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December 2, 2012

Woodyard Fund contributions

For the week ending Nov. 30

For the week ending Nov. 30

Gloria G. Bouchard, $100

Martin C. Grubbs, $25

Anonymous, $500

In memory of Genevieve Mould, $40

Linda Clarke Myers, $130

Kathleen E. Kustin, $30

In memory of James Allen Player Sr., $100

In memory of our parents, Betty and John Lowry, $50

In memory of our daughter, Kendall Marie, by Marynell and Oscar Wooten Jr., $100

Trannie C. Abboushi, $200

Beverly and Wyman Kyzer, $50

Eugenia A. Ward, $200

Bible Fellowship Sunday School at St. Andrews Baptist Church, $50

Kent and Georgia Metz, $100

Kent Demars, $100

J.B. Kneece, $200

Anonymous, $1,000

In memory of Mr. Jim Byrd from family of Jim Byrd, $100

Jack Bryan, $100

Thomas L. Gregory, $200

David and Dianne Meadow, $500

Florence Bowers, $25

George A. Sample, $100

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Karr, $100

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy Jr., $200

Arthur C. Coogler Jr., $25

In memory of Roy and Ollie Peele, $200

Peggy M. Janicki, $200

Nguyen Duc Thieu, $100

The Lydia Sunday School Class at Green Hill Baptist Church, $50

Mary Lynn C. Gibson, $50

Alice Forbes Boyle, $100

James R. Jordan Sunday School Class c/o C. Robert McCloskey, Jr., $100

Lewis F. Knudsen Jr., $50

Anonymous, $25

Dorothy Jeane E. Crowe TTEE, $100

Warren H. Christmus III, $100

Jane J. Moshell, $200

In loving memory of my parents, Betty Jean and Marvin Brownstein, $50

J. Paul Poynor, $30

The Columbia Junkos Club, $72

TOTAL, $5,752

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