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April 17, 2012

Few details released on Irmo killings

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has been unusually silent about Friday’s killings of a man and woman in an upscale Irmo neighborhood.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has been unusually silent about Friday’s killings of a man and woman in an upscale Irmo neighborhood.

But this case has proven to be complicated and is taking time for Sheriff Leon Lott and his department to piece together.

“We are still trying to determine what happened before, during and after the shootings,” Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Cowan said late Monday. “We’re still investigating to see what is fact and what is fiction.”

In response to media freedom of information requests for the 911 recording of the incident, Cowan said Tuesday," At this time we are analyzing that tape and it is part of an ongoing investigation. It is evidentiary in nature. In keeping with the spirit of FOIA we will work toward releasing the audio, however at this time it would be premature to do so."

Rumors have been circulating since the bodies of Tammy Parker, 44, and Bryan Capnerhurst, 46, were found in a home in the Ascot Estates neighborhood.

But this much is certain, according to the Sheriff’s Department and Richland County Coroner Gary Watts:

Brett Parker, 42, and Tammy Parker, his wife of 15 years, had just had lunch and were in their two-story house at 12 Tackeria Court around 12:30 p.m. Friday. Capnerhurst, a friend, had been invited to the home and was with them. They were all on the second floor. No one else was in the house.

Within a minute or so — authorities are not saying how long — Tammy Parker and Capnerhurst were both dead, shot multiple times in their upper bodies.

Two different large caliber pistols were used in the killings.

Brett Parker was unhurt. He apparently called 911.

Lott, who has been out of town while detectives interviewed Brett Parker and processed the crime scene, released a statement Monday saying the deaths are being “aggressively investigated” and asking for patience.

“As soon as all of the forensic evidence can be reviewed and criminal investigators determine a timeline and facts surrounding the incident, the sheriff will release the findings,” the statement said.

Investigators also have said they are not looking for anyone else and are only focusing on those at the home during the time of the shooting.

Law enforcement officials have not released information about Brett Parker. But according to his Facebook page, he is self-employed, graduated in 1988 from Chapin High and attended Winthrop University. Law enforcement officials also have not released more information on Tammy Parker or Capnerhurst.

But according to their obituaries, Tammy Parker, a mother of two, was a pharmaceutical representative and a lead singer of the band Jumpstart. Funeral services are set for today.

Capnerhurst was the assistant athletic director for the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission and a married father of three. Funeral services for Capnerhurst, who would have turned 47 Thursday, are set for today.

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