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03/10/2013 12:00 AM

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Forget starving artists, talk to the guy who climbs up on the roof to help his boss nail down shingles. He would do better staying safe on the ground, installing floors, according to the latest South Carolina wage statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Or the woman who washes dishes in your favorite restaurant? She could double her salary by moving over to the stove and learning to cook. And if you’re thinking of switching careers or just sending a kid off to college, it might be wise to consider orthodontics school. A snapshot of the mean annual wages of workers in South Carolina:

Salaries of some notables in South Carolina

Ray Tanner - Athletics director at the University of South Carolina


Chad Holbrook - Head baseball coach at the University of South Carolina


Scott Early - Lexington High football coach who resigned last week


Lillian McBride - Richand County deputy director of voter registration


Nikki Haley - Governor of South Carolina


Among the highest paid



Chief executives




Nuclear engineers


Human resource managers


Physicians assistants


Electrical engineers, Software developers, Chirpractors

Mid-level workers



Loan officers


School psychologists


Real estate brokers


Landscape architects, Insurance appraisers, auto damage

$57,730 to $58,590

Zooligist, Librarians, Middle school teachers, Insurance sales agents, Paralegals, Clergy, Chefs

$37,170 to $53,650

Forest technician

Among the lower paid

Floor layers



Tax preparers


Preschool teachers


Bank tellers


Bailifs, Floral designers, Dietetic technicians, Roofing helpers

$20,940 to $25,770

Lifeguards, Short order cooks, Umpires, Dishwashers

$17,670 to $19,500

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