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June 25, 2014

Things we like to do in the Midlands

So how do Midlands residents like to spend their time? Here, a sampling of activities adults in Richland and Lexington counties say they have participated in or attended over the past year.

Attending church (64.7 percent)

Gardening (39.3 percent)

Going to Riverbanks Zoo (35.5 percent)

Going to the S.C. State Fair (30.6 percent)

Swimming (26 percent)

Attending high school sporting events (25.4 percent)

Fishing (25.2 percent)

Running (24.4 percent)

Volunteering (24 percent)

Bowling (18.5 percent)

Circuit training (18.4 percent)

Boating (18.2 percent)

Bicycling (17.6 percent)

Attending USC football games (17.2 percent)

Going to a live theater performance (12.4 percent)

Golf (10.5 percent)

Fun facts: Lifestyles

Belong to a gym (17 percent)

Own a cat (20.9 percent)

Own a dog (45.7 percent)

SOURCE: Scarborough Research of the Columbia Market; 1,746 interviews. 2013 Release 2

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