February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day: With a song in their hearts

This local couple of 63 years have made a life of singing, for the entertainment of others and to express their love to each other. Enjoy their story in words and pictures – and in their own voices – with photo journalist Gerry Melendez's audio slideshow.

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On this Valentine’s Day of love stories, Loretta and Arthur Quesinberry chime in with their love song.

It’s “Some Sunday Morning,” in honor of that June Sunday 63 years ago when they were married. All these years later, the Forest Acres couple — he’s 90, she’s 87, and they have four grown children — still warble that sweet song and many others. They sing to each other in the car, in the house and, until recent health problems slowed them down, as entertainment at retirement homes.

Arthur even sings in his sleep — full songs sometimes.

“One night she said, ‘You wake me up singing, you have to sing me back to sleep,’” Arthur says. “So I sang her to sleep with ‘My Cup Runneth Over.’”

That tune from the musical “I Do! I Do!” ends:

“In only a moment we both will be old

We won’t even notice the world turning cold

And so in this moment with sunlight above

My cup runneth over with love.”

Joey Holleman

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