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July 28, 2008

Carolina Life: A bunch of happy campers

Wanted: Encouragers, cheerleaders, disciplinarians, comforters and athletes. Must be able to sing silly songs and fold paper into many shapes.

Those interested, apply for a position as a summer camp counselor.

Anyone who has attended summer camp remembers a counselor who made a difference in his or her life. Rachel Middleton of Lexington knew she wanted to work at a camp this summer. She wasn’t sure why, since she never really thought she liked children. But when she was accepted for a position at the YMCA Summer Day Camp, she knew it was the right decision.

Children like Sophie Ngo, right, introducing Middleton to her stuffed fox, Todd — while 6-year-old Alexandra Clemens hangs on Middleton’s leg — have changed her mind.

“Now, I love them,” she said. “They make you happy.”

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