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April 12, 2011

Data update: 411 new restaurant inspections

We've added 411 records of health inspections for restaurants, bars, cafeterias and other eateries in Kershaw, Lexington and Richland counties.

The inspections were carried out between Jan. 13 and April 8 by Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors.

Thirty-three area establishments in that period earned exceptional scores between 98 and 100 on unannounced, routine inspections.

Thirty-eight received B-level scores between 78 and 87 on their routine inspections and 10 earned Cs with scores between 62 and 76. All those establishments had or will have the opportunity to improve marks with follow-up inspections.

The eatery with the lowest routine inspection score was Lucky Seven #2 on Bluff Road, which received the 62 after a March 4 inspection. The restaurant had three follow-up inspections, on March 7 (score: 82), March 17 (score: 92) and March 25 (score: 100).

The lowest follow-up scores in this period included the aforementioned Lucky Seven's 82, as well as Day and Night Convenience Store on Two Notch Road, which received an 83 on a March 14 follow-up inspection, and Mads Bar-B-Que on Market Street in Camden, which received a 76 on its routine inspection March 16, an 85 on its March 25 follow-up and a 93 on an April 5 follow-up.

Only eateries with scores of 88 or higher on follow-up inspections may post an "A" sticker.

To learn more about inspections, browse these and thousands more records and visit our local restaurant guide, CLICK HERE .

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