8 presents that won't break the bank

Your favorite seniors are about to leave high school for good, which means your summer calendar is dotted with graduation parties. We took the guesswork out of gifts and found eight personalized presents that won't crush your bank account.

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Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2' keeps the same sound

"Pitch Perfect 2" is a stunningly hilarious sequel to its predecessor, "Pitch Perfect." The movie follows relatively the same plot as the original: It begins with an embarrassing incident involving Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) not wearing underwear, which echoes Aubrey's (Anna Camp) throwing-up fiasco from the first movie, that sets the Barden Bellas into a downward spiral of shame.


Review: Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video

With the amount of promotional pictures that were posted to Instagram over the last few weeks, one would expect Taylor Swift's newest music video to be a knockout on screen. "Bad Blood," her latest vengeful single written towards a backstabbing friend, sounds like the kind of song that would call for an epic production.


Quoted: On teens starting companies

Ryan Orbuch, 18, co-founder of Volley, a mobile-learning startup is one of the teenagers featured in a California Sunday Magazine article titled "The Real Teens of Silicon Valley" and is quite quotable.

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