January 4, 2014

Spartanburg woman's house hunt featured on HGTV Tuesday night

Porscha Davis is among the millions who tune in to the popular HGTV show, "House Hunters," to watch people on their quests for places to call home.

Porscha Davis is among the millions who tune in to the popular HGTV show, "House Hunters," to watch people on their quests for places to call home. The Spartanburg County woman will be featured on her favorite show in an episode scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

According to a description of the upcoming episode: "Twenty-something Porscha has been working two jobs to save for a house for herself and her dog, Diamond, in Spartanburg... With her opinionated best friend Ashley along for the hunt, she's looking for a three-bedroom home that's wheelchair accessible for her mom, and she insists on upgrades like hardwoods and granite. With an entry-level budget of $100,000, she'll have her hands full trying to find everything she wants."

Davis was house hunting when she learned that HGTV would film her for the show after she submitted videos sharing her story. This is Davis' first home. About six years ago, Davis and her best friend, Ashley Kinard-Jeter, began looking at pictures of real estate listings. They also enjoyed watching "House Hunters."

Davis wanted an "open and inviting" house with hardwood floors. It also had to be pet friendly for her beloved, 4-year-old pit bull. Kinard-Jeter accompanied Davis on visits to potential homes.

"It was very strenuous," Kinard-Jeter said.

Davis also enlisted the help of realtor Kalisha Bruster with Spartanburg-based Agent Pros Realty.

Bruster recalled getting calls from an anxious Davis late at night. She would tell Davis to calm down and reassure her that everything would be alright.

The women "clicked" and Davis said Bruster knew what houses to guide her to after learning more about her client's personality and tastes.

"She was a very, very educated buyer in that she knew what she wanted," Bruster said, adding that they visited no more than 10 homes.

They narrowed the search to three when a crew visited several months ago to film the "House Hunters" episode.

"When I walked in here, I got the sense of home," Davis said of the house she chose, which will be revealed Tuesday night.

Davis said despite her tight budget, she did not want to settle, but wanted a home with "wow factor." Davis sets high standards for herself. In addition to her full-time job at Draexlmaier Automotive in Duncan, she is a part-time cosmetologist at Jennifer on Mane Salon in Lyman. It took years of saving to make homeownership a reality.

She credits her mother, Gloria Davis, for teaching her to set high standards.

Davis said her mother was a single parent who encouraged her children to strive for more. Gloria worked two jobs to provide for them.

"Those hard working ethics filtered down," Porscha Davis said.

Davis is still inspired by her mother's strength. She said Gloria, a diabetic, is a double amputee. That's why it was so important to Davis to find a wheelchair accessible home that would pose no barriers to her mother's visits.

"Momma loves it," Davis said of her home.

Davis hopes her personal story will resonate and encourage viewers, perhaps other single women, in similar situations.

She beamed on a tour of the house she's proud to call home. She hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year.

Kinard-Jeter, who's expecting a child, said buying a house is a "major move," like marriage or giving birth.

Davis said you forget the painful parts of the experience once it's over.

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