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May 5, 2010

106 new records in our restaurant inspection database

We have uploaded 106 new records to our Midlands restaurant inspection database, so if you're heading out for Cinco de Mayo tonight, you can see what state inspectors have discovered at your destination.

Fifteen restaurants, cafeterias or concessions outlets in Richland, Lexington or Kershaw counties scored very high 98- to 100-percent scores on unannounced inspections. The lowest scores were an 85 and a 79, low enough to require a 'B' window decal. Based on the records we received, follow-up inspections on those facilities have not yet been carried out.

Scores generally improve dramatically between unannounced and follow-up inspections.

Find the new results and results for inspections for restaurants and other food-preparation businesses going back a full year at the searchable database .

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