John B. Bradley and Charmaine E. Bradley, $228,000

132 Presque Isle Road, Lexington, from Fannie Mae to Gwendolyn A. Whitcomb, $166,500

221 Teesdale Court, Lexington, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vanessa L. Polier Flores and James Borlas Flores, $85,000

111 White Ash Court, Lexington, from Christopher M. Wicker and Lisa M. Wicker to Jimmie L. Tinney and Peggy E. Tinney, $335,000


226 Castle Drive, West Columbia, from the estate of Gerald Matelski to D. Bruce Dorman and Deborah G. Dorman, $195,000

531 Dickson Hill Circle, West Columbia, from Fortress Builders LLC to Gregory S. McGill, $198,900


1816 D Ave., West Columbia, from Jordan Development Co. Inc. to David Arnold and Amanda D. Arnold, $97,000

105 Park Wood Drive, West Columbia, from Kneece Associates LLC to Benjamon Ray Edmonds and Rebecca W. Edmonds, $64,000

116 Pine Crest Ave., West Columbia, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Billy M. Jackson, $80,000

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