Family Meals Matter: Festive meals for the Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, celebrate your family's freedom from boring foods. We've selected some of our most exciting flavor combinations to help you throw a dairy festive Fourth of July party for your family and friends. The best part is you'll be enjoying balanced meals with foods from all five food groups. Hip, hip, hooray!


Child Sense: Soothing a crying baby

A new study confirms what to most of us is obvious that when your baby is fussy, picking them up helps. The study conducted at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Saitama, Japan by Dr. Kumi Kuroda stated "infants become calm and relaxed when they are carried by their mother" If we add to this knowledge, to our understanding of sensory modes, we can have up our sleeves a good arsenal to combat the crying or colicky baby.


Game review: Epic strategy game 'Massive Chalice' spans (and spawns) generations

Parents need to know that "Massive Chalice" is a downloadable turn-based strategy game where players build up and defend their lands over 300 years. Characters will permanently die off, either as a result of battle or simply living out their natural life spans. Players will counter this by marrying off heroes to produce offspring and build a legacy. Though combat is core to the game (with swords, bombs, arrows, and battering rams used in battle), the violence isn't particularly graphic or gory. Light profanity occasionally pops up in dialogue, and some characters are shown to be either drunk or hungover, but apart from that there's no objectionable content.

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