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September 24, 2010

Haley ad - Mirrors

Fact checking Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley’s TV ad - Mirrors

The claim: Sheheen supports President Obama’s spending and health care plans.

The facts: Sheheen voted for a state budget that includes federal stimulus spending. Sheheen also says he supports some of federal health care reform, opposes some parts of it and is withholding judgment on others.

So is it true?: Yes, although Sheheen says he does not support the entire health care law.

The claim: Sheheen supports a legislative slush fund that wastes money on pet projects.

The facts: Sheheen and Haley are among the lawmakers who requested funding for local projects under the now defunct competitive grants program. That $43 million fund allowed lawmakers to direct funding to their districts. Haley voted numerous times to sustain gubernatorial vetoes that would have ended the fund.

So is it true?: Yes.

The claim: Sheheen has opposed limits on lawsuits

The facts: Ad does not say which reform proposal Sheheen would not support.

So is it true?: Sheheen voted in favor of the last tort reform package that passed the General Assembly.

The ad doesn’t say which proposal he did not support.

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