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August 29, 2010

Q&A with Bryce Sherman

The speedy Bryce Sherman enters the 2010 season providing depth at kickoff returns and the running back position.

The speedy Bryce Sherman enters the 2010 season providing depth at kickoff returns and the running back position.

Last year he returned 24 kicks for a total of 502 yards (20.9 average). Sherman had one start in 2009 at tailback. For the year he rushed nine times for 62 yards.

The former track athlete walked on to the football team last fall and was rewarded with a scholarship in the spring.

How does it feel to start this year on scholarship?

I really feel blessed. Thank God for that. I really wanted a scholarship, coming from track and everything. Thanks to all the coaches for giving me a chance.

Has the transition from track to football gone as well as you expected?

It has. I don't have any complaints. If I could do it again, I'd do the same thing over again. This football experience has brought a lot more out of me. In track I really didn't push myself like I did in football. In football, I push myself a lot because there's so much competition. I felt like when I was growing up in track it was just God-given talent and I could just breeze through it. But it's football and there's so much competition. It makes me work harder, makes me think, get into my playbook, all types of stuff I wouldn't do back in the day.

Do you have a favorite nickname?

Sherm the Worm's pretty cool.

What are the team goals for this year?

SEC championship. Nothing less. We feel we can get there. We're working harder. The o-line is doing much, much better. Coach [Shawn] Elliott's stepping in doing a great job. I just feel really good about this season.

What do you think about Marcus Lattimore?

He's really good. I've never seen him play before this. He came out here and has great hands and is real big. I didn't know he was that big. He's going to be good and is going to get a lot of playing time this year.

How do the running backs get along off the field?

We're all pretty cool. We don't worry about who's playing. We all know we're good and just competing.

What's the coolest thing you did this summer not related to football?

I picked strawberries for the first time, right down the street on Bluff Road. That was pretty interesting.

What you do think about Jay Graham?

Great coach. He makes us compete so much. He doesn't really yell at us a lot, but he lets us know when we are wrong and when we're right.

Any expectations for playing time?

Wherever they need me. I'm not lobbying for plays and stuff like that. I just want to play and help the team out in any kind of way.

What do you do in your free time?

I play my X-Box 360 all day. All day. NCAA Football. That's all I do.

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