Democrats criticize SC GOP chairman for abortion comments

09/13/2012 3:58 PM

09/13/2012 3:59 PM

Democrats are criticizing S.C. Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly for a fundraising email where he said the Democratic party believes “abortions and taxpayer-funded birth control are rites of passage for every teenage girl - sort of like the prom or a first car.”

In a statement, S.C. Democratic Party Executive Director Amanda Loveday said S.C. voters “should not be surprised” by Connelly’s comments, comparing them to Gov. Nikki Haley vetoing money in the state budget for rape crisis centers.

“What Chairman Connelly doesn’t seem to understand is that no one likes abortion. It is a tragedy for everyone involved,” Loveday said. “But unlike Republicans, the Democratic Party doesn’t believe it is the government’s place to make those kinds of health care decisions for women.”

In an interview with The State, Connelly defended his comments, saying he believes Democrats are “belittling the unborn” and that criticizing him is “just a distraction from how bad the president has failed us.”

“It just disgusts me. (Democrats) treat a baby’s life like it is meaningless,” Connelly said.

-- Adam Beam

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