How South Carolina Voted

11/07/2012 4:02 AM

11/07/2012 4:03 AM

S.C. Counties Unofficial Results

as of 11 p.m. with partial precincts reporting. (f) denotes final results.

Obama Romney
Abbeville 4,607(f) 5,923(f)
Aiken 3,297 838
Allendale 3,297(f) 838(f)
Anderson 22,315(f) 48,493(f)
Bamberg 4,600 2,190
Barnwell 5,182(f) 4,655(f)
Beaufort 20,683(f) 33,032(f)
Berkeley 21,192 30,474
Calhoun 4,073(f) 3,705(f)
Charleston 59,765(f) 61,612(f)
Cherokee 7,219(f) 13,306(f)
Chester 7,839(f) 6,336(f)
Chstrfld 7,942(f) 8,488(f)
Clarendon 8,967(f) 6,890(f)
Colleton 8,470(f) 8,439(f)
Darlington 15,452(f) 14,429(f)
Dillon 7,623(f) 5,477(f)
Dorchester 13,506 21,010
Edgefield 4,965(f) 6,511(f)
Fairfield 7,743 3,996
Florence 0 0
Georgetown 14,119(f) 16,476(f)
Greenville 67,378(f) 120,514(f)
Greenwood 11,884 16,290
Obama Romney
Hampton 5,814(f) 3,310(f)
Horry 36,620(f) 66,653(f)
Jasper 5,727(f) 4,169(f)
Kershaw 0 0
Lancaster 0 0
Laurens 10,297(f) 14,726(f)
Lee 5,972(f) 2,829(f)
Lexington 34,007(f) 76,392(f)
McCormick 2,637(f) 2,460(f)
Marion 9,518(f) 5,114(f)
Marlboro 7,554(f) 4,010(f)
Newberry 6,891(f) 9,128(f)
Oconee 8,537(f) 21,573(f)
Orangeburg 30,454(f) 11,888(f)
Pickens 11,122(f) 33,385(f)
Richland 31,903 20,593
Saluda 3,322(f) 5,130(f)
Sprtnbrg 40,920(f) 65,951(f)
Sumter 26,598 18,570
Union 5,748(f) 6,566(f)
Wilmsbrg 11,318(f) 4,819(f)
York 18,991 30,478

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