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September 24, 2010

Sheheen ad - Think

Fact checking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen’s TV ad: Think

The claim: Haley was handpicked by Gov. Mark Sanford.

The facts: Haley has said Sanford encouraged her to run for governor.

So is it true?: Sanford, a Haley friend, has had no visible role in her campaign

The claim: Haley hid a $42,000 contract she got because of her connections.

The facts: Haley was paid $42,000 in consulting fees by engineering firm Wilbur Smith, which was

seeking to do business in Lexington County, which Haley represents in the S.C. House.

So is it true?: Haley was not required by law to disclose her consulting income. She voluntarily

disclosed the payments along with her tax returns.

The claim: Haley wants to tax groceries.

The facts: Haley has endorsed a plan to tax groceries, but to also cut taxes elsewhere.

So is it true?: Haley’s grocery tax proposal seeks to either lessen or maintain the overall tax


The claim: Haley has been fined for paying her income taxes late.

The facts: Haley has paid more than $4,000 in fines for failing to file and pay her families income

taxes on time.

So is it true?: Yes

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