Moore-Pastides: Eat like Greeks

05/09/2011 8:40 PM

05/09/2011 8:40 PM

Patricia Moore-Pastides, wife of University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides, told an audience Monday to eat more healthy foods and exercise to improve their lives.

Making healthier communities starts with making individuals healthier, said Moore-Pastides, 55, author of “Greek Revival: Cooking for Life.”

She talked about the book, which focuses on what is called a Mediterranean diet, with nearly 150 Columbia Rotarians.

A healthier life means eating fish, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits, and using olive oil as the main source of fat, she said. People should exercise but also slow down and enjoy “sitting down together with your family.”

Moore-Pastides noted that South Carolina is in the middle of what is called the Stroke Belt, a region of the South that leads the nation in strokes and other maladies that largely can be prevented by proper diet and exercise.

And she bemoaned the notions of large plate and drinking glass sizes, as well as Americans in cars lining up at the drive-through windows to buy fat-laden foods. “People don’t even want to park and walk the 50 steps into the restaurant,” she said.

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