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February 21, 2013

Obituary pricing, guidelines and policies

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$35.00 per column inch for obituaries 11.75” and under
$33.00 per column inch for obituaries 12” and over
Notices and Rites: $5 each
Listing of death on the front of the Metro section (standard for each obituary, optional for notices): $10 each

To place an obituary, notice, rite or in memory ad please call (803) 771-8452 or email:


Advertising Standards/Policy

The obituary department, as part of the advertising department, reserves the right to censor, revise, edit or reject any obituary. In the event of an error by The State, our sole liability is to give full credit. The State will not run any obituary without a proof of death provided by a funeral home, cremation society or other institution which meets our standards. All obituaries may be edited for style and policy. You may contact the department with any questions by calling 803-771-8452 or e-mailing

Deadlines for the obituary department are as follows:
4 p.m. every day.
3 p.m. holiday deadline.

* Beginning January 2, 2015 the deadline will be 3 p.m daily, 2 p.m. holidays

The State is not responsible for changes requested after deadline.


Notices may include deceased’s name, age, address, day of death, visitation plans, funeral home in charge. No spouses, profession, or background information of any kind will be included. We will include parents’ names for an infant.

Rites may include deceased’s name, age, address, time, place and type of services, place of burial, visitation plans, time of viewing, and funeral home in charge. We do not include memorial contributions or ministers officiating. Rites run the day of services. We will include parents’ names for an infant.

Obituaries: The headline consists of the deceased’s name, which may include maiden name and/or nickname. The titles Dr., The Rev. and military titles can be added. Please indicate name preference.The dateline is the city in which the deceased lived at the time of death. The only exception is when the deceased lived in a retirement home (or some comparable place) for a relatively short time. In that case, please note if the dateline should be somewhere other than the city of residence. Please be advised that, when requesting donations, memorials may not be made to the family or individual, but to an institution of some type, only.

Listing of Death: The front page of the Metro includes a listing of deaths, which includes where the deceased resided at the time of death. The deathlist includes two names only, usually first and last. If the deceased was known by another name, this may be used. (Please indicate the name to be used if different from the first name.)


Second day obituaries, rerun by funeral home or family request qualify for a 50% off discount if the copy remains within an inch of the original.


In-state funeral homes may be billed. The State Media Company does not bill individuals/family members. Out-of-state funeral homes must pre-pay unless an account has been pre-approved by our credit department. We do not accept American Express credit cards.

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